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My future husband

The future husband Episode 2

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The future husband by Meenah, The future husband Episode 2, Bisi , Faith and Sophia’s parents also were friends.They lived in the same street and they

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 2

Bisi , Faith and Sophia’s parents also were friends.

They lived in the same street and they were also rich.

Due to the amity that existed between them, they children could spend the night at each others house when ever is due with out problem.

Sophia and Faith conveyed at Faith’s house after school so they could do their assignment together.

When they were through with assignments, they started discussing

“you see Gabson heh, that boy is playing prank on me and i am going to deal with him.”

Bisi complained

“what again did he do this time around?”

Faith asked

“don’t you see he is always looking for my trouble . If he did not snatch my barret and put it on his head he will snatch my handkerchief and run away”

Bisi narrated

“you and this your Gabson every time, i don’t understand you two . Infact i think you guys are some kind of husband and wife”

Faith teased

“what! Husband and wife k?”

Bisi exclaimed

“its only some one that likes you that will always look for your trouble so you will chase him around”

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Faith explained

“Lol , shaaa its better than that of Sophia who called a poor Oruko her husband”

Bisi said .

They turned over to Sophia who had been adamantly looking at them.

They had expected her to say something while her name is being mentioned but she didn’t.

She just cuddled the pillow tighter.

“oh no. Princess Sophia is thinking about her Prince charming ”

Bisi said bending her neck leftward in sympathy.

Sophia instead of saying something in respect to what bisi said stood up and hung her school bag on her back.

“so where are you going naw?”

Faith asked

“i think i should be going home”

she replied

“wait lets go together”

Bisi said to her

“you don’t have to bother

. I want to do some thing at home”

she said calmly to Bisi

“are you angry ni?”

bisi asked

“am not, see you girls tomorrow”

she said and off she went.

Instead of going home directly, she headed to the particular street where she saw the boy selling groundnut .

And after spending thirty minutes there wandering like someone who had lost her money, she sighted him from a far distance .

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That instant, she began to run towards him screaming groundnut! Groundnut!! Groundnut!!! When he heard her voice, he turned around and saw her running toward him

“ma’am , you don’t have to run , just call my name and i will do the running”

the boy said once they had approached each other.

“so what’s your name, so i will call you by your name other than calling you groundnut when next i sees you?”

Sophia requested

“I am Victor, what about yours?”

he ended with a question

“my name is Sophia. The only daughter of chief Nicholas”

she replied

“wow, your father is a very rich man”

he said

“yes. Your groundnut was sweet , its probably the sweetest groundnut i have ever tasted.”

Sophia commented

“wow, really?”

“yes, i will like to buy more again”

she said victor brought down the tray on his head so she can be able to make a perfect selection on her choice.

“i am sorry for the embarrassment yesterday by my friends”

Sophia Apologised giving him money.

“its nothing, i am used to it. It is like a part of my life”

he said

“so where did you live?”

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she asked

“I live down the estate with my uncle and his family”

he replied

“what about your parents?”

she asked further

“they died in an accident when i was three years old”

he answered

“oh no, sorry for that”

she said

“okay , thank you very much for your patronage; here is your change.”

victor said

“you can keep that”

she said

“wow , thank you very much. You are such a generous girl”

he appreciated

“you are welcomed”

* * *

During the weekend, Sophia was walking along the street , fortunately, she sighted some one sitting in am empty shop.

She recognized it was victor so she called out


he raised his head a little to know who had called him then continue staring at the floor as he has been doing.

At that , Sophia knew really that all is not well.

So she went closer to him and found out he had been crying.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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