The future husband Episode 25


The future husband

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The future husband Episode 25

Oh great! Great!! Great!!!”

Victor jubiliated and ran over to where Sophia was seated and gave her a happy hug despite the fact that she was still sitting. Just then , some one faked a cough at the door and they turned immediately and saw bisi standing at the Door post.

The Both was so surprise on seeing her.

“so this is it, the reason why you broke up with me?”

Bisi said as she came closer clapping her hands.

Sophia stood up immediately looking at her like some one who have seen a ghost.

Victor noticed the anxiety in her so he crossed his arm around her neck and then said to Bisi.

“yes it is. I have to break up with you so i can be with the woman i love. The only one i have waited for all my life, my only hope and my heart………”

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“spare me all that!”

Bisi screamed

“it’s not to be spared because its the reality!”

Victor screamed at her too looking at Sophia she said.

“Sophia how could you? How could you stab me from the back? You know very well how much i love victor . You did not even consider our friendship before doing such a thing”

“i should be the one in position to say all these!”

Sophia continued

“Bisi i told you stories time without number about my Child hood lover; and you know every thing about him, instead of helping your friend locate the man you knows very well she is dieing to see, you trickishly tried to kill and hide the truth so you can have him for your self.
Bisi if not wickedness, is that not selfishness?”

her statement strung Bisi like a wasp that she had to explode

“ehhh??? Sophia so you have the guts to open the dirty mouth you use to eat Yam and cocoyam to tell me nonsense even after catching you red handed with my boy friend?”

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Bisi asked angrily

“bisi for your information, am not your boy friend

And i am never your boy friend, i belong to Sophia and she belongs to me. I can only be your friend not your boy friend”

Victor retorted

“but victor, have you forgotten that you promised to be always there for me?”

Bisi asked in a low pleading voice

“yes, but that does not mean i am ending up with you.”

Victor replied

“victor you know how much i love you? You are hurting me so badly; why should it be my friend?”

bisi asked

“because she is my heart beat. Bisi may i remind you that when we were young, you never liked me. I was very surprise when i realized that you are the girl that always fight me. I haven’t forgotten the name you gave me then. You called me a gold digger right?”

Victor mocked :

“victor understand that we were kids then; i did that out of ignorant. Believe me i can make up for all those years if only you can give me a chance.”

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Bisi pleaded coming closer and closer to him

“my dear Bisi first impression matters a lot”

Victor said now bisi was very close to the both she held his left hand despite the fact that his right hand was around Sophia’s neck.

“please my love………”

bisi tried to continued but was interrupted by Sophia

“Bisi stop wasting your precious time. Both of us knows he is that My FUTURE HUSBAND i told you then. i have find mine so go and look for yours.”

Sophia said. That instant, Bisi dragged Sophia by her hair aggressively and threw her to the floor – –

To Be Continued…. . . .

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The future husband Episode 24


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