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My future husband

The future husband Episode 29

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The future husband Meenah, Episode 29 what is happening?”victor asked staring at the woman and her daughter gradually, he went close and found an

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 29

what is happening?”

victor asked staring at the woman and her daughter gradually, he went close and found an empty packet of drug.

“she must have over dosed her self with drugs”

victor stuttered showing veronica those drugs.

“this is all because of you! What are we to do now!?”

the woman screamed in agony

“lets take her to the hospital before its too late”

Victor said

“lets be going. I don’t want any thing to happen to her”

victor carried bisi on his arm to his car.

Veronica also entered his car and he drove as fast as he could to the nearest hospital.

When they got to the hospital , she was rushed to the emergency ward after entry. Veronica sat on a chair crying and panicing while victor was left walking up and down. Shortly, his phone rang and it was Sophia that was calling

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“hello my darling”

he said immediately he picked the call

“hi my sweet heart. I just want to information you that my parents will be coming back from Usa by next week.”

she said


he said dryly

“and then we ought to start making necessary arrangement to meet them”

she said again

“no problem”

he said again in a devastated voice

“my dear you don’t sound normal? I searched for you in your office and they said you left with an old woman. Where are you?”

she requested

“in the Hospital

he replied

“what!!!! What happened?”

Sophia asked on hearing what he said.

Infact she became perplexed immediately

“Bisi is Hospitalized”

he replied

“why? What happened?”

Sophia asked again with much anxiety

“i can’t really tell”

he said

“which hospital ? I will be on my way now”

Sophia requested Victor told her the name and location of the Hospital and just after that, the call went dead.

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Shortly after the call, the doctor showed up and the both of them rushed to him immediately

“doc what’s the current situation?”

Victor asked

“is my Daughter okay? I only want a good reply not a sad one”

Veronica asked curiously

“calm down, there is a good news also a sad news”

the Doctor said

“what kind of sad news are you talking about?”

Victor snapped

“follow me to my office let me tell you every thing in detail.”

the doctor said and then they followed him to his office then Victor asked after taking a seat

“doctor please my heart is pounding heavily, can you now break the news to us so we will not suffer from High blood pressure”

“see who is suffering from high blood pressure? Are you not the cause of her problem ?”

Veronica attacked Victor

“stop blaming me

After all i am not the one that recommended the drugs she over drank. Those are not love medicine”

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Victor defended himself

“don’t mind him Doctor ; can you abreast me of the Time”

veronica said to the doctor

“well to be sincere, there is not a definite Bad news. You guys are really lucky that you brought her at the right time. If not the effect of those drugs would had Gone beyond measures.”

the Doctor said

“thank God oh. Oluwa ka biesio”

Veronica said now looking at Victor, the doctor said in a happy voice

“congratulationyoung man, base on the test we conducted on your wife, we found out she is three months pregnant”


Victor screamed in anger and disbelief

To Be Continued….. . . .

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