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My future husband

The future husband Episode 3

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The future husband by Meenah, The future husband Episode 3, “what’s the problem?”Sophia asked in sympathy.He did not respond to her question.Instead

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 135 total views,  3 views today

The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 3

“what’s the problem?”

Sophia asked in sympathy.

He did not respond to her question.

Instead , tears flowed freely down his cheek the more.

“victor , what’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

yet still there was no answer but when she held his hand, he opened up

“i lost Three Hundred Naira from the Groundnut i sold earlier and my aunt said i should not return to the house with out it”

“is that all?”

she asked


he replied

“now clean your eyes with this and follow me let me get you the money so you can go home. Its getting late already”

she said giving him her handkerchief .

He cleaned up his eyes and followed her.

He waited for her just in front of their gate while she went in to get the money.

With not less than Five minutes , she showed up again

“have this”

she said giving him the N1000 her uncle gave her the last time her visited them

“this is much, wait let me get you the change”

he said

“just keep it , its for you”

Sophia said

“my aunt will say i have stolen from her”

he complained

“keep the change for your self most especially in terms and situation like this”

Sophia said

“thank you very much, God will bless you abundantly”

he appreciated going down on his knees

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“oh , you don’t have to knee down for me”

she said drawing him up.

“and don’t forget to come around this side when ever you have fresh Groundnut”

she added

“yes ma”

victor said.

* * *

gradually, Victor and Sophia became close friends.

Sophia is always found at the front balcony of their two storey building so she would be able to see him when ever he is passing .

And victor at the other hand passes their street almost five times every day Sophia’s two friends found out about their close relationship and became jealous .

This was because she create less time to spend with them and spend much time with him . With that, they began to make trouble for the poor boy.

The captain troubler was Bisi .

She will always call him ugly names both with English and yeruba language when ever she sees him in their street.

Some times, she will threaten to fight him when ever she felt words are not enough to stop him from peddling into her friend’s life.

She was so hostile to him that one day, she slapped him and threw his tray of groundnut inside a wet gutter.

She also gave him the name


and the name made him famous that every body apart from Sophia calls him a gold-digger .

Victor didn’t retaliate because he saw himself as a no body neither did he gave up because his only source of Happiness was staying around Sophia

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. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

when Sophia , Bisi and Faith were through with primary school, they got to be separated from each other based on condition.

Bisi traveled to Lagos to live with her mum , also to start her secondary school there.

Sophia was to travel to U.S.A where all her elder brothers were.

Only Faith remained in Onitsha because all of her family resides there.

Sophia was very sad when her Dad told her that she would be travelling to U.S.A she tried opposing the idea but her father was so strick and mean .

He didn’t even made a budget of changing his decision even when she cried she broke the news to Victor with tears when he came visiting as usual.

Victor automatically began to cry .

At first , Sophia thought she was the only one who is feeling Bad about it but then she turned out to be surprise when she saw Victor crying like a baby on the floor.

She definitely forgot about her own agony and consoled him to take heart that she would be back with in a space of time.

Victor looked at him self, he had nothing tangible to give to her apart from the necklace with a heart shaped pendant which was a gift from his late mother.

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He took off the necklace from his neck and placed it on hers an then he said

“i don’t have any exorbitant item to give to you but despite that , manage this one , use it always to remember that you have a friend back here in Nigeria who cares and thinks of you. I want you to know it that i will never forget you no matter how log we will be parted from each other. ”

she held his hand after his statement and said

“thank you very much. This means the whole world to me. I am going to miss you very much and i will never forget you. ”

instantly , the both of them hugged themselves for the first time , but then , the gate man caught them and chased him away with cane and that was definitely the last time he crossed the street during his child hood age: and probably the last he sold groundnut.

It happened that he cried bitterly as he went home that evening.

When he got home, he met his uncle(his mother’s only brother) at the sitting room .

The young man was shocked and grieved to the marrow on seeing…

To Be Continued…. .. . .

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