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My future husband

The future husband Episode 30

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The future husband meenah, Episode 30 The doctor said in a happy voice“congratulation young man, base on the test we conducted on her, we found out

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The future husband

meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 30

The doctor said in a happy voice

“congratulation young man, base on the test we conducted on her, we found out that your wife is three months pregnant”


Victor screamed in anger and disbelief.

He wouldn’t just imagine such a thing

“what’s the problem? And why? Are you screaming? Is that not a good News?”

the doctor asked

“its nothing, but for your information, she’s not my wife”

Victor retorted

“then who is responsible for that pregnancy?”

the doctor asked

“that’s the exact question i want to ask.”

Veronica added

“are you asking me? that question belongs to your daughter not me.”

Victor said angrily and left the office right at the door he met Sophia but he was too angry to talk to her he just didnt say a word to her.

He entered he car and drove to his favorite bar and began to drink his brain away.
Main while Sophia was greatly bothered.

She didn’t understand a little beat what is going on.

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She tried calling Victor severally but he isn’t picking his calls.

She went over to his house that night but his family members told her that he haven’t returned home yet.

She waited patiently and at length, it seems she is waiting till Thy kingdom comes so she went back home because it was late already

Victor returned home drunk very late around 12:45 am.

Already, chidimma’s mind was not at a place due to his unusual absent that’s why she have to stay awake till he returns

“where have you been!”

she screamed immediately she saw him victor was reluctant to answer her.

He fell on a sofa and off he slept.

The next morning he did not escaped shouting and scolding from his aunt and uncle . He promised never to behave like that again. but then, he went back to the Hospital to see Bisi.

Bisi was awake when he reached, some how she was happy to see him.

He sat beside her on the bed and they were just staring at each other. “so how are you?” Victor asked “i am feeling better, its just that i wasn’t expecting you here” she replied

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“why will you say so when i am the one that brought you here.”

Victor said

“thank you very much”

she said

“but tell me Bisi, why do you have to do that? Don’t you know its illegal to commit sucid?”

Victor reprimanded

“i am sorry, but that was the only solution i thought that would end my adversity. I was devastated because i cant bear seeing you get married to another lady”

she said he took her hand and soften it and then said

“that’s not how to do thing. You have to just move on just like you did when you broke up with your formal boyfriend”

victor said still holding her hand

“his own case is different while yours is different”

she said

“my dear no matter what, life goes on. You did not even think about your mother when you made such terrible decision. I just pitied her so much yesterday”

victor retorted

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“she’s even angry with me for that” she said

“so have you eaten any thing this morning?”

Victor asked

“yes, i drank tea”

she replied:

“is that enough for you?”

he asked affectionately

“yes, my mum even went home so she can get a more compatible food for me.

So don’t bother your self. I know you are asking this question out of love”

she said

“oh come on stop that”

he said

“ok, i don’t mean to provoke you.”

she said and then kept staring at him as he played with her finger

“the doctor told us some thing yesterday”

victor said after a moment of silent “is it that i am pregnant?”

she asked


he said maintaining a steady eye contact with her

“i know you have a question. Go on and ask”

she urged him

“who is responsible for the pregnancy?”

he finally asked

To Be Continued….. . . .

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