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2nd December 2023

The future husband
meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 33

so you are responsible for her pregnancy”
Sophia asked

“its a mistake believe me. She’s the one that set me up”
victor said
“so what’s the condition of things?”
she asked
“she said she’s going to abort the baby if i won’t marry her”

he said
“wow, let her abort it who cares” Sophia said
“ab*rt what? Its my baby at stake there”
Victor retorted
“your what? So you want to marry her?”
Sophia asked
“no, not that”
Victor said
“so lets forget about her and focus on planning our marriage.”
Sophia. Said
“its hard for me to bear it. I put her in that condition, i should also be there for her”
said victor Sophia then became very angry at what he said
“just tell me you don’t love me and i will leave you in peace”
she said

“i love you with all my heart and i am never willing to let you go”

he said as he held her hand and continue
“don’t worry i am never going to end up with her. All i want is time so i will fix things my dearest”
“okay if you say so”
Sophia said she went home and told faith about Bisi’s condition, and faith suggested they attack her
. If not she will end up with what she wants.

At first Sophia rejected the idea but letter on, she chipped in.
They knows when she used to be at home alone so they choose a convenient time like that. Luckily , she was at home when they came knocking.
Just as she opened the door, faith grabbed her hair in a rough pattern and Sophia slapped her that instant.
“you’re not the only hard girl you know.”
faith said to her
“you think you are smart, isn’t it?”
Sophia asked

“how dare you come to my house and start fighting me!”
Bisi screamed
“you thought me how to do it.”
Sophia said slapping her face again.
“i will deal with you both tenaciously i swear !”
Bisi screamed and that got faith more irritated that she had to kick her down,
“now i am the one warning you now, stay away from my man else you will have it from me!”
Sophia barked at her.
Faith kick her again but mistakenly, it touched her stomach and immediately, blood started flowing down her legs.
Bisi began to scream immediately while faith and Sophia began to panic.
It was then that Lara (Bisi’s house help) who had seen what was going on earlier came out furiously with a big wood.

On seeing her, Sophia and faith began to run but sadly for Sophia , Lara caught her with the wood on her head and she fell down that instant.
When faith was outside the Gate, she called victor immediately. With no time, Victor and desmond arrived there.
“What happened?”
Victor inquired from Faith who was still walking up and down outside the gate
“go in there and see for your self” faith said still in great fear.
The both men rushed into the compound immediately and saw Sophia lying on the floor.
Also Bisi’s cloths was all stained with blood.
They took both of them to the hospital immediately .
And luckily, they were able to revive Sophia and The doctor confirmed that Bisi had a mis carriage.
This news made her cry so much she didn’t talk to any one until she got home.
But then, she started planning revenge on Sophia waiting for the right time to strike.
Victor did not know if to be happy or sad after hearing from faith and Sophia all that had happened “why did you have to go and fight her? Its unfair !” victor yelled at them “i am sorry, we did not know that things was to turn out this way” Sophia apologized after all , Victor turned out to be happy, at lease a burden have been lifted off his shoulder from that area.

A week later, Sophia’s family returned from USA, and Sophia introduced Victor to her father and he accepted him warmly and with out a waste of time, Victor came with his family to perform the nesasary rites according to the customs and traditions pertaining to marriage.
Soon the wedding date was fixed.as both sophia and victor’s Family prepared for the wedding ceremony. so also did Bisi prepare for the same ceremony.
Lately she had been associating with a strange guy who helped in building her courage up. – -I am scared what do you think about this strange guy?
To Be Continued…… . . .


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