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My future husband

The future husband Episode 5

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The future husband by Meenah, The future husband Episode 5 , victor , Desmond and Martin ‘s hobby is always singing.They have that talent

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 5


victor , Desmond and Martin ‘s hobby is always singing.
They have that talent to compose new songs and also , sweet voice to use in singing it. They like showing up their talent in any occasion they finds themselves and almost every body loves their songs. Angel told her friend Bisi much about them . She did also showed her some of their pictures and she turned out to be so keen to meet them.


the party began at the scheduled time.

And the three friends showed up just at the right time .

Every one clapped When they were called up the stage,. Their song was so sweet that every one danced and cheered them joyfully .

Soon, they mounted down the stage and victor sat alone drinking.

Even when every body was dancing in pair, he didn’t even made a move.

He was just hoping that the party would end so soon so he would go back home and rest.

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Main while, Bisi who was the celebrant of the day took notice of him starting from when he entered the place with his friends .

She came to be obsessed when she saw him leading the birthday song he sang with his friends earlier and then she wished she could be a girl friend to him.

“does he have a girl friend?”

she asked the Moment Angel came close to her

“he doesn’t ”

she replied


Bisi asked again

“i don’t know, but he keeps on talking about his past”

she replied. “i think i should go and keep him company to night” Bisi said

“wow, that’s great”

Angel said

. that instant , Bisi left her executive white chair and headed towards him.

There was already an empty bottle of wine before him when she approached him.

“here comes the the miss celebrant of the day, the queen of the day and the most M.I.P (most important person) of the occasion”

he said on seeing her

“wow, thank you very much. Would you mind if i seat here with you?”

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she requested

“no , its your day nd your party , you are free to seat any where you like.”

he said . She immediately sat opposite to him and looked at him intently

“so how are you enjoying my party?”

she asked

“very well, once again , HAPPY BIRTH DAY, and many more fruitful years to you”

He said

“thank you so much. I am greatful, i has been looking at you and i noticed you have been here all alone so i thought you may not be enjoying the party that is why i came to keep you company so you get bored, and perhaps , i was getting bored all alone,”

she said “thank you very much for your care. That’s nice of you” he appreciated “also , i want to thank you for the song you guys rendered.

The song was like WOOOOOW ! SO AMAZING, infact you guys made the party a special one for me” she said gesturing in the air with smiles

“really ? Don’t mention it”

he said soon there was silent between them and when Bisi couldn’t bear it again, she said

“aren’t you bored sitting here?The night is meant to be enjoyed, come on lets go and dance”

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“sorry , i don’t like dancing”

he said sharply

“come on, you must dance with me tonight”

she said Dragging him up as he reluctantly responded to her request.

His friends was surprise to see him Dance with a girl because that was obviously the very first time they are seeing him do that.

Martin was constantly giving him a thumb up sign While Desmond kept laughing repeatedly.

After the party , Bisi went home and kept thinking about the mysterious guy who was gradually stealing her heart away.

She smiles at her selfThe future husband Episode 4 when ever she remember how he danced shyly with her.

When she couldn’t bear thinking about him again, she decided to visit him the following day.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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