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My future husband

The future husband Episode 7

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The future husband by Meenah, The future husband Episode 7 , Are you suggesting we go on a DATE. ?”he asked making sure he understands what she was

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 125 total views,  3 views today

The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 7

Are you suggesting we go on a DATE. ?”

he asked making sure he understands what she was upto

“no, not a date, but some thing like that” she said feeling nervous .

There was a momentary silent between the both of them.

Victor was busy scratching his hair and thinking of what to tell her while she maintained a steady eye contact with him.

“okay, can you drop your Address so i would pick you up?”

he requested and she gave him her address respectively .

During evening time, he went over to her apartment and picked her and they joined the rest of his friends at their favourite bar.

And that night was such a remarkable one.

~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gradually, Victor and Bisi started getting along .

She visits him in his office and they haves launch together almost every time.

But then, the truth be told.

He is not that much interested in the tender relationship that is existing between them.

May be because his heart do not beat for her or may be because some one else some where occupied his heart with out leaving a space for another.

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Bisi Did all she could to please him and make him interested in her.

Its obvious she was desperately in Love with him because he possessed all the qualities she wants in a man.

He is rich, he is tall, he is Handsome , intelligent and gentle.

To her, his words are magical and his Eyes are charming.

He worth risking all just to be with him.

One day, both of them scheduled a date in the evening and during the day, Bisi prepared sets and series of question to ask him especially concerning his relationship and love life affairs, so as to know her stand in his life.

She feels he is not being active to her in the sense that she is the one that takes every necessary step in building up the relation between them.

As a young lady, she wants a man who will love her with all his heart, a man who will hold her, cuddle her, hug her, look into her eyes and tell her what she Wants to hear and a man who will KISS her on the lips , cheek , fore head or neck to reassure her of his love for her .

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But he seems to be having an E grades to them.

She strongly believes that their is really a lady behind that effect whether in the past or within the present.

She was so determined to find out who the lady was and how she captured his heart. And some how make a deal with her.

As has planned , victor came over to her parent’s house.

Already , she had been waiting for him .

She entered his car immediately and they drove off to the same bar they visits almost every time they planned on meeting in the night.

As they were eating, he asked “to your own explanation , what did you think love is?” she was very happy at the question .

At least, the question will help her ice out her own which she has been thinking of the best alternative to table out to him.

“to me, love is an invisible force that unite people together

. Why did you ask?”

she said

“nothing , i was just wondering what true love may be”

he replied and she smiled to her self

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“have you fallen in love before?”

she asked

“let me say the answer is yes, but that was a long time ago, when i was still a child. What about you?”

he replied ending up with a question

“honestly , i have fallen in love with three different guys but all of them seemed to be after s*x other than the true love. I broke up with the last one few months ago”

she replied

“i am sorry for that”

he said

“don’t worry, its a past now. So how did you feel when you fell in love?”

she asked

“it was such a bitter sweet one. I got separated from her and because she traveled and also i traveled, but since then, she have never left for a seconds in my heart”

he replied her question that instant, bisi put on a sad face , but then, she did not allow her emotions to rule over her.

“can you tell me things about her?” she requested

To Be Continued…. . . .

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