The future husband Episode 9


The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 9

isi asked again

“we have been here since last week. We planned to settle here self”

faith replied

“wow that’s nice, but what do you plan to do for survival here?”

Bisi asked again

“already , i have started my own boutique here”

Sophia said

“and i am still looking for Job”

Faith said

“i am happy we all are together again. But then, how do you manage to get my address here?”

Bisi asked

“through the help of your dad.”

Faith replied.

“oh my! You girls are a genus”

Bisi exclaimed


“i did not know why you are as lazy as a Tortoise. Go out there and work and bring money home, you won’t. Instead you prefer smoking cigarette up and down”

Chinelo scolded her son who was behaving waywardly

“woman you are disturbing me. Its better you concentrate on your daughter Amaka and her unwanted Pregnancy than giving me useless sermon”

Henry shouted back at his mother. Sadly the poor wonder looked up to the ceiling and said with tears

“oh God, why did you have to let me face all these problem? Why did you give me this two devilish children

. Amaka had soiled the name of the family with her pregnancy and here , Henry is Busy smoking about with useless boys instead of Hustling”

the woman was still in tears when a car drove into the compound.

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They rushed out immediately to know who the rich visitor is: immediately , they came out, they saw two young men approaching them.

“good afternoon ma”

one of them greeted

“good afternoon, how may i help you?”

she replied.

Their is no doubt she was afraid.

Because their was a big trouble the last time a car entered their compound

“aunt Chinelo !”

the other young man called

“yes enlighten me. Your face looks familiar but i can’t remember you”

she said curiously

“its me victor”

Victor said

“Victor? The orphan boy in my custody then?”

she screamed


Victor said coming closer to her

“Ewoooooooooooooo!!! Chai! Victor is this you?”

she screamed as fresh tears began to roll down her cheek.

She remembered how she has mal-treated him 17 years back.

Most especially ,how she locked up the door of the whole building and made the poor boy to sleep outside in the street at a particular night.

And again how she have starved him constantly with out mercy and for that impact, she went on her kneels immediately and began to ask for forgiveness

“please my child forgive me , i know i am a bad person , i can’t forgive my self for all i did to you.
. I did all of them out of ignorance”

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victor went to her and held her hands and drew her up.

“aunt Chinelo , all of them are now a thing of the past. I have already forgiven you long ago , if not i wouldn’t be here today ”

he said

” i still can’t for give my self for all i did”

she said again

“and perhaps aunt, i am the one that should be thanking you. You planted the seed of hard working in me that helped me reach the level i am today. Maybe if i was satisfied then, i wouldn’t have the zeal and motivation to struggle and work hard”

he said as he hugged her

“so who is the young man with you?”

she asked after the Hug

“he is desmond my best friend”

victor replied

“good afternoon ma”

Desmond greeted again

“you are welcomed my child. Lets go inside the house”

she said

“wait! Is this Henry?”

Victor asked

“its him o, he is the stupid and useless Henry”

Chinelo replied

“mama , you have started again”

Henry said to his mother

“come on Henry, give your cousin a Hug. Its been so long”

Victor said as he opened up his hands for a hug.

And Henry entered in to those arms.

Henry was his cousin and they both were of the same age too.

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“vic , longest time”

Henry said

“no see.”

Victor said and then continued to chinelo

“aunt , their are so many items in the boot that we need to take into the house”

“ngwanu nwam , ka anyi bubatawa ha”

the woman said igbo language they all went to the car and victor opened the boot as the rest started caring in the numerous items in the boot which includes a bag of rice, two cartons of tin tomato, a bag of stock fish, three big loaves of bread and many other provisions and beverages.

When chinelo saw all of them, she began to dance and sing her song in igbo language

“ma o bughi ma nwa … Onye ga enyem akapa rice …… Onye ga enyem carton tomato ….. Onye ga enyem azu okporoko ….. Onye ga enyem ihe eji eme tea ….. Onye ga enyem”

other members of the family dance along side with her.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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