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The Heart Of A Wicked Queen

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 1 & 2


2nd December 2023

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 1 & 2


(Her Return, Her Revenge πŸ₯Ί)

Genres: Royal Romance

Tags: married, fated, Forbidden Love,Hidden Romance,Secrets,S*x,war,hatred,revenge,separation, death, Twist of fate!!

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Episode 1 & 2

Far away from the city of Mombana. Across the valleys, the mountains, the high walls and the huge gate protecting every corners of Mombana is a deserted island.

The people of Mombana believed no one can survived outside the walls and huge gate of Mombana and no outsider can enter as well.

But, in this deserted Island, where there’s no water, no food, no houses, just huge trees and rock. There lived a fierce girl named Moon.

She trained day and night with just her arrow and sword. She never missed a point when she target one.
She seek for nothing but revenge.

For good four years, she tried climbing over the walls of Mombana yet she wasn’t strong enough.
After good four years of failed trail, she’s finally prepared and strong enough to cross over the huge walls.

Moon was busy with her arrow shooting when she heard a loud scream.

The voice echoes in the whole deserted island.
“Gigi”Moon called.
“Those bastard” She added

Moon turned back to the tallest tree in the desert and shot her arrow directly toward a high point. She lifted her body and jumped so high. Her feets landed on the arrow she shot.
She further lifted her body and soon, she’s at the highest branch in the tree where she could see the whole desert.

“You bastard….let me go” Gigi spat out. She’s the girl living with Moon in the desert.
“You better let me go before my big sister show her face” She muttered and the three men laughed. They kicked her stomach and she gasped for air. One of the dangerous guy grabbed her hair and throw her, flying around the huge trees and Gigi back landed on one of the tree before she collapsed on the floor.

She groaned in pains and the three men laughed. In a sudden, a flying arrow could be seen and it flee straight till it got stuck on one of the men arm.
“What was that?” The two other men gasped.

Moon jumped down from the tree and stood in-between Gigi and the three men.
“What are you doing?” She asked coldly.

“Moon!!” Gigi called weakly and coughed.

“Couldn’t you come early?. They already beat me up!” Gigi shouted and groaned in pains.
“Does it hurt alot?” Moon furrowed her brows at her.

“Of course but don’t kill them” Gigi pleaded still laying on the floor .

“Kill…..” Moon paused and stared at the three dangerous men. One of them is already injured as her arrow was stuck on his left arm and he was bleeding badly.

“You jerks” Moon cursed under her breath.
“It’s your lucky day. Run!!!”She roared sending shivers down their spin. They were already fidgeting.

“Huh!!” They muttered scared.
“I…..sai..d….run!!!’ She thundered.

They didn’t think twice before running Helter scatter. They fell but stood up immediately and continued running.
They ran and ran without looking back.

“Those moron!” Moon muttered and help Gigi up.
“I told you to always fight back!!”She growled.
“You sound like my elder brother right now. How am i supposed to fight back when am weak” Gigi tap her forehead frustratedly and Moon groaned.

“We will be going to the capital tonight. I was able to climb the walls” Moon spoke out and Gigi eyes widened.

“We.. we’ll be able to enter Mombana” Gigi said with her mouth slightly opened. Its too hard to believe.

“I told you to believe in me. It was only a matter of time and i became stronger. After four years, I tried it again and I did. I’m coming back to Mombana and I’m not sparing any one of them…….”
Moon couldn’t finish her statement as Gigi hugged her passionately.

“I’m finally gonna meet my family. I’m gonna see my twin brother again” She muttered and started sobbing.

Moon pushed her off and scoffed.
“Your sobs annoys me” she said angrily.

“Those people believe you’re dead already. They already moved on and care less to look for you. They’re cruel” Moon muttered and Gigi shook her head.

“My twin brother is the sweetest soul. He just couldn’t do anything since it’s an order from the royal home. When we were kids, we do make beads. He has one part of the love shape in his bead while mine has the other part. I’ll use that in finding my twin brother. He might have grown so tall. You would love him once you set eyes on him” Gigi said touching her bead in her neck and Moon rolled her eyes.

“You talk too much!” Moon snapped and Gigi chuckled .

“Don’t tell me you already have a crush on my brother without meeting him” She muttered and clapped.

“Shut up!”Moon retorted and increase her pace.
“Wait for me!!” Gigi screamed as she tried meeting up with Moon pace.




“My lady, i delivered your message to leader levi and Leader Duke. They will be here at DACHO for your party”

The guard said with his head bowed.

“But my lady, tomorrow is the king’s birthday and as usual, he wouldn’t show his face. The three families are curious. Will you be partying tonight in absent of your husband?” He questioned and Lady Amber gasped.

“You moron. How dare you question me!” She roared and removed her sword from its shield.

“Please my lady…. please spare me!” The guard pleaded but according to the rule,
Lady Amber spare no one.

She cut off his neck and watch him dropped dead. Her sword got stained by his blood. She raised the sword to her face and lick it off.

Two horses rode into the Inn. The Queen mother rode one while her guard rode the other.

She climbed down the horse and same with her guard. She had a mask covering her face. She entered the Inn and Titus who has been protecting the young king bowed at her.

Titrus kept his head bowed until Queen Kimber was completely in.

She met the young King meditating. King Julius Xerxes, from the third generation of
King Xerxes Wolfariane.

“Why are you here?” King Julius muttered without opening his eyes.

“You never change Julius. Otherwise, i see no crime for a mother to visit her son” Queen Kimber replied and that was when he opened his eyes.

“I asked why you’re here?” King Julius retorted.
“Did you come because you feel I’ll sneak to the Capital and show my face?” He asked and Queen Kimber gulped down.

“I can’t trust you Julius. I’m your mother and am hiding you just to protect you. There are still alot of people in the Capital who wants to take your life” She muttered.

“I will never know. Am not able to walk around and live freely. All thanks to your consideration mother”He said without no expression on his face.

“Yes, you ought to thank me. You could have been dead but i protected you. You have no memory to rule your people and you’re extremely weak my King” She said and King Julius bite his lip in anger.

“Stop calling me king cuz it sounds like a mockery from you mother. I never got the chance to ascend my father’s throne and now I’m hidden from my own capital. If am extremely weak, then get me a master mum. I need a master to train me. If I can’t get my memory, at least i deserve to get my strength and fighting skills. You can’t keep protecting me mom. I need to protect myself as well” He said.

“I can’t get you a master” Queen Kimber said blurtedly.

“Why?” His mouth dropped.
“We can’t trust any soul. You’re weak Julius. I shall decide when to introduce you to the world again. Until then, live in silence” Queen Kimber said.

“I’ll take my leave” She added and turned to leave. Her guard followed her behind.

Titus bowed again when the Queen came out.

“Keep a watchful eyes on him” She said and left the inn completely.

“Is that the majesty” Her guard asked causing her to stop right on her track.

” I never dreamed of meeting him like this. I’m in awe of how dignified he is” The Guard muttered.

The Queen remove her sword from its shield and dug it right into the guard chest. His blood splash allover her face.

“No one get to see the King and live” She muttered coldly.

“Woaw….This fence is huge Moon” Gigi muttered.

“Its magnificent. No wonder it’s protecting the big Capital Mombana. I don’t think I’ll be able to climb it” Gigi said scared.

“Gosh. You’re so dumb!!” Moon hit her shoulders.

“I hate weaklings. Don’t you ever want to see your family again. Don’t you want be with your twin brother?. Don’t you wanna use that bead to search for him?. It will take us more than 100 years to get into the capital but just a night if we climb over the fence. If you can’t do it, then you’re stupid” Moon muttered.

“Gosh Moon, why are you so fearless?” Gigi slap her head.

“It’s only those who have too much that fear. If you have nothing, there’s no fear” She muttered and bite on her lower lips.

Gigi nodded.

“I’m gonna do it Moon”She muttered. Moon shoot her arrow towards the tree beside the walls. She jumped high and her feet landed on the arrow.

“Wow” Gigi muttered. Moon lifted her body so high and higher, she flee over the walls.

Gigi let her mouth opened.

“I did it Gigi” Moon screamed out. I’m gonna throw the rope down for you make sure you climb it” Moon said and throw down the long robe and tie the other end to a hard surface.

Gigi started climbing.

“This is harder than i thought” Gigi complained and Moon rolled her eyes.

“Keep your mouth shut and climb faster” Moon screamed down. Gigi kept climbing and climbing.
She groaned and growled. And finally, she did it.

She climbed over the huge fence.
“I did it!” She screamed out but Moon was quick to cover her mouth. She look around and saw some wears hang in a robe.

“Those are clothes. Let’s change first” Moon said and Gigi nodded.



The three families could be seen interacting with each other. The Sidians from the SIDAN CITY, The Medians from the MADAN CITY and those from DACHO CITY.

Noble men who couldn’t afford the permit entry could be seen outside the building. Higher rank men from these families where the one inside the building.

They were dressed beautifully and their bodies adorned with decorants.
Some were drinking, some were dancing, some were already making out.

“Leader Levi of the Sidians, Son of Lord Sidian, is here!” Someone announced.

Everyone screamed and made way as Leader Levi entered with his guards.
Many girls screamed. Some where trying to get his attention while others touch themselves, dreaming its him.

πŸ‘₯ He’s so hot
πŸ‘₯ Becoming so handsome each passing day.
πŸ‘₯ His lips are tempting and irrestible

As usual, Leader Levi kept a cold face and didn’t glance at anyone of them.

“Duke is here too!” Someone announced making Levi stop walking.

He turned and saw as people make way for Duke.
“He’s the leader of the Medians. From the city of Medan. Son of LORD MEDAN”.

πŸ‘₯ FUCK!!!!!

They all screamed out as Duke entered with his guys. He wouldn’t stop smiling and chewing gum.

πŸ‘₯ He’s fucking cool
πŸ‘₯ So handsome as well
πŸ‘₯ He’s fire!!!
πŸ‘₯ I love his new garments!

He wink to one of the girls and she passed out immediately.
He walked to Levi and frowned.

“Darn it!, Of all the luck, I have to see you twice in one day” Duke grunted.

“Ah….is there a way for me not to see your face?” He asked and rubbed his temples.

“Seeing him makes me want to throw up the rice cake soup i ate” He added and his guards laughed.

“If you lack luck, why don’t you try to make your day better” Levi muttered and smirked. Duke folded his hand in a fist.

“Don’t touch me if you want to go home with your face intact” Levi said.

“Why that little…….”
Duke tried attacking Levi but was held back by his guard

πŸ‘₯ Leader Duke and Leader levi is about to fight again.

πŸ‘₯ I can’t wait. I need to watch this
πŸ‘₯ I can’t miss out on a good fight

People stopped what they were doing and gathered to watch them fight.

“Fight in my party and I’ll behead you two!!” A thunderous voice was heard. They all raised their faces and saw Lady Amber on the stairs.

They gasped out.

She took slow steps and climbed down the stairs with her guards and maids.

Duke glanced at Levi so hard. He grunted and finally walk passed him and moved towards Lady Amber.

His guards followed him too.

He got to her and bow.
“It’s an honor to be at your party. I apologise for my insensible attempt to cause a fight” He muttered with his head still bowed.

Lady Amber smile feeling so honoured.
“We look like we’re from the capital Moon” Gigi muttered staring at their new clothes. Only their hair was poorly arranged.

Moon wore a big hat covering her face

“What are we gonna do now” Gigi muttered.
“Give me your bead” Moon said and Gigi removed her bead from her pocket.

“In the capital of Mombana, there are three families. The sidians are recognized from their red mark. The medians from their bead and the Dacho family, are from the stick in-between their amazing long hair……” She muttered and paused staring at the bead.

“This belong to the Medians. Your twin brother is from the medan family (city). I will use the bead and ask if they know anyone that has the other half of the love shape in this bead. I’ll find your brother and family”Moon muttered and Gigi eyes delighted.

“Will you really do that for me. Thanks Moon. You’re more than a sister” She muttered happily. She made to hug Moon but she stop her and move away.

“No hugs. I forgot” Gigi muttered stil smiling.

“Stay right here. I will be back” She replied and Gigi nodded.
“Come early” She muttered. Moon said no words and left.


Gigi started taking a tour immediately Moon left. She was walking when she noticed a light from afar.
She bite on her lower lip.

“I know you told me to wait but I’m curious” She pouted and walk towards the light. After some meters she got there. She met lots of people around the place and loud music could be heard. She stopped a young girl and questioned her.

“What’s happening” she asked and the girl rolled her eyes.

“Are you even from the capital. This party is organized by Lady Amber. The three families are here including their leaders” The girl replied.

“But noblemen and women can’t enter without their permit entry” She added and walked out immediately.

Gigi nodded and bite on her lips.
“Why do i feel i will find my brother here” She muttered and stare at the entrance. There were guards protecting it.

“If the three families are here, then my brother is here also but i wouldn’t be able to meet him. I can’t pass through” She muttered and stare beside her to see crates of wine.

“That’s it” she muttered and lifted the crate. She covered her face with it and walked towards the entrance.

“I’m here to serve this” She muttered with her head bowed.

The guard stared at each other before they made way and she entered fully. Gigi got inside and met people beautifully dressed. She quickly dropped the crate of wine and arranged her hair properly.

She stared back and make sure the guards weren’t coming. She wasn’t looking and bumped into someone behind.
The glass in the person hands fell and dropped into pieces.

“Fuck!!” Gigi muttered and turned quickly to see a beautiful goddess but has this dangerous glance.

“I’m sorry” Gigi muttered immediately. Lady Amber stared at Gigi who was poorly dressed.

“You look poor. How did you afford the permit entry” She muttered and Gigi eyes widened.

“I will take my leave” she muttered quickly and made to leave but Lady Amber grabbed her hand.

“Who are you” She asked and Gigi swallow hard. She was already fidgeting and words couldn’t proceed from her mouth.

Lady Amber glanced at her wrist, no red mark.
“Not from the Sidan family” She muttered.

She glanced at her neck and no bead either.
“Not a Medan either”

She stared at her hair and no iron stick too.
” And absolutely not from the dacho family” She muttered.

“You’re not from Mombana, are you?” She asked.

“Look like you can’t say who you are. An Intruder” Lady Amber muttered and smirked evily.

“I was in a cruddy mood anyway. I lucked out. Today is definitely my lucky day” She muttered and kicked Gigi on her stomach.

“Ahhh” Everyone screamed as Gigi fly towards them. Lady Amber walked towards her and grabbed her up.

“You little monk…” She spoke.
“How dare you enter Dacho City. My territory” She muttered and punched her face. Blood splashed out of Gigi mouth. Lady Amber released her and she fell on the floor.

Lady Amber match her head and crashed it to the ground.

πŸ‘₯ She’s fucking dead!!!

They all screamed.

“Let’s make this interesting” She muttered and stared at the crowd.

“I want her head” She muttered and everyone gasped.
“But one of you can save her” She muttered and everyone furrowed her brows.

“Anyone to challenge me and win, i will let her go” She muttered and they stare at each other.

The building was so silent. No one came forward or spoke.

Lady Amber smirked satisfactory.
A sudden arrow flee into the building and got stuck right in Lady Amber hair.

“Ah….” Lady Amber gasped as she staggered.
“What was that!!” She growled.

“I’ll challenge you” Moon said coming out of the crowd.
Everyone eyes blinked.

πŸ‘₯ Who’s she?
πŸ‘₯ Why is she covering her face.

Lady Amber remove the arrow from her hair and watched as Moon walked to her with a sword in her left hand.

Lady Amber smirked.
“You dare challenge me?” She asked and Moon smirked.

“I believe life is about luck but today, i doubt if you’ll be lucky” Moon muttered and everyone eyes widened.

πŸ‘₯ Is she crazy?
πŸ‘₯ How dare her challenge lady Amber.
πŸ‘₯ She’s definitely seeking her death.

“All my life, no one has spoken to me this way. I like your guts.” Lady Amber smirked and grabbed her sword from her guard.

“This would be interesting” Duke chuckles and Chew on his gum.

“If i win, i will have her head and that of yours but if you win, I’ll give you half of my property” She muttered.

“This is crazy!!” Everyone screamed out.

Moon smirked.

“No….” Moon muttered and everyone ceased their brows.

” If i win, give me your head as well” she said and Lady Amber gasped.

πŸ‘₯ Is she out of her mind?

“Moon…” Gigi muttered from the floor.
Moon stare at her.

“Are you okay?” She asked Gigi.
“Yes.” She replied weakly.

“But I’m not fine” Moon replied and unshield her sword.

“You’re such a nuisance. Who are you?” Lady Amber asked.

“Who i am is none of your business” Moon replied.

“You impudent!!!” Lady Amber screamed and attack Moon.
Moon lifted her sword and blocked Lady Amber sword from getting to her. Moon jumped so high and as she jumped over Lady Amber, she slice her cheek.

Blood rushed out immediately and everyone gasped and their mouth opened widely.

Lady Amber gasped too and touch her cheek. Moon draw a circle around herself using her sword.

Lady Amber turned and stared at the circle she just drew.

“If your law is to behead everyone who you’re stronger and above than, then my law is to kill stronger influence people who look down on the noble ones” She muttered and a smirk display at the corner of her mouth.

“If you want my head, cross the line. I shall take on all of you” She muttered.

“Darn it!!” Everyone screamed and touched their palpitating hearts.


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