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The Heart Of A Wicked Queen

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 3 & 4


2nd December 2023

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 3 & 4


(Her Return, Her Revenge 🥺)

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Episode 3 & 4
Moon walked to the man who was selling the same kind of bead in her hand.

“He must know something about it”She muttered to herself and arranged her hat property.

She walked to the man and coughed slightly gaining his attention.
The man raised his face and saw the girl who was covering her face with a hat.

“Is she ugly?” He thought wondering why she would be covering her face.

“Have you seen this before?” Moon asked raising the bead up. The man stared at the bead. It looks vaguely familiar.

“That's from the Medan family” he replied.
“I know. As you can see, the bead has an half love shape” Moon muttered.

“I guessed you're a twin then. Your twin owns the other half of the love shape heart. Since it looks vaguely familiar, i guessed your twin is from a high rank in the Medan family” He said.
“Just think a little harder” Moon uttered.

“This is confusing and I'm not sure” he muttered still staring at bead.
He sigh.

“If you leave it with me, i can look into it” He muttered touching the bead.
“You can leave it” He added and Moon quickly drop her hand.

“It's not mine. It's precious to my friend, so I can't just leave it” She muttered and raised the bead up again.

“So take a good look” she said.
” If you meet anyone who owns the other half, get some information from him and inform me when next i come” She said.

“I can tell you where you might see the person right now” The man muttered.
“Where?” Moon asked.

“Lady Amber is hosting a party right now and the three families has come together. This is the perfect timing to find the one that owns the other half of the bead”He said.

“Good Tactics. Where can i find the location of the place?” Moon asked.
“Is not that far. Just take your left and walk straight” He muttered.
“I got to go!” Moon muttered and walked out.
“This ungrateful rat!. Couldn't even get a Thank you from her” The man huffed and went back to what he was doing.

Moon followed the directions and saw the place as the man has said.
Everyone outside was beautifully dressed. Suddenly they held a loud scream from inside. The guards outside quickly rushed inside giving rooms for those outside to come in.
Moon came in too.

“I want her head” She heard the evil voice. She sneak her way from the crowd and beeped to see who it was . She gasped seeing Gigi on the floor and a woman leg matching her head.
“Gigi?” She muttered in disbelief.
“But one of you can save her” she heard her voice again and furrowed her brows

“Anyone to challenge me and win, i will let her go” Lady Amber said and Gigi frownex.
The building was so silent. No one came forward or spoke.

Moon smirked and took her arrow. She target lady Amber ponytail and shot the arrow.
Of course, she doesn't miss a point. The arrow stuck in her hair.

“Ah….” Lady Amber gasped as she staggered.
“What was that!!” She growled and Moon smirked as she walked out of the crowd.
“I'll challenge you” Moon said.

Everyone eyes blinked.

👥 Who's she?
👥 Why is she covering her face.
She heard their murmurs.

Lady Amber remove the arrow from her hair and watched as Moon walked to her with a sword in her left hand.

Lady Amber smirked.
“You dare challenge me?” She asked and Moon smirked.

“I believe life is about luck but today, i doubt if you'll be lucky” Moon muttered and she could feel everyone's eyes on her.

👥 Is she crazy?
👥 How dare her challenge lady Amber.
👥 She's definitely seeking her death.

“All my life, no one has spoken to me this way. I like your guts.” Lady Amber smirked and grabbed her sword from her guard.

“If i win, i will have her head and that of yours but if you win, I'll give you half of my property” She muttered.

“This is crazy!!” Everyone screamed out.
Moon smirked.

“What was she thinking?” She thought.

“No….” Moon muttered and watched Lady Amber ceased her brows.

” If i win, give me your head as well” she said and Lady Amber gasped.

👥 Is she out of her mind?

“Moon…” Gigi muttered from the floor.
Moon stare at her.
“Are you okay?” She asked Gigi.
“Yes.” She replied weakly.
“But I'm not fine” Moon replied and unshielded her sword.

“You're such a nuisance. Who are you?” Lady Amber asked.

“Who i am is none of your business” Moon replied.

“You impudent!!!” Lady Amber screamed and attack Moon.
Moon lifted her sword and blocked Lady Amber sword from getting to her. Moon jumped so high and as she jumped over Lady Amber, she slice her cheek.

Blood rushed out immediately and everyone gasped and their mouth opened widely.
Lady Amber gasped too and touch her cheek. Moon draw a circle around herself using her sword.

Lady Amber turned and stared at the circle she just drew.

“If your law is to behead everyone who you're stronger and above than, then my law is to kill stronger influence people who look down on the noble ones” She muttered and a smirk display at the corner of her mouth.

“If you want my head, cross the line. I shall take on all of you” She muttered.

“Darn it!!” Everyone screamed and touched their palpitating hearts.

Lady Amber stared at everyone who watched with keen interest to know her next moves. All her life, she has never been afraid but right now she is.

The girl in front of her looks so powerful and she must not lose to her.

“She dare hurt Lady Amber. Guards get her!!!”She growled and in a second, numerous guards gathered around Moon.

“Fuck!!! This is cheating” Moon thought and smirked afterward.

She brought another arrow and shot it in a high angle. Everyone gasped.

Never in history can someone shot arrows and sword fight.

👥 She's good at shooting arrows too
👥 Darn it, she's interesting
Moon flee from the guards and landed in front of Gigi. She grabbed Gigi from the floor. The guards attack her and she got a cut in her leg.

She lifted her body so high and her feet landed on the arrow she has shot earlier.

👥 Oh my world. How did she do that?

“Fuck!!” Lady Amber grunted and grabbed her arrow as well.

“Secure the whole place. She must not get away. I'll go fetch her” She muttered and shot her arrow too.

She jumped so high and flee to the direction Moon and Gigi went.

Moon landed at the sacred door in Dacho.
“Are…are you okay?” Gigi muttered seeing Moon leg that was bleeding.

“I doubt if we will live here alive. She's powerful and might have tell the guards to secure everywhere. You shouldn't have saved me Moon, now your life is in danger” Gigi muttered and started sobbing.

“Your sobs pissed me off”Moon grunted.

“We can still make it alive” She added.

“We're at the sacred place in Dacho” She muttered and Gigi raised her head to see the sacred door. She heard the Goddess SITA is been kept there.

“Behind that secred door, is a route outside Dacho” Moon muttered and Gigi stared at her.
“How did you know that?. Have you been here before?” She asked and Moon rolled her eyes.

“But no one can't open this door expect Lord Dacho and his daughter Lady Amber. So how are we gonna enter?” Gigi tap her forehead frustratedly.

“Watch me” Moon muttered and moved closer to the door.

It's has if the door recognized her. The door parted and opened.
Gigi eyes widened.

“This can't be!” She muttered in disbelief. Moon grabbed her and they went inside.

Lady Amber got there almost immediately. She gasped seeing the sacred door opened.

“How the fuck did they open it” She muttered and shook her head. She hit her head angrily.

“I might have left it opened when i came to clean GODDESS SITA this morning. How can i be careless?. Now i have lost them” She groaned.

“But how on earth did she know a route that lead outside Dacho is in there. I must find them” She muttered and the guards rushed towards her.

They immediately knelt down and bowed.
” We couldn't find them” They all muttered in unison.

“They're gone. You can't find them” She muttered and walk out of their midst.


Leader Duke entered looking so tired.
“How was the night party with Lady Amber”His father, Lord Medan asked.

“Worst father. An unknown person ruined it” He muttered.

“But it's better cuz i wouldn't get to see the face of that motherfucker ” He said referring to Leader Levi.

“I will get some rest father” He said and walk to his room. He got to his room, he entered and shut the door behind.

He walked to the table and picked up his bead. It has a half heart shape.

“I refuse to believe you're dead. I'll find you my twin” He muttered and dropped the bead back on the table before heading to take his bath.


Lady Amber entered the royal chamber with her kitten in her arm.

Her kitten (cat) is the only friend she has in the whole of Mombana.

“Lady Amber, we already informed the Queen of your present. She will be with you shortly” The Royal guard said and bowed at her.

Few minutes later, Queen Kimber entered and they both bowed at each other.

“What bring you to the Palace Amber?” Queen Kimber asked and Lady Amber rolls her eyes.
“Did you suddenly miss your mother inlaw and decided to pay her a visit at this late hour?” She asked and Lady Amber huffed .

“Gosh! Why is she so noisy. I wish i can throw snake at her” She thought and smirk.

“I came to check on my husband's throne” She muttered and Queen Kimber chuckled.

“Why?. Do you think I'll steal your husband throne?” She asked.

Lady Amber smile.

“My sentiment exactly. I can't trust you mother” She muttered.

“This is conspiracy! It's outrageous! Don't you think Amber?” Queen Kimber asked.

“What is the ruckus about?” Lady Amber asked and Queen Kimber gulped down.

“It's the majesty birthday tomorrow and as usual, he wouldn't show up. How can you have a parade on his birthday while his palanquin is empty. You're taking my husband as hostage!” She retorted.

“Release him mother. It's four years already and we can't have another parade without his majesty. Does it even make sense?. Why is it so difficult to release him?. ” Lady Amber asked.

“I can't” Queen Kimber muttered and Lady Amber groaned.

“Stop opposing for no reason” She yelled not minding if it's the Queen.

“You refuse to let go of your control over Mombana. I should be the one ruling since my husband is absent” She uttered.

“You can't. It's for the future of Mombana” Queen Kimber reply and Lady stared at her in disbelief .

“Future of Mombana indeed” Lady Amber said and chuckled.

“Didn't i tell you. I won't agree with you ruling without his Majesty's consent. I demand to see him!” She muttered.

“The king couldn't give his consent. Then you must give up. You can't see him” She muttered and lady Amber smirked.

“Let's see about that. Don't you forget the Dacho family has a pledge to say no to the Royal family order. I don't want to use it until now.” She smirked.

“Let's wait after the birthday parade” She added and bowed to Queen Kimber.

“I'll take my leave now” She said and without waiting for her reply, she left.

“Agreeing to her demands will make the Royal family lose it's authority. My son and I may suffer irreparable harm. I won't let that happen” The Queen thought and bite harder on her lower lip.


“Your wound is deep” Gigi said staring at the wound on Moon leg.

“It's the lightest one among all the injuries i have received from them” Moon replied staring at the sky.

“You got injured because of me. I promise not to get into trouble again” Gigi muttered and suddenly started sobbing again.

“I don't wanna see you in misery” She added still sobbing.

“After they took everything away from me, i was trapped in misery. I was miserable for four years” Moon muttered. Gigi stopped crying and stared at her.

“Seeing you talk out of spite, you must be feeling better now” Gigi muttered.
Moon smirked.

“Of course I'm always better. I will not allow them take anything else away from me. They will see how rotten, ridiculous and crazy I've grown up to be”Moon uttered and Gigi stare at her in horror.

“You're wicked as always” She muttered and resume crying again.

“You took the words out of my mouth. Make sure you clench your teeth” Moon muttered and Gigi stopped crying.

“I don't care. Stop acting tough. You'll still remain my best friend. I can't help it” She muttered and started crying allover again. Moon just rolled eyes at her.


The capital of Mombana seems busy today. The people of Mombana stood beside the road waiting for the Queen parade to begin.

Leader Duke came with his guards and loud screaming could be heard as usual.

“We're on the road my lord. We should get a spot to stand cuz the parade will soon begin” His guard said and lead him to a spot.

He got there and met Leader Levi standing in the same spot.

“Darn it!” He cursed trying to find another spot.

“Why don't you just stand there. Do you think i wanna stand here with you?” Leader Levi asked coldly and Leader Duke smile instead.

He said no words and stood there.

“I'm sure you're flustered to be this close to me” Leader Duke said and Levi scoffed.

“Anyway, you must be excited to see your beloved Queen” he added,

“I'm just loyal to the royal family. Rebels like you won't understand” He said and Leader Duke bite on his lower lip.

He glanced at him dearly before looking away. The parade started immediately.

The carriage could be seen with the queen inside. As usual, the king seat was empty. People started bowing as the carriage passes them.

In the midst of the crowd was a girl named Akira. She folded her fist as she saw the Queen in the carriage. She could still remember how her mother was killed by the Queen.

Anger surged through her.

“Ahhhh!!!” Akira screamed and came out of the crowd, unshielding her sword. She attacks the guards as she tried getting to the Queen.

She wasn't strong enough and the guards Capture her.

She was kicked to the ground and numerous sword point to her neck.

The parade was stopped.
The carriage stopped and the Queen came out as well.

The Queen walked towards the yound girl on the floor.

“Who are you?” Queen Kimber questioned but Akira stared at her with hatred.

“You killed my mother!. You motherfucker!!” The girl spat out and the crowd gasped.

“I asked who you are!!!” Queen Kimber roared but the girl remain silent.

“It looks like she wishes to die with her mouth shut” The Queen said and turned to the guards.

“Kill her! ” She ordered and everyone gasped.

The guards raised their sword.

“Your highness!!” Someone screamed and came out of the crowd.
It was an elderly man.

He walked to the Queen and knee down before her.

“She's my daughter” he said.
“Your daughter?” The Queen asked back.

“I already lost her mother and i can't afford to lose her too. I know she has committed a grave sin. Please kill me instead” He said, already sobbing.

“No father! You have nothing to do with me” Akira yelled.

“If you tell me to die here, i shall.” He said and lay on the floor instead.

Queen Kimber grabbed the sword from one of the guard and pointed it to the elderly man.

“You commit mortal sin against me. You're right. A father must received his daughter's punishment”
She placed the sword on his neck.

“What are you doing?. I have nothing to do with him. Let him go!!” Akira yelled. Shr tried freeing herself but the guard held her firmly.

“He can't die because of me. Kill me instead. Please spare his life” She cried.

“Watch what happened to your father because of you” She muttered and without thinking, she cut his head. Everyone screamed out while some shut their eyes.

“No!!!” Akira screamed in pains.

The Queen walked up to the girl. She crouched down at her. She raised her face up with the tip of her fingers.

“Just kill me!” The girl said while the tears streamed out of her eyes. Queen Kimber shook her head.

“One doesn't die easily” She said.

“People like you are nothing more than an insect. How dare you waved your sword at my guards?. You're just a stupid, despicable rat. You don't know the crime you've committed” The Queen said and Akira shut her eyes.

“Just kill me!!” She growled. Queen Kimber smirked.

“You poor thing. You're small and weak. The weak can't choose if they're going to die or live” Queen Kimber said and more tears floor from Akira eyes.

“Take her away and luck her up!” She order.

“Let the parade continues” She muttered and walked back to the carriage.


Lady Amber was touring round Mombana with her guards behind her. She didn't go to the parade like everybody.

She carried Mimi (her cat) in her arm. She rubbed her fur as they walk.

“What's there to watch?” She muttered and her cat meow.

“A parade without a king and Mombana without a master. The mother's ambition knows no limits. I rather take a stroll than go to the parade”

She muttered till rubbing Mimi fur.

Then her eyes caught with Moon. She was wearing the same clothes and hat.

She recognized her immediately.

“, It's her. guards!!!! Get her!” She ordered pointing to the direction Moon is.

Moon saw them on time but unfortunately, she wasn't with her arrow or sword. She stared at the numbers of guards with Lady Amber and cursed.

“Fuck! Fuck!!” She grunted and started running.

“I must not lose you today” Lady Amber said and drop Mimi (her cat) on the floor.

She started chasing Moon alongside with her guard.
Moon bite on her lower lip as she ran so fast.

Suddenly, someone pulled her to a corner and cover her mouth.

She tried screaming but she couldn't.
“Stay still or they will catch you!” She heard a hoarse voice and gasped. She could still recognize the voice even if it's been four years. She let go of his hand from her mouth and quickly turned.

Her eyes widened and her mouth went agape. Even if his face looks different now, his eye color will ever remain the same.

It was King Julius.

“My…my hus…husband!” Moon stuttered staring directly into his eyes. The tears gathered in her eyes and King Julius furrowed his brows, looking at her confused.


E la sweet😌😋

E sweet abi e nor sweet???

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Artist Name; The Heart Of A Wicked Queen

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