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The Heart Of A Wicked Queen

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 5 & 6


2nd December 2023

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 5 & 6


(Her Return, Her Revenge 🥺)

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“My…my hus…husband!” Moon stuttered staring directly into his eyes. The tears gathered in her eyes and King Julius furrowed his brows, looking at her confused.

“Your hu.. husband?” King Julius asked back and Moon got herself back immediately.
She wiped the tears that stubbornly came from her eyes and turned to leave.

“You can't go!” King Julius said and grabbed her hand.
He turned Moon to himself and she couldn't help but stared at those eyes. The eyes she once cherished.

“I'm… I'm i your husband?” King Julius asked. The pains surged through her vein.
“Fuck off!!”She yelled trying to free herself from his grip.

“You can't go. Those people are after you” He said.
“Stop acting like you care!!” She yelled with disgust and kicked him.

King Julius landed on the floor. Moon glanced at him one more time and hurried out of the hideout.

King Julius groaned. He tried to get up but he was extremely week to do so.
“Who's she?” He thought.

“She seems to know who i am” He thought to himself.
“My…my husband” Her tiny voice ran in her head. He grabbed his head and shut his eyes as he could see imagine that wasn't clear to him.

” my ..my husband” The voice came again.
“Arghhh!!!”He screamed out.

“My highness!” A loud voice was heard. He gasped and snapped his eyes opened at once.

“My king!” Titrus called.
“Why did you sneak out of the Inn. I would have been in trouble”He said.

“Stoping acting as if anyone will recognize me as the King. My face is different from what is used to be four years back!” He muttered and tried getting up but he fell back on the floor again.

“Ouch!” He grunted.
“Why is this body so fucking weak! Just why!!” He cursed out laying on the floor.

“I should help you” Titrus said bending in front of him.
“Climb on my back” He muttered and King Julius rolled his eyes.

“Do i seriously have to do this?” He cursed.
“Not like you have a choice, my king” He muttered and chuckled.

He climbed on his back weakly and groaned.
“I will take you back to the Inn now” He muttered and walked out.


The guards rushed towards Lady Amber. They knelt and bowed before her.

“We lost her again” They mumbled in unison.
“You fools!!” She unshield her sword and sliced off one of the guards neck making the rest gasped.

“She's just one single soul!. Why is it hard to find her!!”She growled.
“I need to find her and i must!” She growled.

“The rest of you should find Mimi. Don't come back to Dacho city without my cat!”She yelled and walk out angrily.

The guards look at each other before getting up.


Leader Levi stood in front of the waterfall. He folded his arms watching the waterfall.

The water that flows through the capital.
“My lord”

A guard said behind him.

“Your father sent for you” He added. Leader Levi said no word and walked out. He entered the castle and walk straight to his father's chamber.

“Father!” He bow entering the chamber.
“You took so long in coming!” Lord Sidian said.

“I'm sorry father!” He apologized without raising his face.
“Darn it, you're such a good for nothing Leader. You should be training not watching some waterfall!” He grunted and Leader Levi gulped down.

“But father, the waterfall is what makes us the Sidians. It flows through every corners of Mombana. Without our water, many lifes will be lost. It's my duty as their leader to watch over it. I see no fault in doing that, father” He replied.

“You fool!!” Lord Sidian banged his fist on the table.
“You ought to be training. You have to be stronger than Duke. We need to take over Medan city as well. We need to rule over the Medians to be extremely strong and powerful” He muttered.

“Duke is the rightful heir to Medan City. We own no part of it. I loathed Duke but aren't gonna stoop so low to take what is not mine. I will train to save my people not train to overpower someone. I'm sorry dad. I've to take my leave now” He replied. Leader Levi left without glancing at him.

“You fool!!” Lord Sidan growled.


The guard open the gate. Queen Kimber entered and met Akira on the floor. Her legs and hands are chained while her eyes tied.

“Untie her eyes” Queen Kimber commanded.
The guard did as commanded.

Akira stared at the Queen and smirked.
“Are you finally gonna kill me now?” She asked. The Queen smirked not saying a word.

“Just kill me, you animal!!”She yelled. The guards made attempt to hit her but was stop by the queen.

“You're so stubborn” The Queen shook her head pitifully. Akira face drop but the Queen raised her face up with the tip of her finger.

“I told you already, the weak has no right to choose whether to live or die. You're just 19 and you still have a long way to go. I won't let you die easily….You don't know the gravity of the crime you've committed. I will make sure you die slowly. You will beg for death but i won't grant you ” Queen Kimber said.

“You're evil. I swear I'm gonna kill you. You're gonna die in my hands” She scream.
“Let's see how it goes. Tie her eyes ” She order and left the torture room.

“My Queen” The chief guard rush to her.
“These are letters from the three families. They are wanting to meet with you over the issue of the hidden King king. It's been four years and the people of Mombana are tired of waiting for the King” The chief guard said.

“Who suggest this meeting?” Queen Kimber asked collecting the letters .
“Lady Amber” The chief guard reply.

“I fear my Queen, you'll have to concurred to their offer. Lady Amber had threatened to use the golden pledge and it's likely we'll lose” The chief guard reply.

“Those harlots!” She tore the letters.
“Go to Dacho city and invite Lady Amber over. I will give my reply after meeting with her” She replied.

“Yes my Queen” The chief guard bowed again.


Moon kept training aggressively with her sword. Her hair was tied in a high pony tail and her hat was somewhere near the rock.

Seeing his face again made her tea really mad.
“How dare him show his face to me” She thought.

“You've been training Moon, are you sure you're fine?”Gigi yelled coming closer.

“I'm fine. Stay back!” Moon yelled.
“Come closer and I'm gonna kill you” Moon said still training aggressively.

Gigi chuckled.

“stop thinking of killing me, when you won't ! ” she said throwing her hand in the air.

“You might not be lucky today! ” Moon muttered instead and Gigi rolled her eyes.

“Wicked as always but all the same, I love you” she mumbled and Moon scoffed.
“I will leave you now” She said and ran away. Moon said nothing and continued training.


Lady Amber opened the sacred door. She entered with Mimi in her arms. Luckily, the guards find her. Mimi immediately cling on her since the place was dark. Lady Amber rubbed her fur trying to calm her down.

The light came on and Mimi relaxed a bit. Lady Amber bowed to the image of Goddess Sita that stood in the middle of the room.

She placed Mimi on her shoulders and clapped her both hands together and moved it towards her forehead as sign of respect.
“All hail goddess Sita” She mumbled.

She raised her head up and resume walking into the sacred room. She opened another door and stairs pointing downward could be seen.

She climbed down the stairs with Mimi still on her shoulder. When she got there, she could see an elderly woman chained to a pole. She was blindfold and her mouth was tied.

She walk behind her and untie her mouth.
“Lady Carina “ She whispered. Lady Carina was Lord Dacho wife.

“What….do…you want?” She said weakly.
“I asked a question. You should answer me right away” Lady Amber smacked her head.

“You witch! You're so heartless!!” Lady Carina wanted to growl but it came out in a whisper since she's weak.

“I know. You don't have to remind me. Stealing your daughter identity, it's so wicked of me” Lady Amber said and chuckled.

“You wouldn't have been here if you didn't suspect me. It was so hard for me to master arrow shooting and sword fighting. Your daughter was so good in it and I've to train day and night just to master it. Did you think it's easy stealing her Identity, I got her face and I was so prefect and behaved exactly like her. I wondered how you found out I'm not your real daughter” Lady Amber muttered and Clenched her jaw.

“My daughter was never heartless like you. I know she hated people but not extremely. It will be hard for the public to differentiate between you two but Amber is my daughter. I carried her in my womb for 9 months. I know my days so well. You killed her and stole her Identity. Why???” Lady Carina spat out

“I wanted the king. She got married to the man I want. Killing her and stealing her place was the only option I'm getting the King for myself and since you know all this, you have no option but to rot in here. No one will ever find you till I finally kill you” she muttered.

“Rot in here!” She whispered in her ears.
“No oo!!!” Lady Carina tried screaming but Amber tied her mouth back.

“I promise to take care of your sick husband “ She said and chuckled again.

“Got to go mother” She said and Mimi moew.
Lady Carina struggled to free herself but it was of no avail.

She suddenly became calm and let the tears drop down from her eyes.


It was getting late but Moon was still training with her sword. Gigi was no where to be found. She moved towards the water and jump on the Little Rock's. She kept training while jumping on each of the rocks without looking at it.

“Wow…..” Someone muttered.
Moon stopped training immediately. She jumped so high and landed on the shore.

To her surprise, it was King Julius.

“What….what are you doing here?” She stuttered and raised her sword on his neck.

“Your skills are amazing” King Julius replied fearfully.

“ I asked what you're doing here? “ she growled.
King Julius replied swallowing hard.

“I didn't mean to interrupt. Trust me” King Julius raised his both hands. Moon's sword still on his neck.

“How did you find me?” Moon asked rather.
“I….I don't mean any harm” He replied and gulped down.

“ You're a king and any one from the royal family means harm” She snapped at him and King Julius gasped.

“I knew it. You know who I am” He said and Moon look away. She shouldn't have spilt that out.

“When I set my eyes on you, I saw you in my memory. Four good four years, i went into hiding. Even when I comes out, no one recognized me but you just did. Tell me, who are you?” He said.

“Shut up already and just leave. “She yelled.
“People like you are always good in hiding. Cmon, continue hiding and stop pretending as if you don't want it. Leave or I swear am gonna kill you “ She uttered. She withdraw her sword and turned to leave.

“Seeing you talk out in spite, I might have been evil in my past life. Help me gain my strength and memory” He said and Moon stopped walking.
She bite her lip angrily.

“ I should just kill you!” She grunted.
She walked back to him and raised her sword.

“Dying is much more better than a hiding King. Do it. I have nothing to lose” He replied and Moon scoffed.

“You're such an idiot. I have wish for nothing but to kill everyone in the royal home including you. I'm being nice right now. Leave before I change my mind” She said and turned to leave. He grabbed her hand.

“I'm not changing my mind either. Help me gain back my memory and teach me all the skills you need to know” he said.

“I'm ready to serve you” he muttered and knelt down.

“When I remember my memory, and if I've indeed hurt you, I'll grant you the chance of killing me with the royal sword. If you have to raised your sword again, it should be on me” he said.

Moon stared at him unbelievably.

“You failed my trust before. Why do you think I'll trust you now?” she spat out.

King Julius stood up and covered the space between them. He held her hand and pointed her sword on his stomach.

“Or you can rather kill me now. You have nothing to lose “ he muttered.

“Take out your revenge on me and escape. No one will ever suspect you. Kill me”He muttered and Moon let her mouth opened.



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