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[STORIES] The Hunted Synopsis

πŸ’ The Hunted πŸ’

πŸ’žShe’s mine! Protect her no matter what! πŸ’ž

Naijalanded writer βœοΈπŸ’ž


Will she ever be mine?
Will she ever love me like I love her?
Will they ever be able to accept our love?
That’s the questions that he asks himself each and everyday. He is Kayden Johnson a 28 year old hustler escaped from the orphanage at the age of 15,he met Moteo a very dangerous drug lord became his right hand man at 15 as young as he was got involved in drugs and guns until he turned 18 that’s when he decided that he no longer wants that life he wants to start afresh. He had to escape from that dangerous world to a better world. He had to run away to a small village of Castelo.


That’s when he met Alden, he became his savior by providing him with shelter, food and a job although Alden doesn’t know anything about his dark past.What will happen when he finds out?

Kayden has been in love with Arielle since she became a young woman he doesn’t know when his feelings started but all he knows is that he loves her.He met her when she was 8, her hazel eyes enchanted him, her smile is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.He is determined to protect her from all evil forces. Despite being 10 years older than her he loves her and determined to fight for her love.

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But will Arielle love him back or will he let go.Will Alden accept the relationship between his young sister and friend or will he feel betrayed.
Will everyone accept their love despite their long age gape?
Will his dark past come back to hunt him?
Will he be able to protect the one’s he loves?
Will love conquer all?

Enjoy the roller coaster!

Love, Romance, betrayal, suspense and tragedyπŸ”ž

Age for loveπŸ’ž

This is my first book so encourage me with your massive likes and comments😊

Good day loveliesπŸ€—πŸ˜˜οΏ½

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