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❤ The 👑 King 👑 👰 Bride Episode 3

(A maid in her world👗 A queen in his world👸)
🌞(When two people from different world meet)🌝
written by Bella writes😊😊😊
Chapter 3✌✌✌
“Are you alright my lady” Sarah came to me Starring at me

“Am fine” I said as I sat on the bed

“Are you sure? You’ve been acting weird ever since you left his Majesty” Sarah said

“I will be fine,I…..I just need a bit of rest” I said to her

“Fine,I will leave you to get some bit of sleep” Sarah said and left the room.

I laid on the bed and stared around, All this is just a lie, As soon as I sleep and wake up,Everything will go back to Normal

“Yes I should just sleep ” I whispered to myself

I slept for the rest of the day and into the next day and when I finally woke up it was to see that it was morning and that I was laying on a very spacious bed and when I starred ahead,I saw the portrait of the Real Mitchell starring back at me

Am still in this world,I thought as I ruffled my hair in annoyance, Why can’t I just return? Why did I have to open the darn book?

I thought as I got out of bed,Pacing around the room

I shouldn’t be getting angry,I had to find a way to get out of this mess before anyone notice that am not the Mitchell of this world

I thought of something and then an idea came into my head

As soon as I opened the book,I came into this world through the king office,I have to go back to his office and look for a clue or something that will get me out of here,I thought

But How do I get to the Palace? I was still thinking of ways when the door opened and Sarah walked in

“My God!!! Your not dressed yet?” She exclaimed

“Dressed for what?” I Questioned

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that we are to be at the palace today,You especially Asked me to keep this day in mind for you” She said

“Can you tell me what’s happening today cause I don’t really know” I said gently and she starred at me in horror

“I don’t know why you are acting this way but your scaring me” She said

That’s because am not the real Mitchell of this world and I certainly don’t know what is happening today,I thought to myself

“Lately I tend to forget things But don’t let it bother you,Just……tell me what today is?” I asked as gently as I can

“Well today is the horse ride competition, The king along with some riders will be competing and just so You would see the king,You booked the front seats and You have asked me to remind you of this day” She said

“Oh yes,I now remember” I lied,Giving her a smile

“Are you sure your okay?” Sarah asked?

“Yes I am,Tell me something,The competition will be taking place in the palace right?” I asked

“Yes it will” She said and I smiled

This is an opportunity for me to use to get to that room and if my luck shine,I will be back in my world, Today at most

“Your Majesty, Max is all ready for the race” Peter my right hand man and the head of my security guards said as I walked out of the palace to the field where the Competition will be taking place

I starred at the front seats and it was empty

Strange though, Mitchell would have been there waving at me not like I ever acknowledge her presence but have grown used to seeing her there each time I come to the field

And not seeing her there today Somehow made me feel strange.

Well whatever? Its not like I will acknowledge her if she is there today, Am glad that she had listened to everything I told her yesterday.

“Isn’t that lady Mitchell your majesty” Peter said suddenly and I saw her walking in with her maid.

I don’t know why I felt relieved at seeing her here,Just then she starred up and saw me

She stopped and began to pull her maid the other way just to avoid me

Wow,She really did listened to everything I had said yesterday, I thought and I should be happy that For the first time in a very long time Mitchell is doing her best to avoid me but no I felt angry.

And without thinking I called out to her and She stopped

While the maid beside her bowed at me,She stood her ground starring at me.

Her pretty lips giving way to a frown and I won’t deny I find it quite sexy.

“Well hello” She said giving me a smile

This is new, I thought, Any time Mitchell greets me,She either hug or peck me using that as an excuse to Touch me and trying to be polite,I let her have her way.

And now am surprised to see her standing there, greeting me without a hug or a peck

” Not a kiss or hug from you?”I asked and she stared at me in horror

“No” She said bluntly and I smiled

“Fine” I said moving towards her

“You are really doing well,You aren’t being the clingy type as usual” I said

“I might have swoon all over you before but not anymore,I came here only be cause I had no choice,Just pretend am not here Your majesty” She said and Walked off.

I turned to stare at her and I found my eyes starring at the sway of her buttocks.

Being a playboy who have had a lot of woman in his arms,I wondered how it would feel to touch that sexy derriere.

What is wrong with me? Why am Thinking this way?I thought

Never have I thought of Mitchell as a lady, Why suddenly is my brain leading to dirty thoughts about her,I thought as I went to get started with the race.

After hours of searching,I finally got to the room

I found out that it was the King study,No one could enter without the king permission but the guards had let me in without asking me a question and I wondered why?

Feeling nervous and agitated, I left Sarah during the race and I began my search

While every one is busy with the race is the best time for me to leave.

Just thinking about the king made me shiver

He is nothing but a boastful pig, The Mitchell of this world had really liked him and am sure that he never gave her his time or attention

He had even called her clingy,If I were the real Mitchell I would have slapped him but since I wasn’t her and I dont belong here,I had no right to do a thing but I knew that those few words I exchanged with him made his blood boil in anger.

Well I will be leaving here soon and will be rid of this all.

I walked into the study and saw a lot of books,If the book had brought me here,It must certainly be in one of these book shelves,I thought Suddenly.

I better start searching for it,I thought

Its been an hour Now and I haven’t found it yet.

I was still searching when the door opened and I heard him coming in and he wasn’t alone

I quickly hid behind one of the shelves and I peeped through the little hole there

I saw the peacock king kissing a girl,She was different from the one of yesterday

Apart from being a proud peacock, a boastful pig, He is also a darn womaniser

Why would the Mitchell of this world fall for a man like this,Back in my world,They were the kind of men I avoid at all cost.

I thought still starring at the dirty scene being unfolded in front of me.

The lady took off his shirt,Revealing a gorgeous body.

His abs looked perfect and he had the muscles in the right place,I thought secretly admiring his body.

What the hell is wrong with me? I cautioned myself

If I want to get out of here without seeing anymore of this,I better walk out of my hiding place.

Breathing in heavily,I walked out and immediately the two broke apart

“My God Mitchell!!! What the hell are you doing here?” He said angrily

“I just came in here for a book,Pretend you didn’t see me,Just continue with your……….Whatever,Your majesty” I said and quickly I walked out of the room………….

Crazy Mitchell☺☺☺☺

Apart from being a king👑 He is also a womaniser😄😄😄

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