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The πŸ‘‘ King’s πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘° BRIDE Episode 1

Welcome guy to the story of the The πŸ‘‘ King’s πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘° BRIDE Episode 1.

(A maid in her worldπŸ‘— A queen in his worldπŸ‘Έ)
🌞(When two people from different world meet)🌝
Written by Bella writes😊😊😊
CHAPTER 1πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
“Mummy is there really a forbidden book in this world” The little girl with her mom asked

“Well I think there is, Why do you ask” The girl mother asked

“Its just our teacher talked about it,So I just want to confirm If she is saying the truth or not” The girl said

“Well I don’t really know,But its been said that there is something called a Forbidden book but have never seen it Before” Her mom said patting her head

“Well then I will just ask My teacher more on it” The girl said

“Do that my love,Now let’s go get our ice cream” She said and they both walked off

Mitchell who had been listening to their conversation hissed at their back.

“Forbidden book my foot” I said as I cleaned the hotel hall

I still don’t know why they keep on talking about things that don’t exist.

Where in the world would there be a forbidden book, All lies,I thought as I kept cleaning.

“Mitch!!!!” Sandra called and I turned to stare at my friend who was a maid just like me

“What’s up Sandra” I asked chewing my gum

“You really must stop chewing those gum,You look horrendous when you chew them that way” Sandra said

“What’s this? Are you here to insult me,If so then leave me to do my work” I said as I kept on cleaning

“Sorry,I didn’t come for that,I just came to ask you to help me take over my shift for tonight ” She said

“Tonight again” I asked

“Its just that Tom and I are going to the Museum later today, Some things will be displayed there and You know That its Tom is Studying those stuffs,So he would want to be there” She said

“What are they really displaying?” I asked being curious as always

“Well a lot but one especially has gotten everyone mood riled up, The forbidden book will be on display too” Sandra said

“Really? You also believe the Forbidden book is real” I said

“Of course it is, Weren’t you ever taught about it in History class” She asked

“If they did, I wasn’t paying that much attention” I said

“Well it is real, The book has been on for generations,Its been kept always in the Museum and has been displayed but no one has ever touched it, From what have heard the book has special powers” She whispered the last past at me

I couldn’t hold back the laughter “Tom has really made you into a crazy guy like him,I bet he told you that rubbish” I said

“He did and I believe it too” She said

“Sandra,This is reality,You both should wake up and face it” I said

“Well whatever just tell me,Will you help me with my shift” She asked

“Only if you give me my…..You know” I said stretching my hand at her

She sighed and brought out some money and then she pressed it in my hand

“Good then,I will make sure I do your work perfectly” I said waving her off

I smiled as I starred at the Money in my hand

I Finished my work and did Sandra work too

By the time I finished, I was very tired but it was worth it,So far I get money am willing to do anything.

I got ready to go home,Just thinking about going home,Made me feel sad.

The place I call home have never really been my home.

When my mom died and my dad remarried,My life ever since then,My step mom and step sisters make my life a living hell.

While they stay at home and enjoy themselves, I work and work and at the end I take the money to them and if its small,They complain too and call me names

My dad who was suppose to support just let them do what they want with me,I don’t know why? But ever since my mom died,His love toward me changed.

I got to our little house and breathing in a sigh,I walked in.

The four of them were all in the sitting room,Watching a soap opera and as soon as I walked in they all starred at me.

“Today too? You came back late?” My Step mom said as she gave me a angry look

“I was helping Sandra with her shift” I said

“Lies! She keeps on lying dad” Jessie said starring at me

“I bet she was with a guy” Cassandra added

“I was not with a guy okay,I was working ” I said

“Really? If you are working then you must have made some money,Let’s check your bag to confirm if there is some money in it” Cassandra said and along with Jessie they came to me and snatched my bag from me,Pouring the content on the floor

“Wow she made so much today” Jessie said picking the money up

“I bet the guy she was with gave it to her” Cassandra added

“I made those money through my hard work” I said

“Liar, Honey your daughter is selling her body for money,You really should say something on this” My Step mom said to my Dad who sat on the chair not caring what they did to me

“Have told you,I made those money through my hard work ” I said

“Don’t you dare yell at me you stupid child, I knew you would turn out this way , A slut like your mother”

“Don’t you insult my mom ” I said

“Or what you stupid girl? How dare you give me those murdering glances” My step mom said

“Honey you’ve got to say something, Your daughter is disrespecting me” She added

“Do what you want,I don’t want to butt in” He said and then he stood up and left the room

As always,He never try to defend me or my mother memory

“You heard your dad right? Am to do whatever I want with you, so right now,I want you to leave this house,I don’t feel like seeing your face” She said

“I have nowhere to go” I said

“Do you think I care” She said

“Get out Mitch!!!” Jessie said

“Go meet that lover of yours, He might give you more for staying the night” Cassandra added and they both laughed

“Leave !!!” My step mom yelled and I walked out of the house.

I held back the tears as I began to head to Sandra house.

Sandra is the only one I have in this world,No one is on my side, My dad who is suppose to support me doesn’t even care about me,I thought sadly

I should be used to this already, This is not their first time,I thought as I used the little change with me to go to Sandra house

But no one was home,Could she still be at the Museum,Without thinking I went to the Museum, Hoping to catch Sandra and her boyfriend there.

I got there only to find them closed,I was about heading back when suddenly a man called me

“You must be the maid the agency sent here to help us with the cleaning” He said

“I don’t th…….”

“Hurry up follow me,There are a lot of work to do” He said cutting me off from explaining

“But am not……”

“You really don’t need the money right? Cause if you do you won’t be acting this way” He said

On hearing money,I changed my mind, I could help clear this place and when I get payed,I will go look for Sandra, I thought as I followed the man

He took me to where to clean and then left

A while later,A man walked in carrying a box,He dropped it down and brought out A big book,He placed the book on the cushion table

“This is the forbidden book, Watch over it till I come back and oh,Do not open it” He said and left the room

I walked towards the book and stared at it

“So you are the famous Forbidden book” I said starring at it

I wonder what will happen if I open it,I thought

“The book has special powers” I remembered what Sandra told me

What if I open it and see if it really has special power,I thought as I touched the book

I had to know if it really has its special powers and without thinking further,I opened the book up

I was expecting something drastic to happen but nothing happened.

“I knew it wasn’t real” I said as I closed it back

I felt so happy with what I did now,I can’t wait to prove them all wrong most especially Sandra and her boyfriend Tom.

I cleaned the room finish and then I walked towards the door and when I opened it,It was to be blinded by light

I closed my eyes and when I opened them,It was to find myself in a room.

A very large and spacious room,This is odd, This place doesn’t look like the Museum,Its quite different, I thought as I starred around

“I really like you” I turned when I heard a voice

Trailing that voice, I saw a girl Talking to a guy,The guy had his back turned to me,So I couldn’t see his face properly

” But I don’t “He said

” Why?”She said starring at me

“Your ugly and Your not my taste” He said

I was shocked by that response,He didn’t have to say that to the girl, He must think He is God gift to women,I thought as I starred at them

“You! You!…….”

“If I were you I would watch my word,You know what I can do to you” He said interrupting the girl

And she walked out of the room,How can someone be so stupid,That sort of insult from him needs to be rewarded with a slap

If I were her,I would have slapped him hard on the………oh no,He has seen me,I thought as I starred into the most beautiful blue eyes

The guy finally turned back and I wouldn’t deny that he looked so………

“Am sorry that you had to see that Mitchell” He said suddenly starring at me

Did he just call my name,I thought as I starred at him

“These ladies keeps on bothering me and this is the only way to get them off my back” He continued Still starring at me

And it only confused me more,How did he know my name and who the hell is he?

Just then the door opened and Six men dressed in black came running in and then they all bowed at him

“Your majesty” They all yelled starring at Him

This isn’t right,I was at the Museum just now and then I……The book,I thought as I starred at the guy in front of me

The book brought me here……………

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