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The 👑King’s 👑 BRIDE 👰 Episode 2

Welcome guy the the continuation of The 👑King’s 👑 BRIDE 👰 but this time around is Episode 2

(A maid in her world👗 A queen in his world👸)
🌞(When two people from different world meet)🌝
This can’t be? The book doesn’t have any specials,I thought starring at the stranger in front of me

“But it has,Your in front of a king, A king you had no idea of before, You opened the door and came into a room you never saw in the museum, Isn’t it enough evidence to tell you that the book has brought you somewhere else” My conscience said to me

“No this can’t be happening” I said as I stared around me

“What’s wrong with you Mitchell” The king said as soon as his guards left the room

I didn’t answer but I went back to search for the door I came from and there was nothing

“There is a door there right?” I asked

“What are you saying? A door have never been there before ” He said starring at me

“Oh God,I must be going crazy” I said as I walked past him to the sitting room

“Will you stop walking about and talk to me” He said behind me

I turned to stare at him “Where am I?” I asked and he laughed and I wouldn’t deny that he looked so handsome when he smile

“Are you kidding me right now?” He asked

“Just answer me” I demanded and he stared at me again

“This is the palace,Its not like you don’t know where you are,You came here yourself and yes,You were telling me something before that girl came in” He said smiling

“Telling you something?” I said

“Of course you were telling me something,Are you shy to say it again,Let me tell you that I heard everything and I now know how you feel about me” He said looking so proud like a peacock

“And how do I feel about you” I asked uncertain

“You really want me to remind you right?” He said and walked close to me

I moved back until I felt the wall behind me

He came close and set his hands on the wall over my head

“Well I will and I will also give you my response” He said starring down at me

“You told me you like me” He said and my eyes widened in shock

“And my response to that will always be same, I don’t like you and neither do I want you in my life, You saw the girl that was here a while ago,She was my lover and I just threw her out of my life,If you come to me saying this again ,I will not only throw you out of my life but also out of this city,Now leave” He said starring down at me before walking towards a table

I knew the bastard will be a proud peacock, Who does he think he is? I might not have told him that I like him and am certainly still going confused about the book and this strange world

But I won’t let him go scot free with talking to me that way

“You sure know how to break a woman heart” I said and he turned to stare at me

“But you won’t certainly be breaking mine cause I don’t care, Me telling you that I like you is just to test you, Why would I like a proud peacock like you” I said and saw his eyes widened by my comment

“Did you just call me a peacock?” He asked and I nodded

“Men like you don’t deserve someone that loves you genuinely,You should rather be left alone for the rest of your life” I said and began to walk off when he held my hand

“No one have ever talked to me like that and I won’t let that start with you Mitchell” He said

“Its Mitch okay! And you better get used to it Because I won’t sit around and let you bully me okay,I fight for myself and I will fight you even if your the king” I said and jerked off my hand before walking out of the room.

Well he should think about that for a while,I thought smiling to myself.

I sat on the chair, Thinking about what just happened

Did Mitchell really call me a Proud peacock

“No that can’t be? I must have heard wrong” I muttered to myself

“Why would I like a proud peacock like you” Her words came back taunting me

“She really said it” I said as I stood up to stand by the window

Mitchell would never have said that to me,But she did?

“Anything you say your majesty”

“But I really like you”

“No matter how much you push me away,I will always come to you”

I recall every word Mitchell told me Just days before,She had been eager to please me,Had been willing to do anything to get my intention and just now,She had confessed that she liked me,If I hadn’t agree to see that Ex lover of mine, She would have asked me to sleep with her.

What happened in those few second I was away, What got Mitchell to behave that way,She would never have raised her voice or insult me

Me! A proud peacock? Well I won’t let her go scot free of that,I thought as I ran after her

I kept on walking around the palace, I can’t believe that a house could be this huge

How do I get out,I kept on asking myself, Just then I saw a girl waving at me and then she ran towards me

“Lady Mitchell,Are you set to leave” The girl asked as she came towards me

“Do you know me?” I questioned as I starred at the girl

“What’s this? Are you pulling my legs lady Mitchell” She said Smiling

And just then it occurred to me that if she didn’t know me,She won’t be calling my name and what’s with the Lady thing?

“Are you all set to leave? Have you spoken to the King Already? What was his response?” She asked

I couldn’t respond to her because all I wanted was to leave this darn palace

“If you brought me here,Then we can leave together right?” I asked and she nodded

“Then please let’s get out of here” I said and when she saw my distressed face she nodded immediately and we began to walk off

“Mitchell!” I heard his voice behind us and we both turned

The Girl behind me bowed at him and while the others too did the same,I stood starring at them all

Is this world some kind of fiftieth century? Why In the world do they still bow like fools around here

At least in my world,We aren’t allowed to bow for the president,I thought starring at him as he walked towards me accompanied by his guards

He got to me and stood starring down at me

“We haven’t finish talking yet?” He said

“But I have okay” I lashed out angrily and I saw the people around us stare at me

“We aren’t through, So get back into the palace” He said through gritted teeth

“Says who?” I Said loudly and immediately our audience gasped out starring at me

Have I said or done something wrong,I thought confused for a while

“You dare question my authority? No one has ever Questioned my authority” He said now looking very angry

His lovely blue eyes and handsome face changed with the way he was starring at me but I didn’t care,All I wanted right now was to leave and that is what will happen,I thought starring back at him

“Am sorry if am the first to do that but I just don’t want to talk to you and you certainly can’t force me” I said and immediately I saw Something in eyes change, He had to be thinking about something and what that thing is? I never wait to listen to it

I bent down and took the girl hands and then I ran off with her.

A while later we got into a car that was waiting for us by the gates and then it sped off

“Okay now my lady,Tell me what that was all about?” The girl asked me

“What are you talking about?” I asked

“What you did back there with the king! You’ve never talked to him in that manner! And your the first to question his authority! Are you even okay at all?” She said starring at me

“Of course I am! I……I just got so fed up with the king” I lied

I felt like hitting him though but because of what’s happening,I had held back,Who does he think he is? He might be the damn king of this damn world but I won’t take orders from him,No one orders me around.

“You! Fed up with the king,well this is the first time am hearing you say this” she said starring at me

I didn’t bother to answer her because I was miles away

In this world which I don’t belong,people recognise me,The king and this lady, They certainly don’t know too that am not really this Mitchell of this world and if they didn’t freak out and shout at me that am not The Mitchell of this world then it certainly means that Someone who bears my name and looks exactly like me lives in this world.

I starred out of the window and saw the city, There was really nothing different about the building,it looks just like ours in my world

But why me? Why am I brought here by that stupid book? Why do I have to be in a world where I hardly know anyone? I thought to myself silently

The car rode into a beautiful estate,I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the place

I got down and some maid bowed at me

If there is one thing that I sure know in this world is that the Mitchell here is not as poor as me

“Shall we My lady” The girl asked and I found my legs moving

As soon as I got in, I saw a man and a woman seated on the couch talking

“My dear,how did your trip to the palace went” The lady asked

“It went well” I said starring at the stranger who kept smiling at me

“Hope you didn’t upset him,Cause I know you Mitchell, if you upset your dad at home,You will surely upset the king” The man said

Thanks to what he said,I finally knew who they were?

“No I didn’t upset anyone” I said

“Why don’t we go upstairs lady Mitchell” The girl beside me said

“Sarah take good care of Mitchell, She looks a bit odd” the lady supposed to be my Mother said

“Yes my lady” Sarah responded and then we went upstairs

I couldn’t help but to notice how big the house is and when we got to the room that was suppose to mine I gasped out loud

“Is this my room?” I questioned

“That’s a silly question to ask” the girl I had no inkling of her name before said

I took a perfume and smelled it,this is the kind of brand I always wish to possess but because there was hardly enough money,I never got to buy one for myself

I turned and immediately gasp out loud while the perfume fell from my hand

There was a portrait of me……or no of Mitchell

And there was no questioning it because Mitchell looked exactly like me

Like A twin of mine but we all know that I was an only child which leaves me asking why? Why does she have my face? Why have I been brought into this World? What on earth have I gotten myself into…………

Sorry that I couldn’t post Yesterday😞😞😞

NEPA are still doing us anyhow😭😭😭

Pardon me if I don’t post sometime🙏🙏🙏

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