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The πŸ‘‘ King’s πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘° Bride Episode 5

The πŸ‘‘ King’s πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘° Bride Episode 5 is because better interested to read, keep on rocking on NaijaLanded.

(A maid from her worldπŸ‘— A Queen in his worldπŸ‘Έ)
🌞(when two people from two different world meet)🌝
I sat on the bed still taking in what Mitchell mom said to me

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly asking this question? You’ve known all your life that You will be marrying the king,You have been be throed to him since you both were little” She said and I stared at her again

They’ve been bethroed since they’ve been little,I thought

“Its nothing mom,I…..I”

“You what?” She asked

“Can the engagement be broken? ” I asked and immediately she knelt in front of me

“What’s wrong baby? Did the king do something to you? Did he hurt you and that’s why you want the engagement called off” She asked sharply

“I just don’t want to get married” I said and she stood up to stare at me

“You can’t call it off Mitchell,its impossible,its a royal decree and every royal decree must be fulfilled” She said to me

“But there is no love in this marriage mom” I said

“But you love the king,You love him and that’s why you never gave up on winning his heart” She said

“That was before but now,I want nothing to do with him” I said

“Where is this coming from Mitchell,Why are you suddenly saying this?” She asked

“Nothing mom,I just don’t want to get married” I said

“Well there is nothing that can be done Mitchell,Its been decided a very long time ago, Am afraid I can’t help you” she said and left the room

This is getting worse each day,I have to leave as soon as I can,This place is really bad for me

I took the pretty brunette in my arms kissing her and yet I couldn’t stop myself from getting this horrid thought from my head

“That is for you to realize that I want nothing to do with you!”

No matter what I did to forget those words ,it kept coming back and each time i remember,I get very angry

“Love me Your majesty, Love me” the Girl in my arms said kissing me throat and feeling angry,I pushed her away

“Leave,Let’s end it here for today” I said

“But Your Majesty!”

“Leave peacefully or the guards will take you away” I said and she buttoned up her shirt and left the room feeling angry

What is wrong with me? Why am I letting myself get affected by Mitchell.

For years have never thought of her feelings, I hated being put in an engagement I wanted nothing from but there was nothing I could do because it was a royal decree.

And Mitchell had made things worse when she fell for me and did her best to get my attention but I never found her attractive,I hated her for putting me in a situation that I never wanted to be.

So knowing how she felt about me,I began to sleep with a lot of ladies and not just anyone,They were either the daughter of ministers or a high class lady,I was Hoping that it would hurt her and she would be willing to stop this Stupid engagement of ours but no she kept on pining for me

Saying she would wait until I finally want her someday and that almost happened today

How could my libido have felt aroused just with her close to me?,How could I have kissed her when I wanted nothing to do with her and why the hell have I been thinking about what she said to me last? What is wrong with me? I said feeling very annoyed

I went to the bar and poured myself a drink,I was still drinking it when I remembered the kiss and suddenly I felt a roused

God! I can’t be lusting after Mitchell,She is not my type and I certainly don’t want her

One thing that have never made me look her twice was because she dressed plain and hardly ever wore makeup

She is just a boring girl that I want off my back,I thought trying to convince myself with that but as I slept on the bed that night,I knew that I wanted Mitchell

I don’t know how it started but I want her and she better be ready cause I won’t let her leave me so easily

I Woke up the next day intent on visiting Mitchell,To tell her that have changed my mind and that I wanted her too,I know that she would be thrilled by this admission of mine because for years she have been hoping that I will someday want her,Well her luck is about to shine because I want her Now more than ever.

The car stopped in front of the big estate that belonged to her father

I got out and saw her family all lined up by the door bowing at me

They must have seen me coming, I thought as I acknowledge their greeting

While some of my guards stood outside,some followed me in

Mitchell parents were eager to please me,They treated like I was some god,That never happened with Mitchell

Where could she be? I thought looking around

“And to what do we owe to this visit Your Majesty” Mitchell father asked me

“I only came to tell you that its time we pick a date for the wedding” I said and saw the relieved look on their faces

“And have you picked a date yet?” Her mother was the one to ask

“That is for her to decide,After all the bride to be are the ones who are enthusiastic about the whole thing,Speaking about bride to be, where is my bride?” He questioned

“She will be at the staff quarters, She went there in search of Her personal maid” Her father said

“If you won’t mind,I will like to speak to her” I said

“We will get her for you……”

“No let me go to her, the staff quarter is the next building Your majesty” They said and I nodded

Along with my guards,I went in search of her

I could have said my peace without seeing her but I just couldn’t stop myself

Have been thinking about her through the whole night.

I got to the the staff and there she was surrounded by little kids

She had a perfect smile on her face and She was reading a story to the little kids

She looked cute doing it,I thought as I kept on starring at her

“Please lady Mitchell,Do the dancing part for us” A little girl said and the other kids followed suit

“Okay,I will do it” She said getting up

She began singing an off key song and began to swing her lips

To others it would look foolish but I found it sexy and alluring

Every move she made brought out her perfect shape to clear view

She turned still dancing and her eyes met mine and the smile on her face died

“Why stop,You look sooooo……….sexy while dancing” I said moving to her

The maid bowed silently and they came to take the kids away leaving us alone

“Why are you here?” She asked

“In the past you always wanted my company and now that your having it,Your complaining,Thats so not good” He said

“Why are you here?” She asked again

“Well I came to fix the date of our wedding” I said

“But you said you don’t want me and that your happy to let me go” she said

“Well that was yesterday, today I find that I want you Mitchell” I said and saw the look of outrage in her face

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