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The mafia’s bride Season 2 Episode 10 (Final episode)

The mafia’s bride Season 2 Episode 9

(fated to love you)

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 30
Semi final (2 Episodes in 1)
Mr black

“he’s here sir, he came with his boys” one of my guards said and I smiled

” bring him in” I said and the door burst open with José coming in with two of his boys

” wow! the Almighty jose the Mafia is here” I mocked and he walked in gently

I hate everything about him
he’s too cute, strong , influential and worst still he’s the grand master, a post have been dying for

” am not here to play games with you black, provide my brother right now!” he rasp

where did he get this cold voice of his from?
if only he knows what I have in store for him

” well, from what I believed you saw in the email, I asked you to bring the deal in an exchange for your brother
so where’s it?” I asked and he gave me a light stare

“do you know I can cut off your head this minute and make your blood spill” he asked and I chuckled coldly

son of a bitch

” then your brother dies immediately my head goes off” I said and turned towards one of my guard
” get him for me” i ordered

” how will you feel seeing your brother in chains” I said said he paced to and fro in anger

” for the very last time black, where’s my brother?” he yelled
anger flashing through his eyes

” am here dude” I turned towards the voice only to see red walk in with a gun in his hands

what the hell!!
what were those lame ass of a guard doing when he played a fast one on them

they are spoiling my plans


” I told you, you are going to kiss the dust, didn’t I?” Miguel asked and the old man laughed

” let’s see who will kiss the dust then” he said and whispered into a guard

they shove two ladies in and I almost fainted on seeing crystal and Nora

didn’t I ask Gab to take them out of town? i yelled shoving my hands into my hair

” stop the deal and I will let go of them” Mr black smirked and I felt confused same with Miguel

if I lay my hands on Gab, she will be a goner

“guards!!!!” I yelled with tears flying off my eyes
I couldn’t bare to see my one day old girlfriend in pains
I can’t bare to see her in a mess I created

” get me the signet and the deal” I ordered and they rushed to my car to get it

” here it is” I gave it to Mr black and he smiled, grinning widely

” perfect!
but as you know, Mr black is black and doesn’t forgive

bring her in” he said and. someone was dragged in


“thank you for your cooperation sweetheart” he said and pulled two straight bullet into her skull

she screamed and fell into a pool of her blood

” I had always thought you were wise José, but now I know your not

I trusted you red, but now you’ve reminded me that trust is for the weak

as for you crystal, you were my daughter
oh! yeah you are!
but you were dumb like your mother who got f**king pregnant after a one night stand

you were dumb just like your aunt who couldn’t think I will come back to kill her
am the perfect game master” he said and crystal shrink in fear….

they killed José ooo

keep scrolling
final episode is below

(fate to love you)

written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 31
Grand final


” your..my…my dad?
and you killed aunty Becca?” she asked in shock and Mr black laughed

” oh! yeah
I killed her cause she’s a tattle tale
you were dumb not to have reason your last name and mine

I rejected you long before that f**king foetus grew into you in your mothers tummy
and I won’t mind killing you all, cause I don’t mercy” he said and I felt anger in my spine as crystal kept crying

so this monster was her father?

” shoot them” he ordered his guards to shoot at them
“stop that Mr black,
I gave you the deal already” I said and he smirked

” oh! yeah! you did but I don’t forgive or let go

kill them all” he instructed his guards and made to leave

I smiled and clapped my hands together and my boys surrounded Mr black and his boys

” what the hell
fire!!!’ he yelled but my guards had overpowered them already

Miguel rushed off to lose crystal and Nora, she ran to me weeping in fear while I cuddle her

” take this” I gave her a pistol and she took it fearfully
” jose, what do I need it for?” she asked in fear

“shoot him” I pointed at her father and she froze
“am sorry José
I can’t” she said and Mr black grinned

“you will never shoot your father”
will you?
don’t forget am all you have
your aunt is gone
your mum is gone
your…” he was still saying when crystal corked the gun angrily

“I never had a father
my father who bought me into his porn industry
neglected and rejected me even before birth

abducted and wanna kill me
your cruelty made mum died
a woman you impregnated

aunty Becca is a hundred times better than you
am ashamed am a. product of you

I don’t see you as my dad
I see you as Mr black and any body called Mr black, is my enemy and a threat to my life

greet Mr Lucifer when you get to hell” she rasp and pulled three straight bullet into his head

” I did it José
omg! I killed someone” she cried on my chest
“am alone in this world José
no mother
no families
no friends
no f**king body” she cried and I held her to myself

“you have nobody in the world, neither do I
I will never leave you crystal
we will build our lives together
together we will make a nation
just believe me and stay by me” I said and kissed the tears off her eyes

I plunge my lips into hers and kissed her hard

“José” she called
“yes dear” I replied

“can you please stop this killing stuff ?
I won’t be happy knowing my father was a murderer and my boyfriend is one” she said, picking her fingers

” my tenure as the mafia lord, ends by next month and am gonna be free from anything that involves blood, cause being a Mafia, means being a killer ” I said and she gasp

isn’t it forever?” she asked and I chuckled
“nope! it’s for a given period of time” I said and she jumped on me

your gonna be free”she yelled and I carried her out, into the car

are we gonna leave them behind?” she asked
“they know the way home” I replied kissing her slowly and she reciprocated

“am thankful all this are over”she said and I laughed
“lets make babies” I said and she hit me playfully

“not here” she said and I snickered
taking her lips back into mine and Truelove, happiness, joy could be felt in it…

The End


awww I will miss them ooo

Epilogue will drop this evening

how’s this story guys???

get ready for my new suspense thriller
coming up tomorrow

luv y’all

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