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The mafia’s bride Season 2 Episode 8

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The Mafia’s Bride (fated to love you) Written by me: Authoress succy ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Season 2 Episode 28 ***** am sorry I couldn’t post last night guysforgive

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The mafia’s bride Season 2 Episode 9

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(fated to love you)

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 28
am sorry I couldn’t post last night guys
forgive ya lazy authoress
Mr Black

“thanks for the information, I will get back to you” I hung up and placed the phone on the table

I yelled hitting my hands on the table
“everything I work so hard for won’t go down the drain
the door flung open and red walked in

here comes the super man” I mocked clasping my hands together

“good day boss” he replied taking a seat in front of me

“wow! what an easy job, seems victory is always by my side”

I smirked lighting my pipe
I puff out smoke from it and twirl the chair round in excitement

“what’s up red? the boys said you asked them to leave” I asked replacing the excited face with a cold one
“yeah I did” he replied acting bold

wow! he just made a bold and foolish decision to have step in here

“so how did it go?
where you able to get them last night?” I asked Pacing to and fro in an angry manner

“yeah I did sir,
they are in the torture room as we speak sir” he replied fearlessly
and I clapped my hands mockingly

“how sure are you?” I asked mocking him closely
“am 100% sure sir” he replied

“you know what happen when you break a law, don’t you?” I asked and he nodded
“of course sir
it’s a regular practice” he replied and I grinned wickedly

“your not too cute to die” I muttered and he kept shut
“sir, I have a request to make” he said and I smiled

“go on, my most trusted boy am listening” I replied sitting my ass back on my seat behind the table

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“sir, I really would be grateful if you give me back my freedom
I will travel far with my family, I won’t speak a word about the secret of this industry to anyone” he said and I snickered

“oh! really?
so you will be with your long lost brother right?”
I asked and he didn’t looked surprise

“your foolish to step in here red,
your foolish not to have known my precious spy will tell me any f**king thing you hide from me.
and as for crystal and Nora, their blood will spill when I get a hold of them” I rasp laughing wickedly

red was the only one I trusted
he knows my secret more than I do
and I will make him my tool, to achieve that which rightfully belongs to me

I called and they rushed in

“lock him up” I ordered and they got a hold of him while he struggled with them

” you know, I had actually thought you are wise but now I know your dumb upstairs.
your gonna be my tool to get your wretch of a brother to give me that which have thirst for and your just the perfect plan” I said grinning and he doesn’t look bothered

“José, will come for me.
trust me on that one and you will kiss the dust” he blurted as the guards shoved him out

“he will eventually comes for your corpse,
that I am sure of” I grinned inhaling my pipe

such a dumb boy
have got a golden opportunity
one I will never miss
A week later


“he likes you crystal, can’t you read the handwriting on the wall?” Nora kept blabbing
staring at me through the mirror, as she help me pack my hair into a corn row

“Nora it’s not as easy as you think, am……am just nervous” I replied with my hands on my cheek

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“you don’t have to be crystal, or don’t you feel a thing for him?” she asked and I rolled my eyes at her through the mirror

” I do feel for him Nora, I really loved him but am scared. what if he just wanna use me?” I rasp and she let go of my hair, staring directly into my face

“are you okay crystal?, like are you fine?
he f**king loves you if not he won’t have forgiven us
don’t you get it!!” she rant and helped me wore my shoes

I stood up ready to leave and Nora kept smiling widely

“ah!…so hot!
don’t forget to kiss him back if he….” she was saying when I walked put, slamming the door real hard

she talks too much for heavens sake
I felt so nervous seating with sir José who was eating in silence

he hadn’t said anything since he asked one of his boys to drop me here

the cold natural breeze that hit me was enticing
I decided to take that opportunity to take a look at the dinning were we both sat having a dinner night

I gasp silently on seeing the ineffable beauty in front of me
everything on it was natural, the pool,the water fall,the flowers it was damn beautiful

the floor was covered with a red shining rug and we were the only persons there

I felt like touching the flowers
they were to die for
I blinked my eyes in shock
staring at the beauty in front of me

I turned towards my meal and I couldn’t find the table neither the numerous delicacies on it

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instead I saw my Prince Charmin holding a ring

he rake his hair with his hands like he’s confused
he place the hand back into his pocket and he walked towards me

” I really aren’t a romantic guy crystal,
I just don’t know how to use words on ladies but the only thing I want you to hear from me is that I love you” he said and I gasp

” those chocolate eyes of yours held me bond the first day I saw you
it captivated me even though you had looked rough

crystal I don’t wanna know your beginning but I wanna be part of your ending

I can’t tell how I feel, but am not a kid not to know I had fallen for you

I love you crystal
please be my girlfriend” he said and I felt the world rotating

he’s gonna be my first
my first boyfriend

“yes José, I…..will be your girlfriend” I replied and he slipped the ring into my finger

“I love you crystal
I won’t trade your love for anything crystal
love me back please” he pleaded slipping his hands into my waist kissing me slowly

if only he knows how much I love him

I wrapped my hands on his neck and removed it quickly in fear

he smiled into the kiss, placing my hands back on his neck and drew me closer kissing me slowly with his hands still on my waist…..


come and see love o

red haff die oo

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