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The mafia’s bride Season 2 Episode 9

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The Mafia’s Bride (fated to love you) Written by me: Authoress succy ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Season 2Episode 29******JoséI couldn’t tell what was wrong with me but




The mafia’s bride Season 2 Episode 9

 491 total views,  3 views today

(fated to love you)

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 29

I couldn’t tell what was wrong with me but the remains am madly in love with her
she’s my first girlfriend ever

I couldn’t get to fall in love cause I felt it isn’t necessary
but crystals coming into my life is more blessing than I thought

I tuck her hair behind her ears, as she lay sleeping in my room
her lips were tempting

I can’t stare at it without feeling mine on hers

every part of her is so sweet and I can’t wait to clear out all this troubles so I can have access to every part of her

one look at her lips and I felt my face moving close to hers
her eyes flew open immediately my lips landed on hers

she didn’t reciprocate at first
i plunge my tongue deep into her mouth and she reciprocated

I shove my hands into her nighties, gently smooching her b**bs and she moan into my mouth

“good morning beauty” I whispered into her ears, biting her ear lobe and she moan out a response

“him.. this isn’t my room! how did I get here” she asked in one breath looking away shyly

“that!, I will tell you later but for now, go take a shower” I said and she blushed looking away shyly

is this what she looks like?
shy all the time?

” do you want me to bath you?” I asked and she responded sharply
“nope! I will so it my self” she replied and I snickered

I walked closer to her and sweep her off her feet into my hands
I took her into her already prepared and watch her tie a towel, before moving into the bathtub


I walked into the living room after taking my bath
I wore a pair of blue short and a yellow crop top, and my legs were slipped into a blue flipflop

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I spotted him at the bar, close to the sitting room
he looks so hot

he had a pair of sleeveless top and shorts
on his fingers were so many beautiful rings and bangle

the diamond earring he wore glittered on his face sending sparkling light all over his face

good lord!
I never knew I will ever become his
I never dreamt of it ever before

the first day I had saw him in the traffic, the day I went Hawking fruit for my aunt
he looked so cute and I swear my heart rose and fell cause of him and right now, the guy am seeing in front of me is super cute and his smiles alone makes me f**king wet

“hey” I called hugging him from behind and he tittered, turning towards me

“your not a good surpriser you know, I aren’t romantic but you are worst than me” he said and I looked away shyly
“first of all you should have call me any sweet name,

then you hug me on my waist or probably kiss me, rather than hugging me from my shoulders” he said and I snickered

yeah! he’s right but am shy around him

” kiss me” he said and my eyes shone
” what!!
I can’t” I said shyly

“oh! yes you can!
am your boyfriend, aren’t I?” he said and I face palm my self shyly
“c-mon crystal, there’s nothing to be shy about”

I kissed him lightly and wanted to withdrew when he held me back, kissing me roughly with his hands locked around my waist
he placed his head on my thighs
while we both watched a movie in his private sitting room

“braid my hair” he said and I gasp
“huh?” i asked and he chuckled
“c-mon crystal be romantic” he said and I rolled my eyes at him before holding his hair trying to braid it

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an email popped into his phone and he picked it up

“what!!” he yelled and stood up from my thigh where he had slept
“José is everything okay?” I asked in a shaken voice but he just won’t take his eyes off his phone

I knew it,
I knew this was gonna happen ,but Miguel won’t listen
he’s as stubborn as ever and that bastard had the right to black mail me
saying he’s gonna kill Miguel once I don’t send the deal he had with my late boss, to him in two hours

that mother**ker!
am gonna show him how ruthless I can be

“José is everything alright?” crystal called
fear written all over her

I don’t wanna see her in this look
I don’t want to see her hurt

we just started dating and I aren’t suppose to hurt her, not now,
not ever

“José talk to me, am scared” she spoke softly to my ears

I don’t wanna lose her
i love her so f**king much

I drew her closer plunging my lips into hers, wrapping my hands on her waist
I love her so much and her body is setting me on fire

I pinched her nipples, taking my ass down on her ass
I smooch it gently still kissing her
I brought my hands back into her nipples and smooch it hard, rolling my fingers on the tip

“José…..awwwn” she moan into the kiss as I kept kissing her
I broke the kiss and made her stare into my eyes

“José, is everything okay?” she asked her eyes almost glistering
“listen babe, Gabriella and some of my boys will take you and Nora, somewhere faraway from here, so they won’t come after you. okay!” I said and she snivel, obviously crying

“José, please what’s going on?” she kept snivelling

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I kissed one last time and placed a call to my guards
“get going crystal,
go with Nora before they get here” I cooed and she ran out of my room
“Mr black, you better get ready for me”


Nora had been so scared, same with me
Nora kept fidgeting and shivering and I was the one consoling her

“please can you guys keep quiet for heavens sake!
you aren’t gonna be slaughtered” Gab said sarcastically rolling her eyes as the driver speed the car

I wasn’t in the mood to exchange words with her and am sure Nora isn’t ready either

“I thought my boyfriend asked us to move with five more guards!
where are they?” I asked. directing my question at that horny bitch of a guard

“well, I decide who goes with me and who doesn’t”she replied, chewing her gum noisily

“where did Sir José asked you to take us to?
one of his numerous houses or an hotel?” Nora speak for the first time
“you we know when we get there” she rasp and I kept mute

the car kept zooming in a high speed, it took a bend and Gab told the driver to stop

what the f**k!
we are in the middle of nowhere!!

“what are we doing here?” Nora asked and Gab pointed something like a gun at her,
then at the driver and I

it had green lights on it
“am sorry” was all I heard before passing out along side Nora and the driver….

#crying mood activated#
gather here lets cryoo

Gab just pray José shud not catch u, if not….hmm…u will see pepper

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good nite cuties

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