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The Royal Maid Episode 1

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THE ROYAL MAID (The woman after his heart) Episode 1 Alondria’s POV‘Move it!!!’..My slave master yelled as she pushed me out of the caravan…I gasped loudly




The Royal Maid

 329 total views,  2 views today

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 1 ❤️👑
Alondria’s POV❤️
‘Move it!!!’..My slave master yelled as she pushed me out of the caravan…

I gasped loudly seeing the humongous castle that had a beautiful flower Garland wrapped around it’s pillars….

‘Alo what are we going here??’..Mara my fellow slave asked and I shrugged….
‘I don’t know but it sure beats the dirty sand dumes’..I muttered..

‘Follow me,the king awaits’…My slave master ordered the both of us and I almost fell on a stone..

Did she say King??..
Where on Earth are we??…
Mara and I followed her into a huge hallway and my lips smacked at the beautiful scent of the roses which surrounded everywhere…

I haven’t had a bath in four months and a fresh smell of flowers is exactly what I need right now…

‘This place is amazing Alo’..Mara whispered and I nodded with a wide smile on my face…
‘Wait here you two,I want to have a word with his highness inside’…My slave master interrupted and I nodded as she went inside…

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Ever since I was a child I have been a slave,sold at four I began working for different slave masters from different counties…

Now I’m twenty three years old and still a slave with hopes of being free one day..
Minutes later my slave master came out with a smile on her face and she handed Mara and I new clothes…

‘You are finally away from my care girls and now you’re castle maids!!! The king has bought the both of you and you will be taken care of like normal humans, these are your clothes and the head maid would show you your rooms.

Alondriaplease behave yourself and don’t act crazy like you normally do,Mara keep your mouth under control’…She warned us and I gulped hard…..

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A Royal maid??…
Whose Royal maid am i going to be???….
I’ve always heard of Royal maids and how good they are being treated which is kind of a good thing..

‘We are finally Royal maids Alo!! I feel so happy!!’..Mara squealed in excitement and I frowned deeply..
‘Don’t you ever want to be free??’..I asked…

‘We are slaves Mara,we can never be free’..She replied and I sighed deeply ….
At least I am a Royal Maid which is better than being a rice farmer…

King Roland’s POV ❤️
‘And why on Earth would you buy maids?!! Is this a slave park?!!’..Mother asked angrily and I frowned….

‘What do you mean mother?? You nagged about not having enough maids to attend to your needs and now this??! I have more things to attend to than your nonsense mother!’….

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‘Okay then!!! I’m sorry.So have you picked a bride yet??’…She asked again and I rolled my eyes…

I just ascended the throne months ago and the affairs of the kingdom is more important than picking a wife…

‘No mother’..I replied instead..
‘Why Roland?? You do know that tongues would start wagging if you don’t get a wife soon!!’..She grumbled..

‘Mother I have more important things to do than pick a wife!! I am busy!!’..I finally snapped and instead of getting a backlashing reaction from her she just smiled…

‘Mother what did you do??’…
‘Well I handpicked Twelve Princesses from different surrounding kingdoms and uhmm,they’re going to compete to be your wife’..

She replied and I flinched..


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