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The Royal Maid Episode 12

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 12❤️👑
Alondria’s POV ❤️

I smiled deeply as my nose sniffed off the exotic perfume off King Roland’s clothes…

Oh God it smells like roses and lavender!!..
‘What are you doing here??!’..I heard Meredith’s voice from behind me and quickly kept the King’s tunic…

‘You what are you doing here??’..I asked her back and she shuddered a bit..
‘I…I…I was told to come here and call you..Princess Reana wants to see you!!’..

She said and quickly walked away…
Why do I feel like she’s lying???..

I shrugged a bit and adjusted my apron,walked over to the room and then all of a sudden Meredith and another maid dragged me inside and pushed me down to my feet…

‘Well,well,well if it isn’t this cunning maid’..Princess Reana muttered and I gasped a little..

But what did I do??…
‘I..I don’t understand my prin—
‘You forced the king didn’t you?!! Your conned him into making you his personal maid didn’t you?!!’..

She yelled..
‘No I…I didn’t I swear!! I never did any of such I’m not lying to you!!’..I cried out and she slapped me hard across the face..
‘Now this is what you’re going to do!!

You’re going to make sure you act like the stupid person you are and make him retract his decision!! You have three days Alondria or else I’ll make sure you get whipped again and this time very hard’…
King Roland’s POV❤️

‘So what do you think about the women Roland??’..Mother asked and I shrugged lightly…

‘Princess Chella seems to be the jovial one,Ariana is hot tempered but Princess Reana seems perfect enough’..
‘I’m glad you noticed cause she’s my top Candidate’..She said and my brows arched a bit..

‘What do you mean by she’s your top candidate??Mother are you exerting favoritism on the girls??’..
‘Ohh no no no!! No I would never do that!! Why on Earth would I even be favoring one princess, it’s just that Reana is polite to the maids,

she’s courteous,she’s beautiful,she’s smart and she knows how to take care of a man..She has every quality of being a good wife and a good queen Roland’..She replied..

She is kind of right…
Of the remaining eight princesses Princess Reana is the only one that catches my fancy…

‘Okay mother so what’s next??’..I asked…
‘Well it’s the talent contest, we’re going to see if the Princesses are really talented like each of them said they are and….’

..Her voice trailed off as the maid brought in the tray containing tea and cookies…

‘Your tea sir’..She smirked and before I knew it she poured the tea on my pants instead of the cup…
‘Stop it!! Are you mad stop it it’s hot!!’…

End To The Royal Maid Episode 12

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