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The Royal Maid Episode 20

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THE ROYAL MAID (The woman after his heart) Episode 20 King Roland’s POV♥️‘Happy birthday your highness,happy birthday your highness’..




The Royal Maid

 408 total views,  3 views today


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 20 ❤️👑

King Roland’s POV♥️

‘Happy birthday your highness,happy birthday your highness’..The servants bowed as I walked down the hallway but i ignored all of them..

I hate my birthday and knowing that mother invited half of the kingdom and prepared a talent show of those bratty Princesses doesn’t make things any better..

‘Are you excited for your birthday Roland??’..Gregory asked and I frowned..

‘You know birthdays aren’t part of the things I like’..

‘Well try to enjoy it this once your highness, it’ll do you good’..He said and I sighed deeply..

I just don’t know why but right from when I was there I never imagined my birthday as one special thing but I’m happy to be thirty…

Alondria’s POV♥️

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‘You summoned me your highness’..i said hoarsely as I knelt before Princess Reana..

‘Can you sing Alondria??’..She asked and I nodded..

‘I’ve been singing right from when I was a kid and—

‘It’s a yes or no question Alondria I never wanted you to explain gibberish to me,now I want you to sing tonight at the King’s birthday ball’..She cut in…

‘Me?? I’m a servant I can’t possibly sing in a royal ball??’..

‘No I will be singing you idiot,the king will think I’m the one singing when it’s actually you’..She explained and I nodded..

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‘Your wish is my command your highness’..

‘Good,now I’ll send someone to give you the wordings of the song you’ll be singing and then I want you to practice it very well’..She added and I nodded again and then rose to leave….

Minutes Later ♥️
‘She wants to cheat?!! How more fall callous can that princess be?!’..Clara gasped and I shrugged lightly..

‘Princess Ariana also left because of het, she’s a pretender,a liar and a cheat and i just pray she doesn’t marry the king cause that’ll be a disaster’..

‘Well you can’t let her win the talent contest Alondria!’..

‘Whoa what happened to avoiding the snakes and the Scorpions??’..I asked..

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‘Well Princess Reana is a baby Scorpion and she can easily be taken care of with the right sense,we can’t let her win Alondria at least those other princesses deserve a turn at winning’..Clara said and I nipped at my bottom lip..

‘I think I have an idea to sabotage the princess’..

‘What is that??’..

‘Well the princess can’t force me to sing if I loose my voice??’..

End of The Royal Maid Episode 20

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