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The Royal Maid Episode 34

 347 total views

THE ROYAL MAID(The woman after his heart) Episode 34 A londria’s POVThe Next Morning…I woke up before the other men and feeling so dirty and smelly




The Royal Maid

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(The woman after his heart)

Episode 34

Alondria’s POV

The Next Morning
I woke up before the other men and feeling so dirty and smelly that I couldn’t bear it any longer…

I quietly took a piece of rag from one of the gaurds bags and headed off to the river to have a quick bath..

I gently took off my clothes and dunked my head inside the water letting it possess my whole body which gave me peace..


A feeling that was robbed from me ever since Mara died..

‘What are you doing here??’..I heard a voice and flinched turning around only to see the king who just blinked hard..

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‘…Sorry your highness’..I stammered awkwardly and his brows perked up lightly..

‘You don’t have to leave,it’s not like I’m seeing your naked body or anything’..He said reassuring me but I wasn’t calm inside of me..

I’m naked in the river with the king!!!…

I’m naked with the king which is an abomination in this Kingdom!!..

The King isn’t supposed to see the nakedness of a slave maid anything to do with a slave maid especially one like me..

King Roland’s POV

I couldn’t help myself but stop her when she wanted to leave the river..

I spotted her from the other side of the river when she stepped in and with her and I just couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty..

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Her defined cheekbones..

Her almond shaped blue eyes and even the scars on her back looked more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined..

‘Your highness I am commiting a very grave offence and I shouldn’t be in here your highness’..She said and my eyes lit up..

‘Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are??’..I replied..

‘Y..your highness I…I… sorry your highness but I can’t accept your compliment’..She winced but I wasn’t taking no for an answer…

‘Answer the question maid,has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are??’..

‘Your highness i—

’You haunt my dreams Alondria and I can’t help it,your blue eyes always appear in my reverie and I can’t bear it anymore’..I said and pulled her closer..

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Her body felt so warm even though we were both in the water and I parted her hair leering into her eyes..

‘Your highness I don’t think it’s a good idea we—

‘Shh’..I whispered and then kissed her hard on the lips..

Now I know who I kissed that night!

It was the maid!!…

End of The Royal Maid Episode 34

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