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The Royal Maid Episode 37

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2nd December 2023


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 37❤️👑

Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘It is an abomination for the King to see a slave’s body your highness’..I said with my voice already croaky..

‘It is not an abomination if no one knows dear maid,come out of…’..His voice trailed off as soon as we both heard footsteps and I quickly held my breath and went under water so as not to be seen..

‘What are you doing here Roland??’..Duke Gregory asked..

‘Just taking a simple walk,let’s go’..The King replied and after a minute they were both gone..

I quickly came out of the water and wore the same clothes as yesterday just in time as Marco and two other guards approached me..

‘We are going back to the castle,get ready’..

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️

‘Did you hear my princess?? The King is coming back today!’..Meredith said excitedly as she walked into my room and my eyes sparked with delight..

‘Oh my that is wonderful!! Quick look for the most wonderful dress in my trunk and let’s get ready for my husband’s return’..I ordered two other maids and they scampered away..

Ohh my dear King Roland..

I am going to look so beautiful for you when you return and when I mean beautiful I mean so beautiful that even the other princesses would be overshadowed..

‘Go to the market and get me the best merchant you can find,I want to get a very expensive gift you can find’..I commanded Meredith and she bowed down and left..

Hours Later♥️
‘He’s here!! the king is here!!’…Someone screamed at the top of his voice and at the sound of the trumpet I quickly checked my appearance for the last time in the mirror…

Satisfied with my look,I proceeded outside and with a maid holding the sword behind me I bowed down..

‘You are welcome your highness,I have a gift for you in celebration of your return’..I said with a smile on my face..

‘But I wasn’t gone for…Thank you Princess Reana,I would cherish this gift forever’..He said and even though I was exploding inside of me I managed to keep smiling..

He walked past me and the other guards off loaded the hides and other things from their horsebacks and then….

And then…

I saw her..


‘Greetings my princess’..She bowed and walked past me..

How is this even possible?!!..

How is she even alive?!…


‘Meredith!!!’ .

End of The Royal Maid Episode 37


Artist Name; The Royal Maid

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