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The Royal Maid Episode 38

The Royal Maid


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 38❤️👑

Princess Reana’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘Your highness I thought she was going to die I swear! I didn’t think the King would find her??’.. Meredith pleaded and a scoff escaped my lips..

‘You have seriously got to be kidding me Meredith cause I was leaning onto you!! You gave me your word!’..I yelled and she flinched a little bit..

‘I have deep regrets your highness and I sincerely apologise for everything,this problem will be mine to—

‘No.This problem is mine to fix and I’ll do it the proper way’..

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘Tell me you’re lying Alo!! Tell me you’re lying!’..Clara said excitedly and I shook my head..

‘No I am not lying and there is no use getting excited Clara, it’s an abomination’..I whispered as soon as I noticed two other maids walking past us..

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‘Love is not an abomination Alondria’..She said..

‘No it’s not love it’s just Clara don’t you see?? It’s pure lost and now i am so scared that something bad might happen, I am tired of everything that’s going on Clara and with Princess Reana on my—

‘Ohhh ignore Process Reana Alo,you know she’s very devious and is clearly jealous of your beauty’..She interrupted with a drawl and I couldn’t help but laugh..

‘Princess Reana?? Jealous of me? Oh Clara you say the darndest things and it’s very funny’..

‘No I don’t say the darndest things Alondria I say the truth and you know you’re very beautiful but you just won’t admit to the truth,everyone in this Castle know you’re too beautiful for a slave’..She patted my shoulders and we both acted normal when a gaurd approached us..

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‘The King wants to see you in his Chambers Alo’..He said and I gulped hard..

Oh God..

King Roland’s POV ♥️

I waited patiently for Alondria and when I heard the large oak door creak I turned around and she stood there with her hands behind her back…

Or cleaned and washed up she even looks more beautiful than I could ever imagine..

‘You summoned me your highness’..She rasped and I nodded..

‘Yes Alondria or Alo is it??’..

‘You can call me whatever you want your highness’..She replied.

‘Then can I call you beautiful?’..I asked in a humorously sly tone and I noticed a smile at the corner of her lips..

‘Your highness we are in the castle and if the queen finds out about this then I will be in big trouble’..She pleaded and I smiled..

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‘What are you afraid of Alondria?? The queen of me?’..

‘I am afraid of you your highness,I am a mere slave maid who—

’Belongs to me,I bought you Alondria and I can do whatever I want with you cause you are mine’..

End of The Royal Maid Episode 38

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