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The Royal Maid Episode 77


🤴♥️ The Royal Maid Episode 77 ♥️🤴



💕(The woman after his heart)💕💕

🤴♥️ Episode 77 ♥️🤴

King Roland’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘Your wife?!! You married Reana?!!’..I stood transfixed to the spot in horror and shock as he kissed Reana on the cheek…

‘I don’t know how it happened brother but it just did happen and now we’re a couple and I have her kingdom backing me…Sadly I’m not here to contest the throne with you today,I’m only here to state my intentions and make a declaration of war’..He replied and walked away..

My legs became instantly weak and Gregory placed his hands on his shoulder as a sign of support..


‘He’s just trying to get to you Roland so don’t let him,he’s just trying to get into your head’..

‘It’s not about who’s getting into my head Gregory I can’t believe my own brother wants to wage was against me and is allying with my ex betrothed??’..

‘Reynold has always been a vile one and I expect you to know this by now,but Lofthold’ has your back dear cousin.You are the rightful heir to the throne and no one is going to take your birthrights away from you,not even your brother’..

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️

‘You aren’t reasoning with me Reynold, I know all there is to know about war and when one wages war against the throne he wages war against the kingdom…my father soldiers aren’t enough for battle’..I sighed deeply as I laid close to my husband..


Us getting married was solely my idea because I am not about to form an alliance without any bond agreement??..

Besides when Reynold gets the throne I will eventually kill him and take the kingdom for myself..

‘So what do you suggest I do??”..He asked..

‘Look for more allies,Astreya might be—

‘Astreya?? That kingdom loves peace more than anything and I don’t consider Astreya a kingdom anyway, it’s more of like a sugar factory where every subject thinks like is made of rainbows and pie’..He scoffed and I frowned deeply..

‘In case you didn’t know dear husband Astreya has one of the best fighting soldiers in the seven kingdoms and have never lost a war after that ambush years go,they might look weak but don’t let that deceive you’..


‘So what should I do??’..

‘The lost princess of Astreya has been found,act like a prince wanting to ask for her hand in marriage and charm her into doing your bidding’..

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