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The Royal Maid Episode 78


🤴♥️ The Royal Maid Episode 78 ♥️🤴


♥️👑 ROYAL MAID ♥️👑

♥️(The woman after his heart)♥️

♥️👑 Episode 78 ♥️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️

I yawned loudly as I got out of bed only for me to bump into Edward as usual but that wasn’t strange enough..

What was really strange was how he was avoiding me like I didn’t even exist..

‘Are you okay???’..I asked and he nodded..

‘Are you—

‘Okay you got me,I am not okay alright??’..He snapped and i sat next to him on the garden bench..

‘Hit me,I might be of help you don’t know’..


He stared at me inquisitively for a while but finally resigned and sighed very deeply..

‘It’s about you Princess’..


‘Yes,you…I’m scared for you and when I start getting a bad feeling about something it means something messed up is about to happen’..He said and I chuckled softly..

‘You worry too much Edward,I’m going to be fine you don’t—

‘I’m not worried about you like a brother Alondria and neither like a friend…I’m worried about you like someone who’s deep in….I’m just worried okay?’..He held himself from saying something but seeing the genuine care in his eyes I decided not to ask further..

‘Well thank you for your concern Edward but I am also not stupid,I can take care of myself and this Kingdom’..I kissed his cheek and scooted away..

I turned around and the look on his face was of pure shock..

Why did I just kiss him anyway??..

Hours Later ♥️


I yanwed loudly as I stared at my reflection in the mirror and the seamstress kept on with the appraisal of how beautiful my gown was..

‘Magnifique!! Magnifique!!’..

‘Uhhh can. you please get me out of this thing please??’..I managed to breathe pointing at the over tight corset and she nodded..

The tighter the corset,the more feminine the woman becomes..

Who came up with that stupid idea??..

I can’t even breathe in the dumb thing!!..

‘Alondria you have guests from an unlikely Kingdom’..Mother said as she walked into my room just when I was slipping into my normal dress..


‘I’m not in the mood to see anyone mo—

‘I think you…I think you need to see who it is Alo, it’ll be a shame if you don’t’..She said and I noticed her tensed she was..

What is going on??..

I reluctantly changed into a much more appropriate dress and arranged my hair ready to meet the so called guest and when i did I froze…

I froze…

‘Well,well,well…if it isn’t the woman that made it her life’s work to get me killed and the brother of the man I hate the most!! Guards!!!’..


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