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The Royal Maid Episode 80


♥️👑 The Royal Maid Episode 80 ♥️👑



♥️(The woman after his heart)♥️

♥️👑 Episode 80 ♥️👑

Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️🌹

‘You can’t seize me!! You can’t imprison me I’m the queen!! I’m the queen of half of the seven kingdoms!!’.. Reana yelled as she was dragged to the dungeon..

Reynold resisted for a while but just as he was about to be whisked away I stopped my gaurds…

‘Leave him’..

‘But Alondria he is—

‘His brother not him’..I interrupted Edward and after a moment I focused on Reynold..

‘What are you doing here Prince Reynold??’..

‘I actually came here to form an alliance with you Al—Princess Alondria’..He replied and I scoffed..

‘What in the world does Arilea want to do with Astreya?? We’re like oil and water,we do not mix’..

‘Under my ancestors and my brother’s regime your highness,we are at war with each other and I plan to take the throne’..He replied and i gulped hard..

‘But he is the rightful King’..

‘He is weak!! Sorry I didn’t…I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you your highness —My brother has divided the Kingdom,there is corruption and a lot of calamity in the kingdom which is really breaking my heart,every year I fight his wars to restore peace from external attackers while he stays in the throne squandering all the money and drinking wine’..He said in an agitated manner and I sighed deeply..


‘You are right,your brother is a weak king but he isn’t stupid’..

‘Alondria I know you’re a princess now but I know the old Alondria very—

‘The old Alondria is dead!!!’..

‘She isn’t dead! She will always be a part of you that cannot be erased, Alondria I did everything I could to get you out of that jail and you know it,you were there when I fought my brother just because it just wasn’t right to me’..He said..

‘But you’re married to the person who caused me pain’..I replied and he pursed his lips..

‘The only reason I married her is for an alliance Alondria and when we finally win the war we go our separate ways’..He said..

‘Why should I even—


‘My brother used you and you know this Alondria,my brother used you and if it wasn’t for you would still be alive,I liked you and I wanted to marry you and make you a free woman but he was greedy,do this to get back at him Alondria’..He replied and after a moment I made my decision..

‘Astreya has your back Reynold,together we would both bring King Roland down’..

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