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The Royal Maid Episode 9

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 9❤️👑
Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘Your highness!! Your highness this foolish maid of yours got my gown dirty!!’..The princess said to Queen mother and I gasped loudly…

Why is she lying like this??!…
I never got her gown dirty I only bumped into her!!!…

‘Take her to the slave room and give her seven whips’..The queen said and then two gaurds grabbed me by the arm..
‘I…I’m sorry your highness!!’..

I begged in tears but it was too late already..
The gaurds dragged me over to a dark room and one of them stripped me bare to my brassier and a tear slipped off my eye..

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‘Seven whips man’..One of them muttered to the other…
‘Poor maid she didn’t do anything’..The other replied..

‘Please don’t do this I’m Innocent!!!’…I begged and then a lash landed on my bare back which made me let out a loud crying Yelp…

‘Plea…please…please don’t!!!’..I cried out in pain as another lash landed on my back and when I got all seven lashes my clothes were handed back to me…

Still soaked in tears I put on my clothes and walked over to the maids Chambers where Mara was already waiting for me…

‘Ohhh my poor Alo,come here I have some salve for you’..She cried and I sat down on the bed in severe pain..
‘She lied Mara,I never got her gown dirty,they stripped me naked and whipped me’..I whimpered..

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‘It’s okay Alo, we’re slaves we have to other choice’..She replied and I nodded..
She’s right…

I am a slave..
Queen Aribella’s POV♥️
‘Princesses,we have come to the second part of the bride competition which is the etiquette competition’…I said aloud and all the princess’s nodded..

This is a very important competition cause even though Roland doesn’t want a wife it’s a must he must get married and the Queen of this kingdom must be perfect more than anything…

‘Now the table has been set and every princess is going to show they’re tea etiquette with the pretend princes over there’..I explained…

‘Now Madam Petty the head maid would be supervising every step as you chaperone and—’…my voice trailed off as Princess Jasmine and Princess Alexa began fighting each other…

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‘You stupid princess!!! Never in your life should you tell me I’m ugly!!’..Jasmine yelled…

‘You are ugly you man-princess!!’..Alexa replied and I clenched my fists..
‘You are both disqualified from the competition!!! No good princess should fight with her peers!!’… I yelled and one of them scoffed…

‘I never even wanted to be here anyway,please someone should get my bags this Castle makes me sick!’..

End of The Royal Maid Episode 9

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