The Sex Addicted Couple Episode 2

The Sex Addicted Couple

πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’‹ The Sex Addicted Couple Episode 2 πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸŒΉ

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πŸ’•πŸ‘™ Episode 02 πŸŒΉπŸ‘™πŸ’ž


On Saturday evening , Fredrick called me to come meet him up at a fancy restaurant , I insisted that I couldn’t leave little Deji alone but he persuaded me to take one of my Bosom milk pumped in a feeding bottle from the fridge and drop him with my mother before coming . I reluctantly dressed Deji up , put on my make up and wore the sexiest gown I had, it was red, short and quite exposing but still appropriate,I had no underwear on, when I was done dressing up I stared at myself through the mirror with an ominous smile on my face.

I quickly dropped Deji at my mother’s house while managing to keep up to time, I was 30 minutes late already . The journey made things worse but eventually I arrived at the restaurant, parked my car and went in. There he was sitting elegantly on table four, he even had it reserved for us.
“sorry I was late” I blurted out while sitting down, he just smiled stretched and kissed me on my forehead. ” since when did he care?” I thought still acknowledging the fact that I haven’t forgiven him just yet. Maybe he wanted to make up for his losses knowing that he treated me badly. “Did he behave?” obviously referring to our son “y-yess…quite unexpectedly ” I responded (well he wasn’t the only one who needed to behave around here) “we haven’t gone out for quite some time now so I thought we could hang out tonight ” he said offering me the most mischievous smile I had ever seen, ” guess what else we haven’t also been doing lately ” I thought again angrily but smiled back. We ate and talked about everything except s*x ,30 minutes later we went into my car and drove off ,he arrived the restaurant with a public transport.

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I sat on the drivers sit still wondering why he insisted I drive , he was oddly quiet ,not the usual Fredrick , we drove for 5 minutes and still no talk, he was stealing glances at my thighs which was greatly exposed due to my short gown. An evil smile stretched my lips. ” he would pay for making me suffer ” I thought , I deliberately spread my legs wider ,torturing him more, he swallowed hard and glanced at me. ” honey are we going to pick up Deji or should we leave him to spend the night over there?” I said breaking the long silence, ” em-mm y-yesss let’s pick him up” he stuttered, I smiled even more and changed directions . He took up his phone and and went on typing , I didn’t really pay attention I was busy staring at his Joystick that was rock hard underneath his trousers and how obvious it was. He dropped his phone glanced at my thighs one more time and eventually placed his left hand on it. I slightly jumped still trying to concentrate on the road, I checked the time on my dashboard and it was already 9;01pm we were going to get home pretty late. He leaned over and buried his face in my neck licking and sucking while squeezing my thighs,
My vision was getting blur as the heat in between my legs increased . I shrugged ” stop it I’m driving ” , I was certainly going to make him pay .

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Luckily for me we were close to my mother’s house when he suddenly told me to park the car, his voice sounded hoarse and his eyes were glued to my thighs, his voice screamed out desperation, I ignored his words and kept on driving when all of a sudden he rushed me like a beast , this time eating hungrily on my neck and squeezing my tits through my clothes ,lucky for us I was close to the junction that led to my mother’s house and there no car was behind us, I found it extremely difficult to drive and eventually parked the car beside the bush that led to the junction . He turned off the head and interior lights because the dim lights in the street were bright enough, we didn’t want to attract any attention. We kissed like savagers eating their first meal after a long period of hunger, all thoughts of revenge flew away, I found my way to his trousers and squeezed his hard Joystick trying to get it out, he let out a groan adjusted his sit and told me to get on top of him. He tore my gown down to my navel level and I wonder what I was gonna wear to pick up Deji, I took off his jacket and ripped off the buttons on his shirt and dived at his bare chest licking any flesh I could find, he unhooked my bra from behind and threw it to the back set, he dived at my left Bosom sucking hard on my Tips while searching for my love hole under my gown,he let out a groan and bit harder on my Tips when he found out I had no underwear on. I gave space to unzip his trousers and managed to take the monstrous Joystick out, I lifted up my gown to my hips and gently eased his Joystick into my soaking wet Kittycat. No need to suck it, his Joystick was already so hard that I feared it might tear me apart as well as feel extremely good. I started riding his Joystick trying to create a rhythm. Fredrick was busy sucking milky hell out of my Tips, his face was so drenched that i wonder who needed the Bosom milk more, father or son?.

To Be Continued….

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