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(He Is Ruthless, She Is Crazy)
Written by : Favour Alabuah.
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Chapter 1
At exactly 7 pm in the vampire kingdom, alot of guards are station outside the Royal castle.
Some of the guards are gossiping and laughing, while the others have a stoical expression.
Suddenly the wind become heavy and all the light from the lamps outside switch off.
The Royal guards immediately stop their jokes and become serious.
They gaze around the area, trying to decipher what is happening.
Everywhere is as dark as charcoal, but it is not a problem to them, because they are night creatures and they can see clearly at night.
Their eyes change from their normal colours and turn into a bright red, like that of a burning furnace.
It shone, as they stare at the gate.
They quickly stood in a fighting stance as a man dressed in a red cloak appeared infront of them.
“Good evening gentle men, i hope I didn't spoil your ostentation display.”
He said grining at their stretched swords, that is pointed at him.
“There is nothing good about the evening, so save your greetings mr nobody, our night was lovely untill you decide to disrupt our peace with your disgusting and ugly face.” Leonard, the chief guard spat out angrily and the other guards snickered.
The man snarl at them.
He is very furious at them, for their lack of respect for him.
Is because, he disguise himself but he don't care if they did it because they are unaware of who he really is or his high rank tittle.
He will pretend that he didn't heard what the guard said and let it skip for now, but he will surely punish them for the disrespect, when their master die and he ascend the throne as their king.
He won't let them go Scott free, he soliloquies.
He clench his fists, as he battle with his inner thoughts.
But then a smile creep on his face, at the thought of the crown prince death and he sigh in bliss.
Just within a short time, he will do the universe a favor by killing the..

, .
(He Is Ruthless, She Is Crazy)
Written by : Favour Alabuah.
🔺Do Not Copy Or Repost❌
🔥Chapter 1🔥
🌹Part 2🌷
Just within a short time, he will do the universe a favor by killing the heartless Demon.
“I'm in a good mood, so I will let this insult pass for now, you all should get out from my way, i have a mission to accomplish.”
He utter and mind controlled them.
“Yes sir.”
They all chorused and step outside like a robot, for him to pass.
“Good boys.”
He said and pat the head of Leo.
The man walked majestically into the castle and head towards a narrow dark corridor by the left.
He stop infront of a vampire that is waiting restlessly for him.
“Lord Lugard.”
The young man said and bow his head in respect.
“Nicole take this poison and add it to your master drink, the cutt off his head when he is weak and bring it to me, don't fail me in this mission.”
Lord Lugard utter and give him the white powdered substance that is wrapped in a paper.
“Yes sir, i won't fail you.”
Nicole said smiling and Lord Lugard smirked and disappeared.
Nicole look around and didn't see anyone, so he put the poison in his pocket and head towards the royal kitchen.
He meet Ariana, the head of the maids that is assigned to serve the crown prince, carrying a glass of red liquid in a tray.
“Ariana are you going to serve the Prince?”
He asked the brunnete hair girl.
She mutter.
“Give the drink to me let me help you and deliver it to master.”
He said and she happily give it to him.
She said and dissapper quickly before he will change his mind.
He smiled & went to a dark corner and empty the poison into the drink and shake it well, before heading towards the crown prince chamber.
He reached the prince room and raise his hand to knock but stop when he heard the prince said a faint “Come in.”
It baffles him, how the prince always know when someone is at his door.
And there is no camera around or inside the prince chambers because he hates cameras.
“Are you going to stand there all day, wondering how i know that you are standing there.”
A voice said startlingly him.
Another puzzle for him, he don't know how his master is able to read someone mind without seeing the person face
“This is another one of his strange powers, i hope he don't know that am planning evil against him or else am doom.”
He soliloquies.
He entered inside the room quickly before his master will punish him.
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