The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 11-12

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 11
The hell Kingdom
Ryan PoV continues
“ Hell”. I gasped in shock staring at the two men. I looked at my mum as she held me tight
“ don’t go baby”. She pleaded
I turned to the men
“ why is the kingdom called hell?”. I asked
They exchanged looks and laughed
“It is a place where only vampires live, I guess that is why it is called hell”.One of them responded
I looked at them in confusion
“ how can we get to this hell?”. I asked
“ oh my prince, we are mythical being”. He replied with head still bowed down, we just have to float in the clouds
“ float in the clouds”. I muttered
He nodded
“ I mean disappear”. He explained
“ oh”. I said
“ why are you calling me prince and bowing down to me?”. I asked
“ when you get to the kingdom, all your questions will be answered”. He replied
I looked at mother and she looked at me pleading
“ baby please don’t leave me”. She sobbed
“ Mother, i am not leaving you”. I said wiping her tears, I will be back.
“ promise”. She whispered
“ yes”. I promised her, I can’t leave you and I can’t leave Alicia also
She looked at me and gave me a small smile
“ she must be really important to you”. She said
“ yes, very important”. I replied
“ you can go son but be very careful”. She said and please if you see your father , tell him I miss him
I looked at the men, they were scared to come near me
“ why are you moving back”. I asked
“ your eyes”. One of the men said , there is flame in it
I looked at them with a puzzled look as one of them moved towards me slowly and held my hand and as they said , it was as if I was floating in the clouds……..
I opened my eyes and found my self in another world
“ is this hell?”. I muttered to myself
I looked around the whole place , it was very beautiful and everywhere was paved with golds
An elderly man walked toward me
“ welcome my prince”. He said bowing down
“ who are you?”. I asked
“ I am called The Elder”. He replied with a bow
“ follow me my prince”. He said and led me through a narrow path , it was very dark but surprisingly I could see clearly
“ how can I see in this dark place?”. I asked the man
He chuckled
“ we are vampires, we see even in the dark. He said , our vision is extraordinarily
We soon came to a very big hall and I gasped when I said thousands of vampire seated and immediately they saw me, they all bowed down
“ Greetings to the Vampire prince”. They all greeted
“ Vampire prince”. I muttered and immediately the mark on my chest shone brightly and the whole hall became quiet
“ why is this happening?”. I thought and I heard the Vampires whispering
“ he is the chosen one”
“ he has the mark of Dracula”
“ he is so young and cute”
“ he is way cuter than prince Theo”
I scoffed . I followed The Elder till he got to the front row and he urged me to sit in the front seat facing the Vampires
He cleared his throat
“This is the true vampire prince, the one with the mark of Dracula”. He announced and the whole Vampires began murmuring
“ mark of Dracula”. I muttered, is this what this mark is all about

The whole hall became quiet when two men who were dressed as royals walked in
“Greetings my prince”. The Elder bowed to them
One of the prince walked up to me and hugged me
“ Hello Nephew, i am your uncle Ron”. He said
I looked at him closely
“ uncle”. I muttered, he looked so young, probably a few years older the me. I smiled at him
“ Theo”. He called the second prince, wont you say hello to your Nephew”. He said
I watched the Theo stared at me and scoffed
“Nephew”, you are welcome”. He said and stormed out in anger as the whole vampires stared on …

I was soon alone with The Elder . I watched him staring into a fire and mumbling some strange words
He soon turned to look at me
“What is it you want to ask?”. He asked
I remained quiet
“ why am I addressed as the vampire prince?”. I asked
He looked at me and smiled
“ you are chosen by Lucifer”. He replied
“ Lucifer”. I muttered
He nodded, the Symbol of Dracula of your chest “
I stared down at the symbol
“ I had it when I wore this chain”. I said pointing to the chain
He shook his head.” It is not about the chain, you will still have the mark even if you did not put on the chain on , you are the Vampire prince and there is nothing you can do about it
“ I can’t stay here”. I said to him
He smiled
“ you are free to go back to the human world but you must come back whenever we need you”. He replied
“ really, I said beaming with smile
“ it is just for the main time, once the present Vampire king (your grandfather) is dead you will permanently belong here
I looked at him
“ where is he?”. I asked
“ you can see him now, he is very ill”. He replied
I shook my head
“is there any question you will love to ask?”. He asked
“ I don’t have a question, i have a request”. I said
“ what is it?”. He asked
“ I want to see my father”. I said
He nodded
“ follow me”. He said
We were about walking out of the shrine when a little girl ran towards me
“ Greetings My Prince”. She said bowing down
I looked at her and smiled
“ who are you?”. I asked
“ she is my daughter”. The Elder said
The girl looked at me and smiled
“ we have been waiting for you”. She said bowing down , you will make a good ruler
“ Thanks”. I said to her…
We soon got to a building and The Elder urged me to follow him inside. I saw a tall man drinking wine as we walked in
“ Prince Ryan”. The Elder called
He looked up and his face became pale as soon as he saw me
I stared at him, he was the older version of me. He stood up and walked towards us
“ son”.he called and was about to touch me with shaky hands
I moved back
“ son”. He called again, I am very sorry for abandoning you”. He said sobbing
I just stared at him
“ son”. He called for the third time
I scoffed
“Mother still loves you , you abandon her but she still hope you will return. I said facing him
He bent his head in shame
“ you could have never loved her if you know you can stand up for her. I wanted to see you and now you are here in front of me I feel no emotions towards you”
I turned towards the elder
“ it is time for me to take my leave”. I told him
He nodded and led me back to the shrine, I turned to look at my father and I met his gaze. He gave me a weak smile and I scoffed before looking away
We soon got to the shrine
“ I need to go back now”. I repeated we got back to the shrine
“ You can go”. He said
“ how?”. I asked him
He chuckled .” You just have to close your eyes and think of where you want to be”.he instructed
“ really”. I asked in surprise
He nodded
The mark on my chest shone brightly as I closed my eyes and I felt myself floating again ,when I opened my eyes, I found myself in my room……
Elder POV
I watched the Vampire prince return to the human world,he had an aura of power around him .
I saw the flame in his eyes and I knew immediately he was one of a kind
He is the Vampire prince
I went to the fire to consult Lucifer
What!!! I exclaimed, he does not only have the mark of Dracula, he is The Dracula……..
Dracula himself
The innocent prince seems to be very powerful

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 12
Ryan POV continues
I glanced at the time ,it was 4am in the morning and surprisingly I was not feeling dizzy
I headed downstairs and I smirked when I saw my mum still awake obviously waiting for me
” mum”. I called
She gasped in shock as she turned to look at me
“Didn’t you sleep at all?”. I asked observing her
“How did you get in here?”. She asked, you didn’t walk through the front door
” I floated in the clouds”.I said jokingly and walked towards the kitchen
” really?”. She asked tailing me
I nodded
” how is the hell? Did you see any monster? She asked
I looked at her and laughed
” it is not the kind of hell you are thinking about, it is just the name for the Vampire kingdom”. I explained
” oh. She said
” The place is very beautiful and there were no monsters, only cute vampires”. I continued
” did you see your dad?”. She asked
I paused for a while and studied her
” yes”. I replied
” how is he? Is he feeling alright?is he still handsome?”. She asked rushing
” Mother, can’t you forget about that man?”. I asked looking at her
” No, I guess I love him too much”. She replied sobbing
I scoffed
” you love a man that doesn’t bloody care about you, why hasn’t he come to see you?”. I asked her
She remained quiet
” mum , you are young and beautiful try and live freely”. I advised her
” it is not that easy”.she said
” whatever”. I said , go and get some sleep”.i told her as I climbed up the stair
Ryan mother POV
I watched Ryan as he climbed the stairs, There was something about him, he seemed so confident
He seem proud of who is his unlike the way he was before. I felt an aura around him when he talked to me, it was something like power………
The Vampire kingdom
Elder POV
” why did you let the Vampire prince leave”. Elder Tam asked
I remained quiet.how will I tell him that I was scared of the boy.
I thought about the flames in his eyes , he can kill a soul just by blinking if only he knows how to use it
“Elder”. Elder Tam
” yes”. I replied
” why did you let the boy go?”.He repeated
” I will summon him whenever we need him, he can remain there till the Vampire king dies”. I replied
He nodded
“Now we have seen the vampire prince and we have confirmed he is the chosen one, we need a vampire princess also”. He said
I looked at him and chuckled
” what if he has vampire princess already?”.I asked
” what!!!!”. He exclaimed , that can never happen. He cannot marry a human
” but his mother is a human”. I replied him, we can’t choose for him
He laughed
” you know the rules Elder”. He said
” he needs a Mate and he will get that here”. He said
” fine”. do you have any maiden in mind?”. I asked him
He nodded
” I have a daughter……..”
” your daughter is not an option, she belongs to prince Theo
He chuckled
” They aren’t married so she belongs to no one”.He replied and left the room with anger
I smiled, they don’t know how powerful the true prince is………:

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Prince Theo POV
I sat down inside my chambers lost in thought
” how can that little kid be the chosen one? How will I bow down to my nephew?every one is talking about the young and handsome prince forgetting totally about me.
I always wanted to be the king and make my love Mara the princess, I will do anything to make that happen
Elder Tam POV
I headed towards my chamber , if this girl can just agree with me”. I thought
I walked into the room and met my daughter playing with her claws
” Mara”. I called
She looked at me and smiled
“Did you get any blood”. She asked
I nodded and gave her the blood I got from the shrine. She took it from me and hungrily gulped it down
” I need to talk to you”. I told her when she was satisfied
” what is it about father?”. She asked
” I want you to marry the True Vampire prince”. I said expecting her to object and fight over it but she just smiled
” can you make that happen?”. She asked
I smiled and nodded. It is not that difficult as I thought it would be….
Ryan POV
I stared at Alicia throughout the class today. She looked beautiful today.
She loved me for who I am and never said anything to hurt me
” Alicia”. I whispered
She turned to look at me
” what?”.she asked flashing a smile
” let us go to the cafe together during recess”. I told her smiling
She nodded
“Mr Anderson, is there a problem?”. The teacher asked
” no ma’am”. I replied
” will you please come and solve this?”. She asked
I stood up and walked up to the board, collected the Marker and solved it correctly
” Good”. She complimented, you can go back to your seat
I smiled and was about walking to my seat when a strong headache hit me
” aargh”. I groaned in pain
” are you alright?”. The teacher asked
I nodded and walked slowly to my seat and the pain soon stopped
” are you sure you are alright?”. The teacher asked again
” yes ma”. I said
I felt Alicia eyes on me and I turned to assure her i was okay
She came over to me immediately the teacher left the class
” Ryan”. What is wrong with you?”She asked
” I am alright”. I replied her, let’s go get lunch
I held her hands as we walked out the class and stopped when we saw Andra standing at the entrance
” Move”. I said to her
She looked at me and scoffed
” move”. I repeated getting angry
” Ryan chill, I want to talk to you “. She said trying to hold my hands
” Move”. I barked as my eyes changed
She moved immediately obviously scared
” fire, there was fire in Ryan eyes”. I heard her say…….
Alicia POV
I studied Ryan quietly as he sipped his drink
“Why do you buy drink always?”. I asked
” I have no appetite “. He replied without looking at me
I signed, he almost turned to a vampire when Andra blocked the entrance and I knew he must be worried about it
” Ryan, is there something you need to share with me?”. I asked him
He looked at me for a while and then moved towards me
” I really don’t know what is wrong with me, is it like power is flowing through me”. He said trying to explain
I looked at him with a confused look
“Back then in class, I never really wanted to turn but the power in me pushed it”. He said
” I thought you have learn how to control it”. I said holding his hand
” yes”. He said but this feeling is kind of different
” it is going to be alright”. I assured him
We walked back to the class together when recess was over
Andra looked at Ryan weirdly immediately we walked into the class. We went to out different seat immediately the chemistry teacher walked into the class
I listened to her as she explained a chemical theory when I heard Ryan groan
The whole class looked towards him
” aaargh”. He held his head groaning again
” what is wrong Ryan?”. The teacher asked
Ryan remained quiet with his head bent panting
I ran towards him
” Ryan”. I called and when he looked at him , his eyes were with flames
I looked around and luckily nobody noticed it
” what is wrong Ryan?”. The teacher asked again walking towards us
I knew I had to do something before the teacher gets to him, I need to calm him down
” what can I do?”. I hit my head thinking and just then an idea came up
I brought my face closer to his and kissed him and Immediately his eye colour Changed to normal
The whole class gasped in surprise……….
Ha ha


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