How to Pass NECO Exam in One Sitting
How to Pass NECO Exam in One Sitting

How To Successfully Pass The NECO Exam In One Sitting (Find Out More 10 Ways)

How To Successfully Pass The NECO Exam In One Sitting: Top Tips and Study Strategies, Passing your NECO examination is not a problem to you if you are able to do all the requirements needed of you in your exams.

Many student in SS3 are online searching for how to pass their neco examination each year I don’t think this is the best solution or asking much questions online why you know the simple and easy way you can pass this examination.

However, some people still believe that reading some content online can easily help them go through easy way to pass this examination, which is our main purpose of creating this content.

How To Successfully Pass The NECO Exam In One Sitting

if you are able to read all our step by step guidelines I believe you can be able and capable of Passing your neco examination very successful no matter the year without sitting for the second time.

Before I dive into our content let me just tell you a story for you.


I have a younger sister who took her NECO, WAEC, and NAPTEP examination but still out of these three results he did not succeed in any of them to use and enter higher education, either one compulsory subject is bad

What Is NECO?

National examination Council also known as NECO world wide is one of the examination body in Nigeria that offer examination questions which can be used to determine whether a student in in secondary school can enter high school. It come to an existence in 1999.

How To Successfully Pass The NECO Exam In One Sitting
How To Successfully Pass The NECO Exam In One Sitting

However, national examination Council also offer many examination key such as, National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE), these are basically for primary school who has killed for admission into federal college.

The Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) is also one of the exam key offered by neco, in this examination it will be determined by examiner without the candidate we enter into high institution or not.

How To Pass Neco Exam

Like I have said before, to pass examination in one sitting a simple and easy once you are able to follow all the guideline and protocol required from you.

Both West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) are both similar exam but different examination board, the only difference between the two is that WAEC is for the whole West Africa (it is exam taking by all West Africa examination students like Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Etc) why neco is limited for only country (Nigeria).

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We are going to outline all the requirements to Pass NECO in one sitting, I must really confessed to you that sitting for one neco examination is very simple but you have to study very hard to beat up the standard required from you.

Neco Exam Preparation

Facts about Study tips for NECO examination is studying very hard, knowing the examination format for neco, practicing past questions and answer, always revised all your tutorial notes, make sure you are studying ahead of the school you are attending to, take neco mock examination and always revised daily on each subject. Using all this guide will help you in NECO exam success.

Below are some basic list of how to prepare and go about your neco examination of any year.

1. STUDY HARD: (always study a book to show yourself approved)

2. REVIEW YOUR TUTORIAL NOTE: (make sure you doesn’t miss revising your book tell the time you have a tutorial lesson)

3. TAKE NECO MOCK EXAM: (that miss to attend neco mock examination in order to show if you are capable to take the main exam)

4. READ DAILY: (as we are preparing for your neco examination it is advisable for you to read the exam and focus only in your readings)

5. WRITE DOWN SOME KEY POINTS: when studying any subjects always have your jotter by your side so that you can pen down some key points.

Neco Past Questions Practice

Practicing with past questions from the National Examinations Council (NECO) is an effective way to prepare for exams. Here are a few steps and resources to help you get started:

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Steps To Practice Neco Past Questions

1. Identify Subjects and Topics: study more on the subjects and specific topics you need the most practice with.

2. Gather Past Question Papers: Collect past NECO question papers for the subjects you’re studying. You can find these from various sources such as your school library, online educational websites, or by purchasing from bookstores.

3. Create a Study Schedule: Allocate specific times in your study schedule to practice past questions. Ensure to cover all topics systematically.

4. Practice Under Exam Conditions: Simulate exam conditions by timing yourself while you answer the questions. This helps build time management skills.

5. Review Your Answers: After completing the questions, review your answers using textbooks, notes, or solution guides. Identify areas where you made mistakes and focus on improving them.

6. Seek Help if Needed: If there are concepts you don’t understand, ask teachers, classmates, or look for explanations online.

Online Resources for NECO Past Questions

Educational Websites: Websites like Passnownow,, and Larnedu offer past questions and answers for various subjects.

Online Forums and Study Groups: Joining forums like Nairaland or Facebook study groups can provide access to past questions and collaborative study opportunities.

PDF Downloads: Some educational blogs and websites offer downloadable PDFs of past NECO question papers. Search for “NECO past questions PDF download” to find these resources.

Tips for Success

  • Consistency: Practice regularly to retain information better.
  • Variety: Mix up different subjects in your practice sessions to keep things interesting.
  • Rest: Ensure you get enough rest, especially as the exam date approaches.


By following these our steps and utilizing available resources we provide above, you’ll be well prepared well for your NECO exams. India to owerri I was well showing you all you need in preparation of your neco examination Good luck!


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