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Triangle Of Seduction

Triangle Of Seduction – Episode 6


2nd December 2023

πŸ’žGame Of Love πŸ’ž
By; Amara Chy.
Genres: Romance, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Suspense.



🌼 Noah Smith 🌼

“So there are no vacancies?” I sighed into the phone.

“Sorry sir, no vacancies” the lady on the other side answered.

“Okay, thank you” I hung up and dropped the phone carelessly on the counter.

I have been applying for different jobs for the past few days, half of them refused to take me, claiming that I don’t have enough qualifications. I’m a degree holder, the only thing I don’t have is work experience and most of these companies won’t employ anyone without at least five years experience.

The others have no vacancies, and it’s so frustrating. It seems like everything I try to do just ends up as fruitless. I can’t even get a decent job, I’m so tired of working in bars and restaurants. To make it worse, that spoilt brat is bent in making everyday at work stressful for me.

I fall back on the old wooden chair and sighed deeply. I’m tired. Thank goodness that my day off is tomorrow, at least I can take a break from that crazy spoilt rich lady, Amelia.

Truth be told, she’s extremely beautiful, but has a rotten character. Despite that, I find myself waiting for her to walk through the doors of Kayla’s restaurant everyday. Yeah, I’m probably crazy, getting attracted to someone like her.

“Noah!!” My mother screeched from her room. Her room was opposite mine. I rubbed my eyes before getting up to go and answer her.

“Noah!” She yelled out again..

“I’m here mom” I answered, opening the door to her room. She smiled on seeing me and invited me to sit with her.

“How are you?” She asked.

“I’m fine mom” I answered.

“You know I’m going back to Chicago tomorrow, and since it’s your day off, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me” she said and I glared at her.

“Mom, it’s a day off, not a week off. How do you expect me to travel and come back tomorrow?” I questioned and she scoffed.

“Yes, it’s very possible. Please Noah, don’t refuse me. Just take me back to Chicago and you can come back here” she insisted, giving me puppy dog eyes. I groaned.

My mother is very persuasive and it’s hard to say no to her.

“Please dear, we’ll leave early and you will back before nightfall” she beamed.

“But why are you insisting?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just that I have somethings for you in our house in Chicago that I want you to have. I couldn’t carry them here” she answered, smiling in a sinister way. I knew she was up to something, I just didn’t know what it was.

“Alright fine. But we have to get going before 5am. I don’t want to get fired by my boss for reporting in late after my day off” I said, getting to my feet.

“Of course son, that won’t be a problem” she smiled again.

“Goodnight” I pecked her cheek and retired to my room to continue thinking.

Yes, I have to think, I have to find a way to make life better for myself. I pray I find a company that’s willing to hire me with no experience… How silly is that?


πŸ’’ Chicago πŸ’’

I’ve missed my hometown so much, it’s been ages since I came here. Okay, fine, it’s only been two years, my mother has been the one visiting me in New York.

I miss the beautiful scenery and lovely people. I met some of my childhood friends on my way to my house, they were all happy to see me. I think I’ll be coming home this Christmas to celebrate with them.

“We’re home!” Mom exclaimed as we entered the living room. It was still the way I left it. I took in the scent of the place and breathed out loudly.

“Okay mom, where are the stuff you want me to take?” I asked and she glared at me.

“Calm down will you? Why don’t you sit down and let me fix you something to eat, remember you didn’t have breakfast before we left New York” she smiled broadly, walking towards the kitchen.

I shrugged and sat on the sofa, my late father’s favorite sofa.

Twenty minutes later, my mom was done making pancakes and called me to the dining to eat. We were talking over the meal when the doorbell rang, she volunteered to open the the door and giggled as she went.

I wonder who that is and why mom is so excited about it.

“Ah!! Isabella” my mom chimed, I stretched my neck to see who was at the door.

“Good morning aunt. Welcome home!” The angelic voice of the lady came. I wasn’t interested in who it was but after hearing her voice, I really wanted to know her.

“Come on in dear” mom said, leading her into the house and over to the dinning.

She was beautiful, just as I thought. I couldn’t help but admire her form. She was dressed in a floral gown with her hair bouncing on her shoulders.

As soon as our eyes met, she blushed and looked away.

“Come Isabella, let me introduce you to my son. His name is..”

“Noah.. I already know who he is” Isabella took the words out of my mother’s mouth. She took a glance at me and blushed again.

“Nice. Noah, meet Isabella Martin. She’s the daughter to Mr Martin, your grade 2 teacher back then” mom said, beaming.

“Oh Mr Martin! He is a nice man!” I exclaimed and extended my hand for a handshake. Isabella took my hand and blushed again. It’s already clear that she likes me. I am used to the attention from girls. But I don’t want to have a girlfriend till I have a tangible source of income.

“It’s nice to meet you Isabella, you’re very pretty” I said, trying to make her feel good and welcomed.

“Thank you. You’re quite good looking yourself” she said before taking her hand back.

I turned only to see my mom grinning at us.

Oh! Now I know why she wanted me to come back to Chicago with her.

I spent sometime chatting with Isabella, we told each other stories and I really warmed up to her. She’s very nice, humble and down to earth. Honestly, she is a good lady.

Well, it was time for me to go, mom insisted that we exchange contacts and she gave me a few of my things from my old room to carry back to New York.

“So, you like Isabella don’t you?” Mom asked, walking me to the cab.

“Mom, I knew it. I knew that was the reason you brought me here” I scoffed.

“Well, yes. Isabella is a very nice girl, she’d make a good wife and an excellent daughter in-law” she chimed.

“Mooom! I don’t want to get married now. Please. I’m still trying to sort myself out, please don’t impose this on me. Let me work on myself for now. Isabella is nice but I can’t marry her, at least not for now” I said as calmly as possible, to avoid hurting her feelings.

“It’s fine then. But she really likes you and does not mind waiting for you”

“She should move on with her life. I believe we will meet if we’re destined to” I replied and hugged her. I bade her goodbye and entered the cab which drove me to the train station.

πŸ’’ Next Day: Back in New York πŸ’’

I resumed work at the restaurant and for some reason, I patiently waited for Amelia to show up. Sure she’s crazy and rude but I can’t help that I want to see her.

Luckily, she showed up. I couldn’t resist staring at her as she made quite the entrance. Gorgeously dressed in a green body hug that accentuated her curves. Just like everytime, every guy in the place couldn’t resist drooling over her.

“Waiter” she called, settling on one of the stools. I went to meet her and she smiled at me.

“Good morning ma’am” I greeted.

“You weren’t here yesterday, where were you?” She questioned and I smirked.

“So you were worried about me? That’s sweet” I said and she scoffed.

“As if! Why would I worry over you? I have better things to do. It’s just that I didn’t have anyone to bother yesterday” she rolled her eyes and flipped back her long hair.

“Alright. What can I get you?”

“A latte” she answered.

“Make sure it’s perfect” she added and I nod, flashing her a smile.

“Why are you smiling? I’m here to make your life miserable, you’re supposed to be angry” she said, frowning.

“Because soon, I’ll be getting a new job and won’t have to deal with you anymore” I answered, trying to get under her skin. She was obviously not pleased with the news.

Truth is, I don’t have any assurance for a job, I just wanted to make her feel bad.

“What job is that? I can give you a better job” she brags.

“Better job?” I was suddenly interested.

“Yes. In case you haven’t noticed, I own various companies and branches all over America. If you agree to work for me, I’ll pay you ten times more than the job you got” she said, leaning with her elbows on the counter.


Ten times more???

“You don’t even know my qualifications” I said.

“You can start working from the clerks level. I don’t think it requires much experience” she answered.

But wait, why is she doing this?

“So that what? You can continue taunting me?” I questioned and she grinned, looking straight into my eyes.

“Precisely” she answered and I chuckled.

“So are you taking the job or not?” She asks.

“I’ll think about it” I said.

“Are you seriously playing hard to get right now?” She raised a brow at me.

I laughed.

“Well, I guess you can say that. I’ll get your latte, and think about your job offer” I winked and walked away while she fumed.


Who else understands that Amelia is actually trying to be close to Noah?

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Artist Name; Triangle Of Seduction

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