Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 1

💋My village wife💋
My pretty lunatic😘

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter
A Nigerian story…

Episode 1
(The sudden call)

Fred's Pov
I came back from work early today not because I was stressed out or something.

But because I needed to hit the club, it been a month since I came back from the states.

And I most say Nigeria is one hell of a sweet country if you have money.

One more thing is that here in Nigeria Lagos precisely there are lot of pretty, sexy ladies.

Who are ready to give you pu**y as long as you gat the money.

And immediately they hear you came back from Dubai in particular they will let you fuck them to death.

I got down from my white Lamborghini and walked into my massive mansion and pressed my pass code.

And immediately the door opened and I went in.

I know you guys maybe wondering why my mansion has a code, so let me explain.

Am a fucking playboy and sometimes when you fuck this Lagos slay queens they see it as an opportunity to get a rich boyfriend.

That can spend on them.

So sometimes after fu*king and paying them they go on social platforms to get my home address.

Not knowing I don't fu*k a pu**y twice.

Am a public figure.
I have more than 15 million followers on Instagram.

One more thing I don't have workers in my mansion, the only worker I have is the security.

I do call home services to clean the house almost everyday.

For the cooking I don't think anyone can cook more than my beautiful mother, she's the best best cook in the whole wide world.

‘Oh nne mụ oma (my sweet mother)…' I murmured dreamingly.

Ever since I came back from the states few months ago i haven't gone home.

I plan on going this year ending since the years is almost coming to an end.

And the worst part is that she has been calling me, for the past two weeks now and I haven't been picking.

That's by the way…

I went straight to my room and dropped my briefcase and went into the bathroom to take my bath.

After taking my bath, I applied my body lotion and dress up.

In a raper Jean trouser and a white shirt. after that I wore a black canvas and black face cap.

I looked at my reflection on the mirror and a slay smile appeared on my face.

‘Fred get ready to fuck some bitches…' I murmured softly.

I took my car keys and left the mansion got into my g wagon and drove to the club.

Am sure my friends are already there waiting for me.

I have only four best friends, three are Yoruba guys while one is an Igbo guy and his my closest friend among the four.

Their names are Tobi, Tosin Ola and obinna and all of us are playboys.

When I go to the club I came out of my car and walked into the club.

The whole place was so beautiful with loud music and dim lights.

I walked straight to the VIP party of the club were my friends and I normally stay.

Immediately they saw there started smiling.

‘Hey dudes what's happening?…' I said before sitting down.

‘Everything is good bro…' they said and immediately Tosin ordered drinks and some hot bitches started coming our way.

‘Hello handsomes how will you like it?…' the most sexy one said seductively with her finger in-between her large boobs.

And immediately my dick twisted.

There is one thing about the five of us, if we choose five girls to fuck, the five of us are gonna fuck them.

We picked five girls of our choice and took them to the VIP sult in the club.

And one thing about me is that I love being pleasured.

so I sat down and asked her for a blow job and immediately she set to work.

She unbuckled my belt and brought out my massive d*ck and immediately she saw the size she gasped in shock.

But who cares it her job anyway…

She circled her two hands on it and started smoking my d*ck giving me the pleasure I love.

I looked at my friends and they were busy enjoying themselves.

She immediately took my d*ck into her mouth and started sucking on it and I couldn't help but moan.

‘Oh yeah…'

After a while of slow pleasure i started f*cking her mouth she was chucking but who cares.

I immediately pushed her away from me and she fell on the bed and that made her giggle.

My friends where already f*cking there various bitches.

I ripped off her clothes and positioned myself in between her legs and thrust into her violently.

making her scream like the slut she is.

Fast forward……💗💗
After the sex series we were all tired so we left the club after paying our bills went into our various cars and left.

It was already late.

while i was driving my phone started ringing so I picked it up to check the caller and it was mom.

I didn't pick am to tired to pick her call I will call her early tomorrow morning since tomorrow is weekend.

And I don't go to work.

After few hours drive, I said hours because Lagos traffic is so bad.

I got to my mansion and the security opened the gate for me and I drove in.

packed my car at the garage and came down locked up the car and went straight to my room.

when I got to my room and took off my wrist watch and took off my clothes and dispose it where my dirty clothes are.

And went into the bathroom to take my bath, after taking my bath I came out wore my night wear.

ready to go to bed when another call came into my phone by mom.

I quickly switched off my phone.

My name is Fred uchemba age 25years old, am the only child of my parents.

I'm handsome with light skin and pink lips.

I'm a perfect definition of cuteness overload, and am also very rich and that why Ladies flock around me.

I have a girlfriend named Natasha and she base abroad.

Not that I like her.

when i was coming back to Nigeria she wasn't even sad.

I have cut her two times cheating but I didn't care because she just some bitch I use to satisfy my sexual appetite.

enough for now I need to sleep.

♥️In the village♥️

🌴Ulinma's Pov🌴
I felt something cold being pulled on my body making my wake up.

And to my surprise I saw chioma my uncle's first daughter looking at me with a smile on her face carrying a bucket of water.

And then it occurred to me she emptied the bucket of water on my body.

Such a witch.

“Ulinma don't you know is morning already…” she said with her big mouth, in all my uncle's children chioma is the ugliest.

I didn't have strength to argue with her because I have lots of work to do, because today is Saturday.

I have to go to the stream to feach water, after that I do the house choirs and cooking before going to Mama comfort's house to help her with her choirs.

I immediately left her beside my mat standing like a goat.

“Bia ulinma this bastard child of a rapist, are you not the one am talking to? where do you think you're going…' she said.

For me am use to them calling me a bastard child of a rapist.

‘Chioma can't you see and going to prepare for my choirs Anụ ohia(animal)…' I said with a mocking smile.

‘Wait ulinma did you just insult me?…' she asked looking like a roasted goat with her cockroach k leg.

‘You will hear from me when Papa comes back…' she said.

‘Do you see why I call you Alika 7up, you can't even fight me woman to woman you are always running to Papa…'

‘Mtcheeew…' i hissed.

I left her with her mouth wide open in shock.

I took my toothbrush and applied toothpaste on it and walked out of the hut with a cup of water.

After brushing my teeth, walked back to the house only to see nneka and nnenna my uncle's younger twin daughters,

painting there nails.

This early morning.

My uncle has three children, chioma is the elderest and she 25 years old.

And she's not even married yet, her father wants her to marry a rich man.

And then nneka and nnenna they are actually my age.

They are actually 19 years old.

I took my water pot and left for the stream.

Everyone in my village adores me, they prefer calling me nma.

Let me do a little introduction.

My name is ulinma and I'm 19 years old soon to be 20.

There is nothing special about me so let me live it there.

I'm extremely beautiful with light skin, average height.

Natural blue eyes and a killer curve.

so many rich men has come asking for my hand in marriage but my uncle disapproved to it.

Saying I shouldn't get married to a rich.

Anyway I better set to work now.

💖Fred's Pov💖
A familiar sound woke me up from sleep and I felt like crying.

I sat upright on the bed and took my phone to check who was calling and it was mom.

I know there most be a reason for mom's frequent call.

So I picked up the call and placed the phone on my ears.

📱'Nne ututu oma (good morning mom), how are you doing?…'

📱'Fredric why haven't you been picking my calls?…' she asked with an angry tone.

📱'i'm so sorry mom I have been really busy lately…'

📱'I'm very sick and I want you to come home, the deadline am giving you is tomorrow…'

She said and before I could object to it she hang up on me.

I tried calling her back and her line was switched off.


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End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 1

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