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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 11

My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 11💗

💞Ulinma's Pov💞
After few hours I started perceiving a weird aroma from the kitchen.

Don't tell me Fred is about to burn down the house.

I quickly wore my clothes and ran to the kitchen to see what was burning.

Only to meet Fred sleeping on the kitchen counter and I couldn't help but smile.

I left him and turned off the gas cooker, the pot was already burned and I need to wash it.

Not only that, the kitchen was also in a mess with plates littered everywhere.

I started regretting why I asked him to cook for me.

Look now my precious mushroom is gone and yet I don't have any mushroom soup to enjoy.

I felt like spanking his head right now.

oh god.

I immediately set to work.
and took all the plates into the sink and started washing them.

And in few minutes I was done with everything so I arranged the plate properly.

After that i went into the store and took a bucket and mob and set to work.

When the kitchen was in order, I sighed tiredly and brought out the pot for cooking.

Mama told me Fred's favorite food was egusi soup served with fufu.

So I settled for it.
I look towards Fred's direction and saw he was sweating badly.

So I on the air condition.

I felt like calling mama and that was when it occurred to me that I have seen my phone since last night.

I will have to ask Fred about it when he wakes up.

I brought out every ingredients i need in cooking and set to work.

Few hours later……🥣🥣
I was done cooking and so I decided to set the table before waking him up.

So I took the food to the dinning table and set it properly.

After that i came to the kitchen and cleaned up the little mess I made.

And when I was done I went to went to where Fred was lying and tapped him on the shoulder.

Immediately he opened his eyes he stood up very fast.

‘Fred where is my mushroom soup?…' I asked faking a frown.

‘I know I messed it up and i'm sorry…' he replied with a smile.

‘Okay but guess what?…' I asked.


‘I prepared your favorite food egusi soup and fufu…' I said and he licked his lips.

‘Then let's go and eat…'

‘But you haven't taken your bath…'

‘Yes I know and I will take my bath after we finish eating same with you because am taking you out this afternoon and it's almost 2 o'clock…' he replied.

‘Okay let's go and eat…' and we left the kitchen to the dinning.

He sat down on one of the chairs and I served his food and he immediately started eating.

‘Hmmm…' he moaned immediately he took the food into his mouth.

‘Beauty you're such a good cook…' he complemented making me blush.

‘Ehhh Fred have you seen my phone?…' I managed to ask.

‘Oh yeah I actually bought you a new phone…' he said and pointed at the shopping bag on the bar table.

‘Thank you…' I said with a smile and he just winkled at me.

I never knew I would be this lucky in my life to get married to a rich man.

Not only rich but super caring and sweet to be with.

I think god actually favored me.
am just wondering what my life would have been if I was still at my uncle's house.

I look towards Fred's direction and cut him starring at me.


‘Has anyone ever told you how pretty you're?…'

‘People do say am pretty but I didn't believe it anyway…' I replied.

‘Now i'm telling you that so better believe it…'

‘Okay thank you…'

Fast forward……💨💨
Fred and I are at the park enjoying the fun rides.

So many people were taking pictures of us on the park but nor of us paid attention to them.

After the fun at the park.
he took me to a very beautiful restaurant to eat.

We sat down and almost immediately a lady on uniform came to our table.

‘Please what's your order sir?…' the lady said looking at Fred seductively.

My wife first.
he said and immediately the lady's face change.

‘Ma'am please what's your order?…'

‘Can i see the menu please…' I said and she handed a pepper to me.

‘Ehhh I will go for spaghetti, egg sauce and fried chicken…' I said and she just nodded.

‘what will I serve it with ?…' she asked.

‘Orange juice…'

‘What about you sir?…'

‘I will have the same thing my wife order, but serve mine with a glass of red wine…' Fred replied and she nodded and left.

In few minutes our order was served and we ate chatting and laughing.

Less I forget Fred bought me an iPhone 12pro and I felt like crying.

He also opened an Instagram account for me and asked his followers to follow his wife.

And guess what in less than three hours he helped me open it, I already have 2.7 million followers.

The whole thing felt new to me because I haven't been showered with such love and care before.

😠Chioma's Pov😠
Since yesterday I have been so angry.
How dare Fred .

How dare him talk to me that way just because ‘i'm in love with him.

I blame my fucking heart for choosing such an idiot.

What did he even see in that local smelling ulinma, that doesn't even know how to read or write.

Take a look at me.
I'm a graduate of second class upper in marketing.

Although I haven't gotten a job but at least am educated.

If not for me would he have known the way to his father's house ehhh.

Yes he gave me a large amount of money but does that matter ehh.

I swear I am going to get married to a rich man that is even more richer than him 100 times.

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when nneka and her apparentist nnenna rushed into my room with there phones.

‘Chioma have you logged into your IG account today?…' she asked.

‘No is anything the matter?…'

‘Just login there's an important news you need to see…' they said and ran out.

what can that be' I thought.

I immediately took my phone and logged into my IG account.

I have about 10k+ followers and am following 5k.

immediately i logged in the first thing that popped into my screen was a picture of Fred and ulinma kissing at the park.

I read the news and it says.




It came to me as a shock.

is this really ulinma.

I immediately search for Fred uchemba and his account popped in.

I saw a picture he posted few hours ago
a picture of him and ulinma in the kitchen.

with a caption.

Hello fans follow my beautiful wife's account
@Mrz_Ulinma Fred uchemba.

I tapped the account immediately and her account came in.

She already has 2.9 million followers, following only one person and that person is Fred. and her account has already been verified.

She only posted today.
and it was a picture of her and Fred.

she was actually sitting on his laps.

wearing a white bum short and a black crop top.

I angrily threw my phone at the wall and it broke into pieces.

I heard nnenna and nneka's laughter and that only angered me the more.

‘Arrrggh!…' i shouted.

That should have been me.

I cried.



End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 11

I have fulfilled my promise.

It's like our dear chioma wants to kill herself.

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