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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 14

My village wife
My pretty lunatic

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter
A Nigerian story…

Episode 14

Simi's Pov
The sound of my phone ringing tone woke me up from my sleep.

And when I managed to open my eyes I saw only Anita dressed up and her bags are no longer in the room.

I didn't know this Anita of a girl can be this stupid to accept to be Stella's employee.

Stella that we all introduced into this our business.

Just because she was almost used for money ritual.

Does she know how many times I have escaped it and yet I continued with the business.

And what provoked me the more is that she's going to work for a small girl we introduced into the game.

I guess the rest of the girls aren't back yet.

‘Anita this one you're dressed up this early?…'

‘Oh good morning Simi you're awake already…'

‘Yes is it not too early to start going?…'

‘Come on Simi it's already 8 o'clock in the morning and Stella is already outside waiting for me, she came in to greet you but you were sound at sleep so she didn't want to disturb you…'

‘Oh so you're going right now?…'

‘Yes I am please do take care and tell the rest of the girls I said bye…' she replied while I nodded with a fake smile and she left.

Fool! I coursed under my breathe.

How can someone be so stupid to do what she just did.

I was still muttering to myself when my phone started ringing.

I looked at the screen and saw the caller was one of my zaddies and his name is senator Bello.

His the only zaddy I have that knows how to spend money.

so i picked up the call and placed the phone on my ear.

📱Hello baby…

📱Good morning daddy, how was your night?…

📱My night was blissful and yours?…

📱It was fine too…

📱Okay.. That your friend what's that her name again yeah Anita I want her…

📱Oh sorry daddy she's no longer in the business anymore, she doesn't even stay with us anymore…

📱Okay then you will have to do it for me, there is a conference party you have to accompany me to tomorrow…

📱As long as money is involved am always available you know…

📱I'm going to pay you ₦500.000…

📱Come on daddy₦500.000 is way too small ₦700.000 will do…

📱Okay then dress up my driver is coming to pick you up by 1pm…

📱Okay daddy bye…

And he hang up.
so this is what Anita would have collected from me now.

At least am happy she's out of this apartment because apart from Stella she's another girl senators like alot.

I can't just wait until tomorrow.i think I will go for shopping to buy makeup kits.

Because mine has finished.

My mind flashed back to Fred and his beautiful wife.

I can't loose hope on getting him to date me he can be married but who cares.

If I have to buy an attraction oil online to get him I will do it.

But I most say his wife is fucking pretty i swear.

👧Nnenna's Pov👧
Learning how to cook is really stressful but the outcome is really worth it.

At least I will be able to prepare for for myself and anyone.

Nneka has thought me how to cook, white rice and stew same with beans and yam porridge my favorite.

But she haven't thought me how to cook soup she said we will learn it by tomorrow since am tired.

I noticed papa is very hungry but I know nneka will never give him food.

Yes he is too wicked to be treated with mercy but what happens when you don't have the heart to do that.

Nneka went out to take a walk.
she asked me to join her but I refused not because I didn't want to but because I wanted to give papa food.

He needs to be alive to meet his karma and I can't risk it.

Mum she left i dished out some food for Papa and went to the parlour were he was sitting.

‘Papa I know you are hungry and it's been a while you ate good food so this is your food…'

‘Thank you so much…' he said and I nodded and left him to enjoy his food.

I only did what I did because it's papa and even mama will not be happy that we let papa die of hunger.

But for chioma let her not go and learn how to cook.

Nowadays all she does is walking around the village maybe so that any rich guy will notice her.

I laugh in Spanish.

Does she think that's how to find a husband.

Am so happy ulinma left this house, if she didn't leave maybe our eyes wouldn't have opened.

Ulinma is a girl I know that has a lovely heart and also a good personality.

If I was the one in her situation then i would have even everyone in this house poison but she didn't do that.

I guess that's why good gave her a lovely husband.

I saw chioma coming back to the house and I couldn't help but shake my head.

she doesn't even have a little atom of shame inside her.

She's still going around trying to contact Fred ulinma's husband all in the name that ulinma stole her husband.

Somethings I begin to wonder if she is mentally ill.

Few hours later……🍣🍣
I heard my name from inside and it was Papa that was calling me.

I guess he has finished eating.

So i went to the parlour and he smiled at me, food is really life my father now looked refreshed.

He thanked me and i cleared up the table and took the plates to the kitchen.

when I got to the kitchen.
I started washing the plates.

Am really wondering how papa will cope when school resumes next semester.

Anyway until then maybe they will see a small girl to serve them.

After washing the plates, I went into our room only to see chioma on her bed operating her phone.

I guess she has repaired it.

I walked pass her to the small bathroom to take my bath.

After talking my bath I wore a simple cloth and collapsed on the bed to take a nap.



End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 14
How do you see this episode?

what do you think is gonna happen next?
Only one way to find out.

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