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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 15

My village wife
My pretty lunatic

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter
A Nigerian story…

Episode 15

Fred's Pov
After a little while my stupid secretary came in again.

She better mind her business this time if not am going to grace her with a thunderous slap.

Am not just ready for her nonsense at the moment not now that am missing my pretty angel.

‘Sir your meeting with the Gideon's empire is in five minutes…'

‘Okay any other thing?…'

‘Ehhh sir can I come with you to the conference dinner party but not as your date since you said you are going with your wife…'

‘What are you going to do there if I may ask…'

No response.

‘Let me make it very clear to you, I am attending the conference dinner party with my wife alone. No idiot no bitch just my pretty damsel…'

‘Okay sir…'

‘Good now get the fuck out of my office and wait for me at the hall…' I said and she nodded and left.

Whore I coursed under my breathe.

I arranged the important files on my office table and stood up to the exit.

Of course after putting my important files into my briefcase.

I intend on going home straight after the meeting with the Gideon's empire.

I am missing my wife so badly and I don't think i can concentrate with work knowing fully well a pretty lady is at me house.

When I got to the meeting hall to my surprise I saw a young man around my age sitting on the chair waiting for me with my good for nothing secretary flirting with him.

What a bitch.

I cleared my throat and the fool I call a secretary looked towards my direction and left the young man.

Fool i thought.

‘Sir you're here…' she said and I just nodded.

‘Good day Mr Fred uchemba…'

‘Same to you and you are?…'

‘I'm adekunle Gideon and I am Mr Gideon's first son, sorry he would have been the person present for this meeting but his at the hospital as we speak…'

‘Oh please do sent my greetings…'

‘Yes i will…'

‘Then let's get to work…' I said with a smile.

Few hours later……💧💧
After three long hours of stressful meeting it finally came to an end and I started walking out of my company to the garage.

‘Sir! sir!…'

I heard someone calling me and that made me to stop on my track and when i turned i saw my good for nothing secretary running towards me.

‘Sir are you going home?…' she asked.

What type of useless question is that or has she suddenly gone blind i thought.

‘What does it look like am going or do you suddenly need glasses?…'

‘I'm very sorry sir but what about the dinner meeting with Miss Timi?…'

‘Where you deaf when I told you to cancel the dinner meeting huh?…'

‘Oh sorry sir my bad…'
she said laughing nervously.

‘Sorry for your stupid self…' I said and walked out living her standing like a fool that she is.

When I got to the garage the security handed my keys over to me and I went into my car ready to go home when my phone started ringing.

Who the fuck can that be.

I brought out my phone and checked the caller ID and it was my friend Tosin.

So i quickly picked up the call.

📲Hey dude what's up?

📱Am good man and you how is work and my beautiful wife?

📲My wife is fine and work too, were you invited to the conference dinner party holding tomorrow?

📱Yes I was invited and that's even the reason why i called you.

📲Oh so what the matter?

📱I don't have a date for the meeting and I really want to go for the meeting Tobi said he isn't gonna go.

📲Oh that's really a big problem, what about that your house girl what's that her name again?

📱You mean Jenifer?

📲Exactly what about her can't you take her for the conference dinner party as your date huh?

📱That's a lovely idea man thanks.

📲Yeah good bye.


He said and I hang up.

I oned the ignition of the car and drove off.

After few hours drive plus traffic i got home and the security opened the gate for me and i drove in.

I packed the car at the garage and came out took my briefcase and went inside the house.

Only to see my pretty damsel sleeping at the couch at the living room.

I blend down and kissed her full pink lips making her to mutter some words in her sleep.

I don't know what this girl is doing to me but what ever it is I love it.

I saw how uncomfortable she was on the couch so i dropped my briefcase on the center table and carried her bridal style to my room.

Or will i say our room because from now onwards i want us to start sleeping on the same room.

I placed her slowly on the king size bed and went back to the living room and took my briefcase.

I dropped it near my reading table and quietly went to the bathroom to take my bath.

💘Tosin's Pov💘
After the call with Fred I went downstairs only to see Jenifer my house maid clearing the dinning table.

Let me tell you a secret promise me you won't tell anyone one.

pinky swear.

I have been crushing on this ever since the day my mom brought her to my house.

But the problem is she's too scared of me that sometimes I feel bad.

And now how do I tell her about the conference dinner party without her fricking out.

After she was done clearing the dinning table she went to the garden to water the flowers.

And I had to go over to the balcony so i will be able to see her from there.

I think i have to tell her because I don't have a choice here.

So i went to the garden to meet her and immediately she noticed me her eyes widened in shock.

‘Good afternoon sir…' she greeted.

‘Jenifer how many times have i warned you to stop calling me Sir…'

‘I am s…Sorry sir…i mean Tosin…' she stuttered nervously.

‘Good and Jenny i need your help…'

‘On what exactly sir…i mean Tosin…' she said

‘There is a conference dinner party i have to attend tomorrow and the rules of the party is that you most come with a lady, so i will love you to join me…'

‘O…okay but I don't have anything good to wear for the occasion…'

‘Don't worry I will get a good dress for you…'

I replied and said nodded with a smile.
and I returned her smiles and left.

When I got to my room i punched the air happily and quickly took my phone and order a dress and shoes online.

The only thing I have to do tomorrow is to call a stylist to make her hair and makeup.

I can't wait for tomorrow to reach.

🤎Chioma's Pov🤎
I watching nnenna as she slept on her bed and all I felt for them was hatred and anger.

How dare them make mockery of me in this house just because I choose not to learn how to cook.

I know they think i can't make Fred mine but i promise them i will even if it means selling my soul to the devil.

I was going through my contacts when i came across the number of my old friend Simi.

We were room mates back then in school and we were really close.

And she also based in Lagos.
I think I have to beg her so I can come over to Lagos and stay with her.

I can get Fred staying here in the village with this devils I call sisters in this house.

Plus what if they go back to school how am I gonna cope.

No one in this village will release her child as maid if am in this house.

A notification came into my phone and when I checked it, I was surprised to see that my sister nneka already has 600k followers on IG.

While nnenna has 400k followers, and am still on 10k followers.

No this can't be happening.

I quickly dialed simi's number and it started ringing.

I have to get the fuck out of this village if I have to get Fred.



End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 15

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