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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 17

My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…


💓Ulinma's Pov💓
I woke up only to see myself in Fred's bedroom and i was really baffled.

Because am very certain i slept off on the couch at the living room.

I heard running water at the bathroom and then it occurred to me that Fred was home already.

But is it not too early to come back home from work, it just …

Oh my gosh!

I didn't know i slept for so long.
it's already 4 o'clock in the evening.

I was about coming down from the bed when the running water stopped and Fred came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

Holy moly!

His so handsome with six packs and a little muscler body just the way i like it.

He held the hem of the towel with a sexy smirk on his beautiful face.

“Babe no need of you drooling over me am all yours, you can start fucking me for real and not with your eye but first am so hungry…”

He said making my face heat up immediately he mentioned the word fuck.

I began to wonder why he hasn't done anything with me yet.

Before i came to Lagos mama told me there are somethings couples do except kissing.

And she also told me anytime Fred asks me to remove my clothes i should obey him.

But ever since we came here.
like close to two weeks now he hasn't told me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed.

I felt a hand on my thighs and that made me snap back to reality.

I smiled shyly at him and he smiled back and bit on his lower lip seductively.

To my surprise his hand traveled to my pants.

I was only putting on a big shirt with no bum short only a G-string pant which was easy to remove.

He used his left hand to part my legs and he took his hand into my pants, making me gasp.

This is the first time since I was born that a guy is touching me intimately.

He came on top of me and started kissing me.

I wasn't much of a good kisser so i just let him do his thing while i enjoy the feeling.

To my surprise i didn't even know when i grabbed his neck and deepened the kiss.

What really wrong with me this feeling is so new to me and it's driving me crazy.

Damn! His lips, it thirst like orange juice.

His left hand traveled in between my legs massaging my pu*sy.

“Hmm……” I moaned into his mouth.

His strong protective hands traveled down my waist and started unbuttoning my shirt.

I don't know what he was doing but I certainly don't want him to stop it.

After he succeed in removing my shirt leaving me on only a lace bra and G-string pant.

I started feeling self conscious.

“Babe am not doing it now i just want you to have a thirst of what you do to me everyday…”

He said and squeezed my breast with my lace bra on.

I drove my hands to his hair and clutched on it.

“Argggh……” I bemoaned when his cold hands traveled to my back and he removed my bra.

“Fuck…” he cursed immediately his eyes came in contact with my two round breast.

Without warning he took one of my round breast into his mouth and started sucking on it like an infant feeding from his mother.

“Hmm……” I bemoaned.
The feeling was something i couldn't explain.

When he had done justice to both breast he kissed down my stomach.

And i shivered at his touch.
Mama told me a woman's first time is normally painful.

I guess she lied because this feels like heaven.

To my surprise he started pulling my pants down my legs without breaking eye contact with me.

When my pants was out of my body completely I started feeling scared.

And like a flash Fred buried his face in between my legs and started running his wet tongue on my pu*sy.

“Arggh……” I screamed in pleasure.

He continued doing it until i felt my stomach tighten.

“F…fr…Fred i want t…to pee…” i stuttered with tear in my eyes not because it hurt.

But because the pleasure was traveling me wide.

“P…p…Please …” I pleaded.

“Cum for me baby…” he uttered and just like a flash my organ tore off me.

He smiled and left me while i was breathing hard.

“Come let me get you cleaned up…” he said and I nodded and he carried me bridal style into the bathroom.

Few hours later……🌮🌮
Fred and i was sitting at the living room watching a movie titled ‘Lucifer morning star' and I must say the movie is really interesting.

I was sitting in between his legs with my head resting on his board chest.

And his left hand was in between my legs teasing my private part.

He has already informed me about the conference dinner party i was going to accompany him to.

Not only that he has already bought me a dress for the occasion.

My phone vibrated so i had to pick it up to read the message.

And it was from nnenna my cousin sister.

💬Please ulinma be very careful chioma is now at Lagos and she's coming for your husband.💬

she sent with a picture of a lady attached to it.

immediately Fred saw the picture he burst into a hilarious laughter.

“Isn't this the bitch from the other day?…”

he asked and i nodded feeling scared.

“Ulinma you don't need to be scared i love you and i am gonna do anything within my powers to protect what's mine okay…”

He said making me smile shyly.

If this is what they call love then I want to be in love with Fred forever.

🤎Chioma's Pov🤎
When I got to Lagos state airport a smile appeared on my face.

The first thing i saw was a Fred and ulinma on a very big billboard.

And my anger arose the more.
why most she be the only one with all the good things huh?

I took my phone immediately and dialed simi's number and after few rings she picked up.

it was already getting late and i needed to rest my head.

📱I have already seen you girl.

She said and ended the call and in less than few seconds she came to me.

“Chi baby you are really looking good…”

she said and i smiled.

“And you're not looking bad either…”

“Okay let's go…” she said and i followed her from behind.

We both entered a taxi and the driver drove off.

After few minutes of driving he car finally came to a hint at a back gate.

And we got down.
she helped me with my bags and we went inside.

When we got to the room i saw about five girls in the room dressing up.

“Hey girl this is chioma my best friend, she will be staying with us and doing what we do from now on…”

Simi said and the girls welcomed me.

Simi told me we will be going to the club to look for clients and i accepted.

As if I have a chance.

People has to do certain sacrifices to reach there destination.

And i am more than ready to sell my body to achieve my aim.

which is getting married to Fred.

And making ulinma's life a living hell.

I went into the modern bathroom and took my bath.

After that i dressed up in the skimp dress Simi gave me and also applied heavy makeup on my face.

The two of us ordered a cab and in few minutes it arrived

And the driver drove us to a strip club and we got in.

Few hours later……⚜️⚜️
I was booked by one old my like that and he took me to a VIP sult at the club.

This is one of those sacrifice.
it not like am a virgin anyway of course i started having sex

since I was in secondary school
so it's not a biggie to me.

I can't just wait for Fred to me mine.
a smile appeared on my face at the thought of that.



End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 17

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