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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 18

My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 18💗

❣️ Fred's Pov❣️
When my wife showed me the picture of the lady her stupid cousin was gonna stay with i couldn't help but laugh.

At first when i first saw ulinma's cousin, what's that her name again chioma.

I immediately knew her type and that why i said she was ugly.

She's isn't ugly at all but to me good face with a bad character is the real ugliness.

And to say she's that bitch's friend makes her even worst than before and I mean it.

I am the happiest man in the world to have a beautiful lady like ulinma as my wife.

She's god sent.
infact she was made specifically for Fred uchemba.

I glanced at her one more time and a smile appeared on my face.

Maybe she not the type that stays out late at night because she's already at sleep on my chest.

My mind flashed back to what happened few hours ago between the two of us and i smiled.

I felt like making love to her but i had to hold myself because she's too fragile.

So i want to take things slowly, she's mine anyway so why should i hasten it.

After a while i looked at the wall clock and it was already 10 o'clock in the night.

so i gradually too the popcorn box from her and carried her bridal style into our bathroom.

I placed her slowly on the bed and lyed on the bed beside her and sleep took over.

Next day……🌥️🌥️
After my morning routine i went downstairs since i wasn't going to work today because of the conference dinner party.

I sat on the living room, picked up the TV remote control and on it.

My beautiful wife was in the kitchen making breakfast.

The truth is if anyone had told me a month ago that i won't be going to the club anymore to look for bitches to fuck, i won't have believe it.

We took breakfast together and then she came to join me at the living room.

There is still enough time since the fucking conference dinner party is by 3 o'clock in the evening.

Ulinma was sitting on the couch beside me with her legs on my lap and i was busy giving her a foot massage.

All of a sudden the door bell rang.
am very sure that's not the security because after ringing the doorbell we would have walked in.

Come to think of it how dare him open my gate for anybody without my consent.

I looked at my wife and she was fast at sleep on the couch with her legs on my lap.

I ignored the doorbell and took my wife into the bedroom before coming back to answer the door.

When i opened my door to my surprise the person at the door was my stupid secretary Linda.

“Good morning sir…”

“Yeah so what are you doing at my house my this time of the day shouldn't you be at the office?…” I asked and the anger in my voice was very visible.

“Ehhh… sir i came to see if you are fully prepared for the conference dinner party…” she replied and i started wondering where she was driving at.

At first i looked at her from head to toe and she was wearing a very skimpy dress.

“So how is that any of your business or is it 3 o'clock huh?…”

“No sir it not yet time for the con…Conference dinner party…” she stuttered.

“So if i may asked what says the time on your wristwatch?…” I asked.

“Ehhh it's just past 11 o'clock sir…”

“Then what really are you doing in my house my this time of the day and wait did you wear this nonsense to work together?…” I fired angrily and she moved backwards in fear.

“I mean sir…” she was about saying when i cut her off.

“Linda get the fuck out of my house, and more thing if you repeat this rubbish next time consider yourself fired…” I said and her eyes widened in shock.

“Yes sir it wouldn't repeat itself again…” she replied and ran out.

“Idiot…” I caused under my breathe.

I wonder why girls of nowadays don't just keep there wide p***y at a place huh?

♥️ Linda's Pov♥️
I thought that he was kidding when he said he was going to the conference dinner party with his so called wife.

I have gone to work this morning i just took time in getting myself fixed.

because i thought he was going to take me to the dinner party but I guess i was wrong.

I ran out of his house and borded a taxi to the office because tomorrow is going to be a hot day for me if i don't finish the work he gave me.

When i got to the company i payed the taxi driver and started walking inside.

While i was passing everyone kept looking at me disgustingly and that made me to wonder why.

It then flash to my mind that i dressed like a slut to the company and as a secretary i should dress well.

I started hearing some of the workers making hateful comments towards me.

👥Look at what she's wearing.

👥She's such a slut for dressing like this to work.

👥Maybe she thinks she can continue seducing the boss but unfortunately for her the boss is married.

I couldn't listen to it anymore so i ran into my office and shot the door.

I feel so stupid because even after everything i couldn't even see my boss's wife.

Her account is on private so it's had to see her pictures.

Why can't Mr Fred uchemba love me huh?

❣️ Fred's Pov❣️
After that stupid secretary of mine was long gone i decided to continue watching my movie.

I wasn't actually enjoying the movie maybe because my baby girl was with me.

And i just kept looking at the wall clock to see if it was already time for the conference dinner party but the time was slow.

I have already called a makeup artist and hair stylist to get her fixed.

I bought her a red long dress with a diamond all over the dress.

The dress has an opening at the back and another opening from the end of the dress to her bid thighs.

I can't just wait to see her on the dress i swear.

Few hours later……🎀🎀
The stylist and makeup artist came in few hours ago and they aren't done yet.

I have finished dress up for 45 minutes now and patiently waiting for them to finish.

The time was already 2:30 and we have not even left the house yet.

After a little while i started hearing foot steps from the steps and when i turned my mouth dropped.

She was no longer on her natural hair but her was styled beautifully.

She was wearing a bone straight human hair, the dress hugged around her body bringing out her killer curves.

Her nails where beautifully polished and she applied light makeup.

she was wearing a transparent heels and a matching bag.

She cleared her throat making me snap back to reality.

I smiled at her and she smiled shyly, i paid the makeup artist and stylist and they left.

“Shall we?…” i ask making her laugh.

“Yeah…” she replied and i locked my hand with hers and we walked out of the house to the garage.

Since my queen was looking so beautiful today i didn't to ride on my new Lamborghini 2020 model.

I opened the door for my queen and she got in, I helped her gather her dress then closed the car door.

After that i got into the driver sit and on the ignition while the security opened the door.

I looked at my prince one more time and drove off.

i hope we get there on time for the red carpet because i want the paparaza to go wild.



End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 18

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