Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 2

My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 2💗
(The marriage preparation🌴🥳)

👵Mama comfort's Pov👵
Ever since oluchi nma's mother died I took it upon myself to protect her.

I was with her the day she gave birth to nma.

Here in this village giving birth without a husband is like a taboo and immediately you do they start behaving as if you are an outcast.

And oluchi's case wasn't different even after the whole village knew she was raped.

Even when her brother who should have stood by her turned his back on her after she refused aborting her child.

I took her in.

The poor girl was just 16 years old when she was brutally raped on her way back from the steam.

She made me make a promise to her that I will always protect ulinma her daughter.

And hearing her complain to me everyday about the ill treatment she's getting from her uncle and his mannerless children, it breaks my heart.

She has been a helping hand to me since she clocked four.

I thought her how to read and write because, I see her just like my own daughter.

Nowadays I just can't take my eye off her beautiful face.

My husband has been telling my son Fred that he needs to pick a wife but his not showing interest in it.

Fred is a playboy and I don't want him to contact any sexually transmitted diseases.

His my only child and if anything happens to him I don't think I can survive it.

Last month my husband brought up this topic of Fred getting married to ulinma and I bought to it.

Ulinma is not only beautiful with nice body structure, but she also a wife material.

Unlike Mbakwe her uncle that refused to give his children good home training.

Image three grown up girls that will one day go into a man's house as his wife, but yet they can't cook or even do house choirs.

And yet if you ask Mbakwe he will say his children don't need to do house choirs because they will get married to rich men.

My husband has already gone to his house to ask for ulinma's hand in marriage and he accepted.

The whole people in this village think my son is mad and that's the reason why I send him abroad.

So when my husband asked for ulinma's hand in marriage Mbakwe accepted thinking his marrying ulinma out to a mad man.

I can't wait to shock them on that day of the introduction.

That's the reason why I told Fred am not feeling well because if I tell him about the marriage he won't come.

I know he likes women so much talk less of when he sees ulinma.

My son loves bre*st a lot.
Don't ask me how I know because that boy sucked on my bre*st for complete three and half years.

Funny right but that's by the way.

I have lot of things to do today.

I just came back from the market and prepared my son's favorite meal because I know his coming today as long as I told him am sick.

My son's favorite meal is egusi soup served with fufu.

And am done preparing it already, but yet ulinma isn't here.

She helped me go to the farm a day before yesterday to uproot cassava and yesterday we peeled it

And today she should come help me with the frying.

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when I saw her running into the compound with her best friend Ngozi.

And a smile appeared on my face.

‘Nne good afternoon…' they greeted in union.

‘Morning umuoma how was your day?…' I say in Igbo and they replied positively.

Her friend later left and the two of us set to work.

I wanted to help her do the filtering but she refused making me smile.

‘ehh nne I heard my uncle's children mocking me saying Papa came to ask for my hand in marriage for your son that is mad…'

‘Nne is it true?…' she asked with a smile, I guess she's happy to live her uncle's house.

‘Yes it's true ulinma, but my son is not mad you will be shocked when you see him…'

‘Don't left your uncle's children no his not mad but when ever they mock you tell them at least you're getting married before that ugly one, what is that her name again ehhh chioma…' I said and she started laughing.

‘Okay Mama…' I replied blushing and I pinched her cheek playfully making her blush even harder.

Wether you like it or not Fred this is your wife.
♥️ Some where in the city♥️
💜Tosin's Pov💜
After the sex series at the club I came home only to see my maid still awake.

I was about walking pass her since she was busy watching TV when my eye landed on he a*s.

what the f*ck this girl is so sexy.
Why haven't I noticed it since?

Anyway that will be a work for another day I thought and started going upstairs to my room,

when she noticed my presence.

‘Sir welcome…' she said in shock and I just nodded and continued my journey.

Next morning……💗💗
The sound of my phone woke me up and I stood up and took my phone.

And it was a massage from Fred so I had to open it.

✉️'Hey dude sorry for waking you up…'✉️

✉️'No problem dude …'✉️I sent back.

✉️'I have been trying to reach the others but there line isn't reachable, please I won't be able to meet up with you guys today and tomorrow…'✉️

✉️'Why man?…'✉️

✉️'My mom just called that she's very sick and my attention is needed in the village so I am almost done preparing.…'✉️

✉️'Okay dude I gat u covered…'✉️

Wow today is gonna be boring I swear.
🌱At the village🌱
💖Fred's Pov💖
I took the available flight down to the village.

Of course I flu with my car.

With my goggles map I was able to locate my father's village and I most say I missed this place so much.

When I got to the stream i stopped my car when I saw a young lady around my age to ask her for direction.

‘Excuse me young lady please can you direct me to Mr Levy uchemba's compound?…' I asked and she blushed.

what's wrong with this ugly thing I thought.

‘Ehhh you are at the right track, just keep going straight you will get to a junction take your left the first compound you see is his…'

she concluded and I smiled took my hand into my pocket and brought out a bundle of ₦500 note and gave it to her.

I didn't wait for her to thank me and I drove off.

In no time I was already at my father's compound.

But to my surprise when I packed my car and after greeting my dad who was sitting outside the house.

I got to the kitchen only to see my mom and a very beautiful girl , and when I mean beautiful I meant every bit of it.

I couldn't take my eyes off her until my mom cleared hee throat.

Such a kill joy.

‘Mom I thought you said you were sick?…' I asked without greeting and the pretty angel looked at mom surprisingly.

‘I tricked you into coming home because since you don't want to get a wife for yourself, your father and I has decided to pick a wife for you…' she said and I was short of words.

‘Mom I don't get you?…' I said.

‘Fredric uchemba this is ulinma your wife to be, ulinma this is my son Fred your husband to be…' she introduced.

i wasn't angry much because the girl in question is so f*cking pretty.

Let's say and just shocked because I never knew my mom can be such a badass.

All this while the beauty never said a word.

‘Welcome…' she finally said with her head bowed and only hearing her voice made my d*ck twist.

I just smiled and started making my way into the house when my mom spoke up.

‘Nna get ready the introduction is tomorrow…'

Oh God what happens to all those Lagos bitches.

I swear this girl is gonna suffer in my hands.

She's extremely beautiful yes, but she's not my class.

I looked at her pretty face one more time while she was frying garri.

And then I worked into the house and my mom followed me from behind.

‘Nwokoma go and take your bath while I serve you favorite food…' she said and I smiled this woman sure knows a way of bribing me.😋

I kissed her cheek and rushed into my room to take my bath.

can't just wait to enjoy my egusi soup and fufu.


😍Chioma's Pov😍
I decided to take a little walk since ulinma that stupid pretty bastard child has already gone out.

When Papa told me she was getting married I got really angry but when he told me it was Papa Levy's mad son i was so happy.

But still am wondering how we are going to cope without her in the house.

When school resumes my younger sisters will go back to Enugu where they are schooling living only me at home.

I can't cook nor clean so how will I cope, maybe I will tell Papa to get a maid.

I just can't wait for tomorrow being the introduction so I will mock her the more.

Since her mad husband is coming.

I was still taking a walk when a very handsome man stopped me to ask for direction to Papa Levy's compound.

with the way he speaks I think his from abroad.

After giving him direction, he gave me lots of money and before I can ask for his name he drove off.

Immediately my heart started beating fast.

I think am in love with this guy, oh god please made me see him again.

I have finally gotten myself a husband.

I can't wait to boast about it in front of ulinma.

I immediately ran back home singing happily.

🎼Am getting married ooo🎼

T. B. C……
I think my stomach is doing me somehow🥺🥺

Someone should prepare egusi soup and fufu for me nah🤣🤣

End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 2

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