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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 5

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2nd December 2023

My village wife
My pretty lunatic

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter
A Nigerian story…

Episode 05

Fred’s Pov
My mom told me, one of the major reason why she arrange for the marriage between beauty and I.

Don’t ask me why I started calling her beauty.
Because am not that good in speaking Igbo, so I asked my mom the meaning of ulinma.

She told be it means pearl of beauty.
So if i don’t call her beauty, I call her pearl two beautiful name that what her.

Her late mom but love her so much, that even when people told her to abort her baby she refused.

This morning I prepared my things.
I’m going back to the city today and am taking beauty with me so after getting ready.

I took my car keys while my parents saw me off.
And guess what i didn’t go straight to beauty’s house, I went to a town not too far from my village to buy her some modern cloth.

I bought her a yellow top and a nevy blue short.
One thing about me is that I love my woman sexy so she better adapt.

After buying the cloth and drove back to the village to her uncle’s house.

After few minutes of driving I finally got there.
I packed my car and came down.

I saw beauty wearing a very long dress, sitting outside.
Oh my god I think I took long before coming.

Immediately she saw me she smiled and stood up.

‘Good morning…’ she greeted shyly.

‘Morning beauty…’ I replied and handed her the shopping bag containing her clothes and footwear.

‘What am I going to do with the bag?…’ she asked with a confused expression on her face.

I looked up only to see the ugly duckling.
Guess she’s her uncle children mom told me about.

Two more girls came out and then her uncle.

‘Beauty the bag I gave you contains clothes and footwear, I don’t like what you’re wearing so go and change…’ I said and she nodded with a smile.

‘But what about my bags?…’ she asked.

‘I will put them into the car…’ she nodded and ran inside.

‘Good morning young man…’ her uncle greeted.

‘Good morning sir, I came to pick my wife sorry for waking you up…’ I said with a smile.

‘That’s good but are you sure you can marry her? She’s a lunatic…’ he said and his ugly daughter kept blushing like an idiot.

‘Let me correct you sir a very pretty lunatic at that, yes I can marry her infact am already married to her…’ I said and took her bag and started loading them into the car.

Her uncle went inside same with his two twin daughters who are around beauty’s age.

But the ugly duckling stayed behind.
After a while she started walking towards my direction but I pretended as if i didn’t see her.

‘Hi good…morning handsome…’ she said.

I looked around as if i wasn’t the one she’s talking to.

‘Excuse me are you talking to me?…’ I asked.

She laughed like a lunatic and nodded.

‘Hmmm okay…’

‘I know you’re been forced by your parents to marry ulinma, I love you so much and I will like you to marry me…’ she said and I started laughing hard.

‘You see yes my parents forced me into marrying ulinma, and I accepted because she’s very very very very beautiful…’ I replied.

‘Me am I not very beautiful?…’ she asked seductively and that alone wanted to make me puke.

‘Have you seen a gorilla before?…’ I asked.

‘Yes I have when I went to a zoo…’ she replied .

‘Wanted to ask you the first day I saw you if you are in anyway related to a gorilla because girl you’re fucking ugly…’ I said with an evil smirk on my face.

Her eyes became watery and she ran out in tears.

I wouldn’t have insulted her but why trying to snatch her cousin’s husband.

I noticed someone’s presence behind me so I turned to see who it was a immediately my landed at the figure before me my mouth dropped.

So this is what she has been hiding behind those long oversized dresses.
🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
While I was coming out nneka saw me.
I was about walking pass her before she said.

‘Ulinma the cloth looks good on you…’

Huh? Did nneka just compliment my dress ? That’s new…

‘Thank you nneka, that dress I wore yesterday is inside the shopping bag in my room you can take it…’ I said and she jumped up happily.

And gave me a hug.

I noticed nneka likes me but her dad doesn’t want any of his children to like me.

We disengaged from the hug and I said good bye to her and started going out.

I saw chioma running out in tears and when she saw me she stopped.

‘ulinma God will judge you for stealing my husband and also turning him against me…’ after saying that she ran pass me.

Are you sure she’s not mad… I thought.

When I got outside Fred has already loaded my bags into the car.

When he noticed my presence he turned and when he saw me his mouth dropped.

He started looking at my hips.
This is why I don’t wear this type of clothes.

It too short.
I cleared my throat and he regained consciousness.

And opened the car door for me and I got in slowly.
This is my first time of entering a car.

She also entered and he drove off.

We drove for few hours until we got to an express road.
Everywhere was so beautiful.

I was just looking at the window with a smile on my face.

‘Hmmm Fred this house looks like mountain ooo…’ I said and he laughed.

‘Come on beauty that a modern house, and guess what my house is even more bigger than that one…’ he said.

‘Ehhh that one is no longer a house nah…’

‘If it’s not a house what is it?…’ he asked.

‘That’s paradise nah…’

He even laughed the more.

At least my husband is not bossy .

‘Ulinma it’s like you have lots of things to learn, have you seen a plane before?…’

‘You mean aeroplane yes nah in the air…’

‘don’t worry you’re going to see it now…’

Few hours later……
We reach the place Fred said it airport and he came down and opened the door for me and I came down.

He held my hand and we started going into the place.

After a while of what ever he was founded with one man like that, that was wearing uniform.

We left.

I nearly fainted when I saw a very very very big aeroplane it was as big as a house.

He held my hand and we entered the very big aeroplane.
The inside was so fine ehhh.

We sat on one of the chairs and he helped me to lock something that looks like rope.

They call it sit belt.

Can’t wait to call ngozi and gist her.

Some many enjoyment in just one day.
❣ Nneka’s Pov
I’m so happy ulinma is out of this house, let me see how my father and two sisters will cope.

There is something they don’t know about me.
I can cook all thanks to ulinma.

I want to punish them.
All of them will die of hunger in this house.

Papa left for a meeting.
Nnenna went to visit her course mate while chioma left the house to take a walk after crying her eye out.

She’s the most foolish person I have ever since, how can you say someone stole your husband.

A guy that doesn’t even know if you exist.

I quickly went to the kitchen to prepare myself sometimes to eat.

Few hours later……💗💗
I was already done eating, I washed the plate and kept the whole things in other.

Then went into my room to take a nap.

I went to the bathroom with a bucket of cold water and took my bath.

After taking my bath I dressed up in a singlet and small short i collapsed on my bed and sleeped off.

We all have beds but ulinma sleeps in a mat.

I hope her husband treats her well


End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 5

How is this episode ?

What’s gonna happen next?


Artist Name; Ulinma (My Village Wife)

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