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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 6

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2nd December 2023

My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 06💗
(The drama🤣)

💖Fred’s Pov💖
We were half way on the journey when beauty slept off.

She slept off after all her blabbing on how she’s going to be awake in all the journey.

I wonder how this pretty girl manages to make me laugh.

I looked at her pretty face one more time and a smile appeared on my face.

So I have her all to myself.
am sure she’s still a virgin and she’s gonna thirst like heaven.

But how am I gonna get her to let me fuck her.

she looks very naive.

I think this girl is using charm on me, I can’t remember how many times I have looked at her today.

My eyes immediately traveled to her exposed thighs and my dick twisted.

I slowly touched her legs.
it was so smooth and soft.

Her lips were partly open and i felt like kissing her.

She moved her body making me to compose myself.

Few minutes later……💗💗
The flight landed at Lagos state airport and I woke her up.

We came down from the plane took our logage and went to the car and i drove home.

when we got home it was already evening.

Her mouth dropped when we got to my house.

The security opened the gate and I drove in and packed at the garage.

I opened the car door and came down, the security guy was already taking our logage inside.

I helped ulinma with the door but she refused to come down.

‘Ulinma what’s the matter come down lets go inside…’ I said tiredly.

‘So you’re not going to use me for money ritual?…’ she asked in fear making me laugh.

‘Come on beauty why did you say that?…’ I asked.

‘You see ehh in mama’s television I use to see people like you who do it…’ she replied and I even laughed harder.

‘Ulinma come out jhari…’ I said and she removed her footwear and started following me with her.

‘Ulinma wear your footwear please…’ I said looking frustrated.

‘But this place is too clean to wear slippers…’ she replied with a confused expression.

Oh God save me from this girls wahala please.

‘Ulinma just wear it…’ I said and she immediately obeyed me.

We started walking inside.
when we got to the door i pressed my pass code and the door opened.

We stepped inside and I started showing her around.

First I took her to the kitchen.

I showed her how to use the cooker and after few minutes she was perfect with it.

she’s really a fast learner.

I can’t sleep in the same room with her, not that u don’t want to but because I can’t sleep with temptation.

I might rape her.

I showed her how to use a shower and left her.

And went to my room, it’s too late to cook so that will be by tomorrow.

I was about going to take a shower when a text came into my phone from obinna my best friend.

✉️’Hey dude what’s up?…’✉️

✉️’Am fine dude I just got back…’✉️

✉️’Woo that’s cool, we are coming to your house tomorrow morning remember men’s night…’ ✉️ immediately i read the text I nearly collapsed.

I know they are doing this because I told them my mom forced me to get married.

They just wanna see the girl.


I sent back am went to the bathroom.

Hope ulinma don’t fuck tomorrow up for me.

if she does am gonna spank her ass so hard.
🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
Immediately Fred left my room i rush into the white man’s bathroom to feed my eyes.

Hummm I sighed.

He said this one that looks like rain is that did he call it again.

Yes! shower.🚿

And then this one that looks like a casket is jacuzzi.🛁

This one that looks like a pot is a toilet🚽.

I decided to take my bath with the rain, then tomorrow morning I will use the casket.

I step on the shower after scrubbing my body and enjoying the feeling of the water fall.

After a while I came out and went to my bag but I didn’t see it.


I went to a big box and the I opened it i saw set of new clothes.

And a smile appeared on my face, I think staying with my husband is going to be fun.

I wore a small bum short and singlet and collapsed on the bed and travelled to dreamland.
😲Chioma’s Pov😲
I came back home very late because i was busy moving around the village to see if there’s any rich man.

But I didn’t even see anyone.
Who knows the type of enjoyment ulinma is having right now.

While am here dieing of hunger.

I was passing when I saw ngozi ulinma’s best friend telling her friend that ulinma called her.

I pretended as if i was waiting for someone to hear what she was about to say

‘Chika ulinma called me she told me her and her husband went to Lagos by flight…’ she said and that alone got me angry.

I didn’t feel like listening anymore so I just went home.

Am I really ugly why does everyone keep telling me that.

When I got home I noticed someone was cooking.

And when I got to the kitchen I saw it was nneka my little sister.

How is that even possible.

‘Nneka You can cook?…’ I asked and she just looked at me and hissed.

‘Yes I can cook, ulinma thought me and guess what i came only cook for myself…’ she said and left with her food.

somebody tell me am dreaming.


End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 6

but at least am a little better now.

Anyway how is this episode?
700likes. 10long comments.
To unlock next episode🔓

Love you all🌹


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