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Unwanted Desires

👠✨{Living With A Male Sl∆t}👠✨
It was a matter of necessity. I literally had to do it to survive.
I knew his reputation, it preceded him, it was suicide yet I had no other option.
I had to live and get married to a male sl@t.
Desires arose, I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. It was unplanned and unwanted but I still wanted him.

I'll drown myself within him and get consumed at the end. I'll get heartbroken so I should stay away.

All sense of reasoning gone like the wind. Only one thing was sure, I had to have a taste and quench this desire.

The story begins💅🏾
“Fu*k! F*ck! Go baby!! “The bicth kept shouting as I drove in and out my thick long length womb shifter johnthomas in her.

When I saw she was starting to get tired, I flip her on her four, loving the way flash slap flesh, I kept squeezing and slapping her ass cheek.

Increasing my pace, I started groaning as I continue drilling into her as*hole.
Minutes late, she came again making it five times already while I haven't not even once.

She was begging for me to stop when I haven't even have enough pleasure which I wanted before she came here.
I pulled out of her making her sit infront of me with one of my leg on her shoulder, bubbling my dk in and out of her mouth aggressively.

I made sure my Johnthomus was hitting the back of her throat. At least, the pay was enough to cover up the salary added to her allowances for 6 month.

She started chocking with blood mixed up with her spit, dripping from her mouth due to the force am using.

After half an hour of bubbling in her mouth, I finally spill my seed in her mouth. I pulled out of her making sure she swallowed all my precious seed.
I dropped her on the floor and pick my phone from the night stand.

Sending my right hand man to make two slut ready for the night work, I vacate the room for my bathroom in order to get rid of her scent on me.

After a hot shower, I walked out to meet the bitch still on the floor taking a shallow breath.

I took my bathroom Mop stick and use it pock her naked butt.
“I can't do another round again.” She said pleading while I gave out a dark laughter.

“I don't f@ck a bitch twice.” I said to her .” I aren't a bitch, am a celebrity, a model who everybody want. ”
She responded taking a deep breath.
“Oh really but you where the one begging for me to f@ck you.

“I said clothing myself while I pack all hers and dump it on her.
“Won't you at least carry me?” She questioned.

“Did I tell you I need an attachment, am a no man woman! And moreover, I give you five seconds to leave my compound. “I said putting my silver earring on.

She quickly pack her things causing me because she couldn't walk while she crawled out of my room.

“Sorry for making your leg not useful!” I yelled after her mockingly.
My phone started ringing and I picked up the call.

📞Hello. I said to the phone…
📞You didn't tell me the class you want the person to come from.
My right hand man said while I rolling my eyes.

📞Must I always have to remind you that I go for celebrities only?
I asked and he hung up.
I hissed slightly and faced the mirror. Now that that's settled, it's time for a little introduction.

I'm Damon King, twenty years of age. One of the richest man in the world. Am a multi billionaire who owns different bars, clubs and automobile industry in five different continent of the world.

Not to talk of country, state or areas. My company are like sand in almost all the country.

The only child. According to my mom, my father died in an accident when I was five.

In that accident, I lost some of my memories of what happened when I was zero years to five years.
Speaking of mom, she wants to see me today for something I know nothing about.

Walking into my awaited green sport car, I slide in so as my bag was also slides in. All my body guard quickly rush to their own car.

“Mom's place. ” I said to the driver without sparing him a glance, he brought the car to life and exited my home.
Leaning into my chair, I went through the mails and file that was sent by my personal assistant.

I crossed check it and made some corrections to it before signing and sending it to the Chinese investors…..
“Hey Mom, I said kissing both her cheek before settling in the sofa next to her.
“Son,” Mom called in a serious depressed tone.

“Mom what happened? Are sick.” I asked with concern.
“No, but promise me you will do me the favor I want you to do.” Mom said taking my hands.

I was reluctant but she seemed serious. I hate it when she's sad so I'm ready to do anything she asks.
“I promise to do it, since it will make you happy.”

“Good. I want you to get married son. Please.”
My eyes widened in bewilderment. I stood up in shock. She can't be serious.

“Son please don't drag it. If you really love me you'll get married. You know I don't have much time.”
“That's not…”

“You know son. Please just get married please.”
I hated her getting sad. I just had to do this. For my mother.
“Alright. I will.”

I gave in hoping I wouldn't regret this.
*Two Weeks Later*
“Chloe Hasting, I've been watching you. I'll make you an offer. Get married to me and I'll give you the project you've been vying for. Just one year and then we get a divorce. It's that simple.”

I stated staring at the woman in front of me. She opened her mouth to speak…
“It better be a yes. There would be perks that come with this arrangement.”
She shut her lips in deep thoughts.

She complied and I nodded my head.
“Do you Damon King take Chloe Hasting to be your lawfully wedded husband.”
“I do.”
I responded. He repeated the same to Chloe

“I do.”
She responded making me sigh.
“Here we go.”
I sighed.
*One Month Later*
“This is a fake wedding remember?? Touch me and I'll beat u up!” I growled, turning around to face the other side of the bed.

Who does he thinks he is?? Trying to touch me when we both knew this is all just a fake wedding?? And he's also been been bringing in female whores and fucking them here.

And now he wants to touch me?? Ha! Not gonna happen.
“Try and stop me!” He cooed, his hands on my waist.
Just that slight touch and I was already feeling tingly. I need to escape and run to another room…

“Let go of me…I'll really kill you if you don't” I threatened, my voice came out shaky.
He laughed at my silly threat,” oh really?” He whispered into my ear and a shiver ran down my spine.

Oh boy, it's gonna be hard resisting him.
“Get away from me!” I tried again.
“Uh huh!” He cooed, his lips already on my neck.

“Aaaaahhhh” I turned around and jumped on him, smacking him on the cheeks hard, then I poked his eyes and jumped off him.

“Chloe come back here” he grunted, already on his feet…but his eyes were closed cuz I had poked him
“Catch me if you can” I giggled like a little girl and scurried out of the room.
Serves him right for trying to do whatever he wanted to do with me.

I stepped inside another empty room and locked the door behind me…Finally I'll be able to sleep in peace.

“Ready or not here I come” I heard his voice from outside. Wait what??
I had locked the door so there was no way he was gonna come in but I guess I was wrong. The key hole was turning and that means he has a spare key…

But like seriously what is wrong with this man?? He already told me straight to my face that this is just a fake wedding so why is he trying so desperately to sleep with me??

I quickly looked around…where do I hide??
Under the bed of course?? I crawled inside and stayed there. Few seconds later the door flew open and I could see his legs walking around the place.

Please don't find me…I chanted in my mind.
He opened the drawer and checked…he checked the bathroom…he checked under the table in the room…before I heard he sigh defeatedly then he turned and walked out of the room.

Thank goodness. I crawled back out of the bed and stood up, dusting my nightgown cuz the floor under the bed was a little dusty.

Then I looked up and gasped…
Oh no, he was right there standing by the door staring at me with a devious smirk on his face.

He took cunning steps towards me and I pointed a finger at him.
“D..don't closer…” I even stuttered.

“I will”
“I'm warning you” I added.
I tried to run past him and I immediately knew it was the most stupidest thing to do cuz he easily grabbed my hand and stopped me in my tracks…

whirling me back into his arms to face him.
“I'll scream!”
“Yes you will…I'll make you scream my name”
“I don't want to sleep with you, you sl∆t!” I raged out.

Then he became angry. He pushed me away from him, and scratched his hair…then he looked at me again.
“Get out of my house!”

“Now you're just crazy” I retorted.
“Chloe…” he called out in a warning tone.
“What? Why're you calling my name? Just few seconds ago you were the one who was chasing after me and now…”

I knew all of this i was saying wasn't getting into his head so I stopped there and grabbed a pillow.
“You know what?? I'll leave your house” I stalked away from him, out of the house.

I got outside and looked around. Dang it I forgot to pick up my phone. I turned around back into the house but the front door was already locked. Geez…Darn that God forsaking man with his stupid demands!

I banged on the door and called out his name for almost an hour but he refused to come. Oh what do I do now? Ugh! He's so annoying like I should just rip his head off.

Who would ever fall in love with this man? What do those women see in him that they would willingly throw theirselves on him? Just so disgusting.
This concludes that I'll be sleeping outside today.

Kira, Mrs King was at the basement doing the laundries when the doorbell rang.

“Damon get the door” Mrs King told him and he stood up and ran to get it with his little feet. Damon was only four years old at that time.

He was already tall enough to open the door and anytime the doorbell rang he got pretty excited about it.

He opened the door to reveal a little girl standing there. She had curly brown hair and hazel eyes…like the night sky. She was cute and had a pretty chubby face with all that cute baby fat.

An older woman stood beside the girl. He looked up to her as she smiled at him.
“Is your mum around?” The woman asked softly.

Mrs King came around the the woman introduced herself as Diana, Mrs Zachary and the little girl with her was two year old daughter Chloe Hasting.

They were the new neighbors moving in and very soon, Damon and Chloe found themselves always playing together.
“Common try to keep up” Damon said,

looking down behind him. They were climbing a tree and demon was far ahead of her. He had been climbing trees since he was two and he was now a pro at it.

He got to the final branch at the top of the tree and looked back down again.
“This is scary” Little Chloe gulped, trying to climb up to meet him.

“It's fun. Wait till you come here and see how awesome it is” he called back.
She had almost reached him when she tripped on her feet and yelled, Losing her balance and was about to fall when he quickly catch her hand and pulled her up.

Finally she sat down beside him…and then she looked down.
Holy moly it was so high!!!
Another scream escaped her lips as she hung on to him right like her life depended on it.

He chuckled at her behavior.
“It's so high!” She said against his chest, taking a peak back down and then screaming again.

“Are you sure?? Let's jump down from here and see” he teased and raised a leg, as if he was about to jump but she screamed again, more louder than before and he giggled.

After thirty minutes of continues scares, he finally climbed down the tree while she was too scared to.

“Just come down, like you climbed up!” He shouted from the ground, while she was still seated alone in the highest part of the tree, her eyes closed.

“What if I fall??” She inquired.
“I'll catch you!”
“Do you promise!?”
He nodded.

She whimpered as she slowly descended down the tree, trying not to look at the ground again.

She slipped again and fell down, screaming all the way but he caught her…
She was a little too heavy for him so when he caught her they both fell on the ground. Her head was on his chest and she pulled up to look him in the eye.

Her hazel eyes were something he could just keep staring at for the rest of his life.

When I layed back down on the bed last night, her scent was still lingering there so I tore away the bed sheet.
She annoys me.
She's stubborn.

She's so so…Ugh!
But then we are not in the same league. I'm somebody while she's a total nobody. She's suppose to be those kind of women who would gladly sleep with me and get some money at the end..

But this girl…Gosh why is it annoying me so much??
Just one night and she's already making me feel this annoyed towards her.

I couldn't even sleep for that night.
The next morning I saw her from the window. She was walking around the front porch with her blue nightie.

Her hair was very mused but she didn't seem to care.
She was thinking about some thing deeply as she kept walking around.

“I should poison and kill him!” She suddenly yelled and snapped her hands together.

“Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll kill him!” She added.
I chuckled silently…How cool of her.
She turned around sharply and looked up, and our eyes met…Those hazel eyes of hers were beautiful in the sunlight.
“You” she mouthed.

“You'll kill me??” I mouthed back.
I ignored her when my phone rang and I picked up the call. It was Louis, my right hand man.
“Sarah bulsky” he said.

“You know I don't care about the names right?” I rolled my eyes.
“She's an upcoming model. Camilla hotel…Room 415” he told me.

“Good…I'll be there soon”
I cut the call.
Since this fake wife won't give me what I need, another person has volunteered for the job and I am more that willing to give it to her.

I reached the hotel opening the door to show case one of the most pretty woman I've ever seen. I licked my lips ready for what would come next.
“Hi handsome.”

She said seductively taking off her clothes slowly.
Suddenly, the door burst open and Chloe was revealed.
“What the f®ck!”

“You scumbag!”
She yelled raising her hands up.
“After everything I've done for you! You cheat on me! You animal!”
She rushed slapping me.

“And you bitch!”
She rushed towards the model.
“I'm sorry, I didn't.”
Chloe had already delivered two slaps on her cheeks.
“Get the f©ck out!”

She screamed. The model ran out and I was beyond confused.
“What the f√ck was that!”
“You're welcome.”
She rolled her eyes seating on the bed.
“Has she gone mad!”

I thought watching her carefully.
“Your mom wants to video chat… Oh here she is now. I'll accept that thanks now”
She said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.
“You wish.”

“I'll accept and give her full details of what you've been doing.”
She threatened and I growled.
“Thank you.”

I said through gritted teeth.
“You're welcome.”
Her eyes twinkled and there was just something about them.
*One Month Later*
“I'm home.”

I announced walking in. I expected a snarky remark as usual but I receive none. I walked up the stairs to her room surprised to see her sprawled on the bed. She jumped up noticing me trying to clean her tears.

“Are you okay?”
I asked surprised at my tender voice.
“I'm fine.”
She responded coldly.
“But you're…”
“Just go.”
“No. Tell me what's wrong.”
“You'll just make fun of me.”

“I won't.”
I said sincerely.
“I miss him.”
My brows shot up.
“My childhood friend, you just had to share this same name with him. I miss him.”

“You had a childhood friend name Damon…”
“Yes…”she looked away sadly.
For some insane reason, I tilted her chin back to look at my face and once again I got entranced into those eyes of hers.

It's been nagging at me since when I first met her…those eyes. As if I've seen them before. Maybe it was connected with the memories I lost From zero to five years.
Somehow maybe…

Seeing her sad was having this weird effect on me, like my souls was being ripped into shreds. I loved to see her smile always…that's the truth.

So I pulled her head close to my chest, and gently ran my fingers up and down her hair. I just hopes this makes her feels better.

Authors POV. 21 years ago.
“Ready or not here I come” Damon cheered as he scrambled around the house searching for Chloe.

She hid under a bed and giggled childishly, waiting for him to find her. The door opened and she saw his foot as he walked into the room and checked everywhere.

She closed her mouth with her hands as she kept on giggling…
Then he left. She was suppose to still stay there but instead she came out, looking for a new place to hide when she saw him standing by the door side.

She ran across the room and he chased her.
“Tag!” He tapped her shoulder.
They both laughed at their childishness and fell on the bed, side by side.

“We are leaving soon” Damon suddenly said. Little Chloe sat up and looked at him.

“Dad got a new job, but not in this state so we are relocating” he told her.
Chloe couldn't explain how she felt to hear that her best friend was going away from her. She had grown so fond of him for the past few months they had been together and she's not sure she can bear losing him like that.

Two days later Damon and his mum left…
But before then.
“You'll come back for me right??” Chloe grabbed his hands, her hazel eyes twinkling.

He nodded,” When I grow up and become rich!” He jumped, throwing his hands in the air then he added,” I'll come back and we can get married and have kids and play hide and seek and climb trees…”

At first Chloe was also laughing along with him but when she heard ‘climb trees' she shook her head.
“No climbing trees please”

He laughed at her while she smacked him in the shoulders…and then she suddenly hugged him…her head on his chest.

“Promise me you'll come back for me again!” She demanded, with her sweet voice.
“I promise” he hugged her back.
😼Flashback ends…😸

I had just arrived from my best friend a house Jenny. I was walking towards the front door of the house when…
“Where're you coming from?!” Someone asked me. I looked around but couldn't find anyone, then I looked up and found someone sitting on a tree.

It was Damon…and he was sitting on one of the branches very high up.
“Is that your business? Whenever you go out to see your whores I don't ask you come around asking you…”

“You interrupted me a lot of times at the hotel!” He retorted.
Why is he getting angry??,” Serves you right. I'll still kill you like I said the last time”

“You know you can't” he mocked me.
I got pissed up and started climbing up the tree. I'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget today.

I'll really kill him…I'll push him down the tree and he'll die!
I got to where he was and that was when I made a mistake. I looked down.

So high…I screamed and in the process I loosed my footing and almost fell if not that Damon caught my hand and pulled me up.

This was like…What had happened to me and the other Damon years ago…
She kept screaming as I pulled her up to me. Gripping me, she breathed faster and faster. Then she looked down again and screamed. So she's afraid of heights…

She held me even tighter and…
Suddenly I could see images in my head. I was little and was on a tree with a little girl. She held on to me screaming out her lungs while I laughed at her. Who's she?? Are these part of the memories I lost??
Then I saw another image…I was chasing the same little girl around the house and we both laughed together…
Seems like we really liked each other then.
Chloe was still screaming beside me.
I was gradually remembering some memories…and they were all flooding in. The girl back then was called Chloe Hasting…and I had promised I will come back for her.
But what triggered this memories? This Chloe hasting right here touching me triggered it. Does it mean she's the same girl??
I didn't know what to think anymore. I just have to find out! I had connections so I called some people to confirm where the girl called Chloe hasting that lived twenty one years ago at Miami Beach city address Vishon 221 stayed now??.
I was so impatient I kept staring at my phone. Two hours later I received a call from who I had sent for the investigation. My men never wasted time…mostly my right hand man.
“What did you find??” I asked impatiently.
“Calm down man. Chloe hasting twenty three years old is now married” He announced and it was like my heart had been ripped into two.
“She's married to Damon Wellington” he added…and my eyes flew open. Holy shit!
I was at the office right now.
I ran out like a mad man and hopped into the car, heading straight for home. She's…here. She's my wife! Oh my God!!
I got back home and didn't even care to park the car inside as I ran inside the house. She was in the sitting room watching a movie.
When she saw me run inside she stood up . And then I hugged her.
I hugged her so fu×king tight.
“It's me Chloe…it's me Damon. The guy from twenty one years back…the guy who promised to come back for you…” I whispered into her ear.
Her eyes twinkled.
She stared deep into my eyes and then she gasped
“Oh my God, it's you.”she beamed with joy
I embraced her tightly again.
She choked on a sob. I hugged her even tighter.
“How could I have been so fucking blind all these while!”
She called out hugging me tighter.
“You promised you'll come back.”
I bowed my head pulling away softly.
“I'm so sorry. Something happened and gosh…I'm so so sorry”
She bawled with teary eyes and a big smile. I cupped her cheeks smiling back.
“It's fine. I'm just glad we're together now. ”
I laced our fingers together tucking her hair behind her ear.
“May I?”
I asked glancing at her lips.
“Thought you'll never ask.”
She retorted right before I claimed her lips.
His tongue was inside me, setting off another shattering moan,one of many.
I grabbed his hair, yanking and pulled him closer just so he wouldn't stop,I wanted more.
He thrust one finger inside me,crooking it and hitting in the spot that turned my moans into one long scream I shuddered against him buckling my hips begging for more.
His mouth was latched onto one of my breasts as he sucked sweetly,I couldn't do anything ,I was a moaning and panting mess,I simply let him take control.
I hissed, arching against him when he moved to my other breast,slowing torturing every bit of me.
Two fingers worked inside me, pumping at a a slow pace,it was a little uncomfortable but nothing I couldn't handle.
Not so long as he kept his mouth on me, lavishing my brea×ts with attention. His thumb rubbed around a sweet spot and my eyes rolled back into my head. So close.
The strength of what was building was staggering,the feeling was unimaginable,I get it why girls come back begging for me,this was simply Mind-blowing. My body was going to be blown to dust, atoms, when this hit. If he stopped, I'd cry,I'll scream and I might probably even beg.
I came, groaning, every muscle drawn taut. It was almost too much. Almost.
I layed beside him,tired.
“I love you right from the start, never stopped.”
He confessed kissing my lips.
“I love you Damon.”
I reciprocated unable to stop smiling.
*Two Years Later*
Little Jaime laid in the cradle. My arms were aching from holding him for long. I searched the house for Damon but he was no where to be seen.
I yelled.
He whispered behind my neck. I shuddered as his hands made its way to my waist.
“Now that the little one is asleep, why don't we make a little brother for him.”
He sucked at my sweet spot making me moan.
“You'll wake him up.”
“I'll clamp your lips shut.”
I whined earning a chuckle. He pouted and I kissed his lips.
Suddenly, he lifted me off the ground taking me to our room.
“Damon, you've lost it!”
“Actually, I haven't.”
He retorted smirking. He pushed the door open earning a giggle from me.
“I love you.”
He said making my heart melt.
“I love you.”
I responded and he rushed to claim my lips. Who would have thought a fake wedding could make me Successful, I got my contract.
Who would've thought I'd be reunited with my childhood friend, best friend and now my husband and the love of my life. I stared at him unable to contain my joy. We'll have problems along the way but together I hope we can solve them all and remain happy.
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