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Videomine MLM V2 – How To Join And Register For New Videomine Version 2

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) Review: Is Videomine org Legit or Scam? Read before Videomine login, register or sign up | Videomine Technology. Find out everything you need to know about Videomine in this article.

Before I proceed, Videomine is a scam, Bass on comments about them in my website please be careful, Now they have introduced MLM V2 (Version 2) to continue there scam. for work more information Call 08066918208.

What is Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) all about?

Videomine MLM V2 is an online earning platform that claims to pay its users for watching videos, daily Videomine login, viral video posts and more. You can earn money on as a single affiliate or by participating as a team (group work).

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) technology

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) technology is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software.
It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group (team work)”.

How Does Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) Works?

On Videomine you either earn as a single affiliate or participating as a group (team work). Below is how the Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) affiliate system works:

  1. Registration fee #2000
  2. Registration bonus #1000
  3. Referral bonus #1400
  4. Daily visits #100
  5. Video watching #150
  6. Viral video posts #200
  7. Skills center for learning new skill

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly

Videomine Version 2 Benefits

The newly launched MLM package is exactly same as the older version

There are only specific differences that includes the following

1)transfer of earnings….users can now transfer earnings from one acct to another
Simply login to your dashboard and click the menu button from your dashboard, you’ll notice the icon called transfer. Click it, input the username and the amount you want to transfer(note that the minimum is 25000) at once.

How does the Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) affiliate system work?

Participating as an affiliate (single individual)

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly.

How Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) team (group) plan works?

If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved:

  1. The user cashes out #10,000 always immediately his cycle/group is completed
  2. The user withdraws #1500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member
    completes a cycle(the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and withdrawing #1500 from them completing each cycle .
  3. The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc. on reaching certain cycle goals
  4. After a user’s cycle is completed and he withdraws #10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle
  5. Registration and re-subscription fee is #2000 only

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) registration (Videomine sign up)

To register on Videomine, you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the official website Sign up
  2. Click on the MENU and click on buy activation code
  3. After you have bought the coupon code, you will return to the MENU and click on Register
  4. Input the required details like first name, last name, username, password, email address, phone number,
    coupon code and click on SIGN UP.

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) login (Videomine sign in)

To login on Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2), you will need the below steps:

  1. Visit sign in
  2. Input your Username or email address and Password
  3. Click on the login button.

Is Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) legit?

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) is not a legit and is not a paying platform as of the time this review was Updated. Below I’ve provided some screenshots of my visitors that got paid.

However, you should note that they will inevitably crash, when they become too popular.

I’ll always advise my visitors to invest with the amount they can afford to lose.

Secondly, the best time to join all these online platforms is when they are still fresh, you can cash out before the inevitable fall.

You can leave your reviews in the comment section below.

Do you want to register on Videomine? Kindly click the below link for sign up an account.

Is Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) Scam?

Yes They are Scam As of the time of writing this Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) videomine reviews, yes people has reported the version 1 it scam. We highly encourage you to subscribe to this blog to get latest updates on this platform. Also check the comment section of this page for more reviews from existing members.

Videomine MLM V2 (Version 2) Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When was Videomine MLM V2 Launched?

Videomine was launched on the 1st of November, 2021.

Who is the ceo/founder/owner of Videomine Version 2

No information was found concerning the owner/CEO of videomine Version 2

Do I Need To Resubscribe to Join Videomine Version 2

Yes, It is not a must to resubscribe
But if you want to continue getting, 20000 paid instantly to you, then you can always resubscribe.

Resubscribe or Registration for New Videomine Version 2 is 3,500 naira (as at when this post was published).

If you want to Register or Join Videomine, Contact Vendor on WhatsApp +2348066918208 (click phone number to go to WhatsApp)

I Request For Withdrawals and Did Not Get Paid

This issue is not attributable to us because everyone that applies for withdrawals, and it shows successful will surely get his payment

The only reason why he/she may not receive can be because the person inputted an incorrect bank details or made a mistake while applying

And even at that

Failed transaction lists are always brought out at exactly 72hrs after the withdrawal was closed

So if you applied and didn’t see your compensation paid to your bank account, all you need to do is simply contact the vendor you purchased the code from, he/she will send you the list of failed transactions and you’ll check to confirm if your details were there

Once you find your details, you’ll be asked for some requirements to prove that they’re your details, after that, your payment will be sent to you successfully.

The skill acquisition class is active always

Once you’re qualified for applying, all you need to do is to register for the class and Join the group, once you get there, you will be taught alongside others that are learning

Classes in the group starts 10th monthly and after which certificates will be issued to you

But just like I said, you can join anytime and wait in the group till 10th reaches.

Conclusion: Videomine MLM V2 reviews (Read before Videomine Version 2 Login or register)

Thank you for reading this reviews on Videomine MLM V2 Review. In this article, I’ve been able to answer most of the questions about Videomine MLM V2 including Videomine login, Videomine registration, Videomine Version 2 sign up and more.

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