WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2021 (100%) Free Expo Theory and Objective

WAEC Biology Practical 2021 – WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2021, (100%)  Free Expo WAEC Biology Practical 2021 specimen answers (Expo) for West African Examinations Council (May/June) 2021. WAEC Biology Practical answers For you to have good WAEC result in Biology Practical examination as well as repeated questions for free in this post. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. They also formed an endowment fund, to contribute to the education in West Africa, through lectures, and aid to those who cannot afford education. >>CLICK HERE TO SEE WAEC PRACTICAL BIOLOGY QUESTIONS 2021

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WAEC Biology Practical Specimen 2021 (Expo)

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Study Specimen A and B and answer question 1(a) to 1(c). (a)

(i) Name the habitat of each of specimens A and B.

(ii) Name the adult stage into which each of specimens A and B would develop.

(iii) Name of the phylum and class common to the adult stage of specimens A and B.

(b) State three observations features of biological significance in;

(i) Specimen A;

(ii) Specimen B.

(c)(i) State four observable structural differences between specimens A and B.

(ii) State three observable similarities between specimens A and B.

WAEC Biology Practical  Answers 2021(Expo)


(1ai) (2020 Answers)


– TEST: Specimen B + 2drops of iodine solution

– OBSERVATION: No precipitate is found (No reaction is occurring)

INFERENCE: It indicates specimen B contains no starch content


– TEST: Specimen B + 2ml of NaOH(aq) + 3 drops of CuSO4 + shake

– OBSERVATION: The mixture will turn to purple or violet colour

– INFERENCE: Protein is present

(i) Test for starch
(ii) Test for protein (Biurets test)

– Additional income is obtained through quality mushrooms
– They contain vitamins and proteins and Laos acts as antioxidants supporting the immune system


– Eukaryotic organism
– Absence of chlorophyll
– Cell walls made of chitin instead of cellulose

– Molds
– Mildews
– Smuts
– Rusts
– Yeast

WAEC Biology Practical 2021 Questions and Answers (Expo)


– Presence of tentacles
– Possession of soft and unsegmented bodies
– Body is covered by a mantle and she’ll
– They are bilaterally symmetrical
– They are triploblastic with three layers

– Specimen C (mushrooms) are decomposers breaking down surface waste releasing nitrogen back into the soil in form of ammonium nitrate, a nutrient essential for plant survival

Saprophytic mode of nutrition


More WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2021 (Expo)

E: Succulent Fruit
F: Berry/Flesh Fruit
H: Legume/Pod

E: Parietal Plancentation
F: Axile Plancentation

E: Human
F: Animal
H: Explosive Mechanism

Specimen E attract birds, squirrels, and other small mammals. Consumption of the fruit will lead to dispersal of the seeds in feces (by human)

(i)Vitamin C


It signify that they are still young

Marginal placentation




– Specimen P-
– Test: 2 drops of specimen P in water
– Observation time(seconds): 3-4 seconds before it dissolves
– Medium of spread: Water
– Sense organ: Eye

-Specimen Q-
– Test: Teaspoon of specimen Q + water
– Observation time(seconds): Dissolves within 65 seconds
– Medium of spread: Water
– Sense organ: Eye

WAEC Biology Practical Questions 2021 and Answers (Expo) Continuation

-Specimen R-
– Test: Cut section of specimen R
– Observation time(seconds): 2 seconds or almost immediately
– Medium of spread: Air
– Sense organ: Nose


– Increase in temperature
– Difference in concentration
– Molecular size
– Increase in temperature
– Increase in temperature
– Difference in concentration



It is Whorl

– Loop
– Whorl
– Arch/Compound

– Crime detections
– Identification of individuals
– Genetic variation in man

Discontinuous variation

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