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Walter White Couldn’t Have Done It Without Me

Walter White Couldn't Have Done It Without Me
Walter White Couldn't Have Done It Without Me

Walter White Couldn’t Have Done It Without Me { TikTok, Lyrics, Song, Reddit, Meme, Script, Episode, Speach, Quote, Edit & Music}

Walter White Couldn’t Have Done It Without Me is a quote from Jimmy McGill, also known as Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), in the final season of Better Call Saul (a Breaking Bad spin-off series) in which McGill admitted that Walter White couldn’t have become the meth kingpin and criminal he was without Goodman’s help. The soundbite was remixed with the song “Immortal” by Playboi Carti in 2022, leading to a TikTok trend that used the TikTok sound for “Sigma Edits” and photo slideshows that emphasized other people, objects and concepts as the unspoken influencer of a more well-known person, object or concept.

Fact is, Walter White couldn’t have done it without me.

Make your own version of this Better Call Saul meme using this template! Taken from the very last episode of the hit series Better Call Saul, this meme uses the clip of Saul (aka Jimmy) confessing to his involvement in all of the crimes that Walter White committed. This meme has taken TikTok by storm lately with lots of videos being made using this sound. This meme is best used for situations where you want credit for something that couldn’t have been done without you (like your friend passing his exam or getting him to talk to his crush).

“Walter white couldn’t have done it without me”

Why? I’ve only watched breaking bad once and that was years ago so forgive me if I forgot some details but I don’t remember saul helping walt in any huge meaningful way. Some stuff here and there but to proclaim he couldn’t have done it without him is a bit much, or to claim that he would’ve been dead or in a prison within a month if it wasn’t for saul specifically. Please help me if I forgot why exactly, thank you.

How do you think Walt would’ve felt about Saul’s final speech?

Could Walter White be alive?

Yes, he could be alive.

In fact, you could make an entire season of 24 episodes telling the story of prisoner 4588345 (Walter White) and how he lands on a low secutiry prison in Albuquerque and slowly rises to power on the inside and eventually is transferred to a supermax.

In fact, I already did exactly that.

I have been writing spec Better call Saul and Breaking Bad screenplays for years and I often fantasize about a Walter White still alive.

If you would like to read some of my spec screenplays let me know.

I don’t actually work for Sony.

I only write these spec screenplays for my own personal amusement.

In this fictional sixth season I imagine a new kind of drug trade.

How Walter White uses his massive brain to smuggle cocaine, heroine and other drugs from the outside into the penitenciary.

Slowly but surely he is going to recover all those barrels of cash he left behind on the middle of nowhere.

He is going to need some startup capital and he is going to get it from Grey Matter. Kidnapping a wealthy couple while you are still on the inside is not an easy task but we are talking about Walter White, he is going to find a way.

Badger and Skinny Pete are playing very big roles in this new season.

Say hello to Todd Alquist numbers two and three.

It’s time to expand Vamonos Pest to the next level.

Instead of one chemist working daily we are going to see two chemists working daily.

Jesse Pinkman is going to be promoted to master Chef and Benicio Fuentes is currently unemployed after his boss was murdered by Gustavo Fring.

Everybody thinks Benicio Fuentes is dead.

I am not going to tell you at this point in time how he survived but he packed his bags and he moved to Albuquerque searching for Gustavo Fring hoping to get hired as a chemist.

Alas, Gustavo Fring is dead.

Now what was the name of that young chemist back in Mexico?

Maybe he can offer Benicio Fuentes a job.

Jesse Pinkman, Badger, Skinny Pete and Beinicio Fuentes will return.

If you like these ideas then please share them with other Better call Saul and Breaking Bad fans.

Maybe you can send an old-fashioned letter to Sony, AMC and/or Netflix and suggest them to hire me as a writer for the television show.

Maybe we’ll get lucky.

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