When I Met You Episode 13-14

When I met you
Episode 13&14
Can this be love πŸ’–
Nora PoV
I walked into the room with mixed feelings. I was happy that Damon asked me to be his date and at the same time sad when i remembered the horrible thing Mr Parker made me do
How I wish all this can just pass
I sat on the bed and was about to take off my dress when Anthony walked in
“Can’t you knock?”. I asked him
“ I am sorry”. he apologised
I looked at him, he looked kind of angry
“ what is wrong Anthony?”. I asked him
“ who is the guy that dropped you?”. he asked ignoring my question
“ chill, nobody tried to kidnap me”. I replied him laughing
“ are you now dating rich guys ?”.he asked
“ what is really wrong Anthony?”. I asked
“Is the guy who drop you your boyfriend?”. He asked with the same serious look
“That is Damon”. I replied and he is not my boyfriend”. I replied
“ which of the Damon?”. he asked in surprise
“ Damon Adams”. I replied
“ you mean the cold- hearted Adams came to drop you in the slums”. He doubted
“ yes, the same Adams”. I replied
“ Are you fucking him?”. he suddenly asked
“ what!!!!”. I exclaimed
“Was he the one who gave you the money for Zara Bill?”, he asked
“Anthony, What has come over you?”. I asked
“ Nora,I am tired of your lies”. he replied, I am your best friend and I deserve to know the truth
I looked at him and scoffed
“ don’t act like you know everything about me , I did what i did so my sister can live”. I said with tears rolling down my eyes
“Nora, i am sorry”. he apologised, I am just worried about you
“ it is okay Anthony but please don’t ever call Damon cold- hearted because he is not”. I warned
“Nora”. He called
“ yes”. I replied
“ I just want you to be happy”.he said
“ Thanks Anthony, you are my only true friend”. I replied….
“ Mum”. I called when she walked in with Zara
“Nora”. Zara greeted
“ Where have you been?”. I asked
She looked at me and smiled
“ you are hungry right?”. She asked
I nodded
“ when will you learn how to cook?”. Zara asked with a scoff
“ shut up Zara”. I barked at her
“ you are just impossible”. She said with an eye roll
“Stop it girls”. My mum said laughing, i will just go prepare dinner. Zara come over and assist me
“ why must it be?”. Zara asked whining , I am the younger one here
“Go and assist mother”. I said teasing her
I sat down on the floor with Zara eating dinner while mother sat on the bed
“ stop rushing the food”. Zara queried
“ I am really hungry”. I said as I continued eating in a rush
She looked at me and shook her head
“ how is your charming prince?”. She suddenly asked
“ which Prince Charming?”. My mum asked
I looked at Zara and have her a playful glare
“ do you have a boyfriend?”. My mum asked me
“ he is just a friend mother”. I replied
“ oh, I see. Who is this friend of yours?”. She asked
“ Damon Adams”. I replied
She looked at me in surprise
“ Damon!!!!
I nodded. “ he asked me to be his date mother”.i said
She stared at me for a while and smiled
“ just be careful child”. She advised
Noami PoV
“ what do you mean he came to the cafe because of her?”.my sister asked
“ he came to the cafe staring at her throughout without buying a thing”. I explained
She looked at me panting in anger
“ who is this friends of yours?”. She asked
“ she is innocent sis, it is obvious Damon is into her”. I replied
“ tell her to back off from Damon”.She warned
“ can’t you just let them be”. I said
“ what. She barked giving me a thunderous slap”
“ why?”. I asked holding my cheeks
“ that is to Remind you never to talk back at me? I made you what you are today and you should be grateful”. She yelled
“ I am sorry “. I apologised
“ that is better dear”. She said , when is the party?”. She asked
“ what party?”.i asked in confusion
“ I mean Adams company party “. She said
“ on Saturday”. I replied
“ Good”. She said smiling
“ what did you plan on doing?”. I asked her
I will make an appearance, I can’t wait to see Damon……….
I climbed upstairs to my room still holding my cheeks
“ what hold does she have on Damon, why is she so sure of getting Damon”. I have never seen her angry like this before…………
Damon PoV
I laid on my bed thinking about Nora
“ what the hell did she do to me”,
I heard a knock on my door
“ come in”. I replied and grinned when Miss Petra walked in holding a tray
“ Petra”. I called
“ I brought your food to you”. She said as she placed it on a stool beside my bed
“ thank you”. I said
She nodded and was about leaving when I called her
She turned to look at me
“ I think I like someone”. I blurted out
“ really”. She said ,moving closer to me
“ yes”. I think I like her
“ who is she ?.She asked , does she goes to your school?”
“I nodded
“Then she must be rich, who is her father?”. She asked
“ I don’t know “. I replied
“ you don’t know”. She repeated
“ only rich people goes to Adams college so her father must be someone important”.she explained
“ her uncle is her benefactor”. I defended
She nodded. “ I can’t wait to see the lucky girl……………..

PAY ATTENTION  When I Met You Episode 4-5

I was not having much appetite so I ate little out of the food and laid back on the bed
I thought of Nora and smiled
“ I don’t even have her number”, I don’t even know anything about her
I was not really sure of what I was feeling but I knew it was something strong, I wondered if I felt something like this for Bella…
My phone suddenly beeped indicating a message , it was an unknown number , I clicked on it and read it
“I really can’t let you go Damon, you are mine and mine alone”.
“I read the message all over again wondering who sent it, it might be one of those crazy bitch


Who is this crazy Noami sister
Who do you think sent the message?

.Episode 14
Crazy love
Damon POV
I headed downstairs feeling elated
“ Good morning Dad”. I greeted
“ morning son”. he replied giving me a curious stare. Have you made your mind about party?”. he asked
“ sure dad, I will be going”.i replied
“ wow! that is good news”. He remarked. I can get a date for you just for that night”. He offered
“ you don’t need to”. I told him
“ but you need………..
“ I already have one”. I replied cutting him short
“ really, who is she ?”. He asked
“Someone that is making me rethink about loving again”. I replied
“ I will love to meet her”. He said
I noosed.“ see you later dad”. I waved as I headed to school,
I got to school and looked around hoping to see Nora but I didn’t, I sighted her friend and decided to ask her about Nora
I walked towards her and she stared at me in surprise
“Hi”. I greeted
“ hi Damon”. She greeted back, are you really talking like me?”. I asked
I smiled and nodded
“ what of Nora?”. I asked her
“I haven’t seen her today but she should be in class”.she replied
“ how can I get to your class?”. I asked her
She looked at me in surprise.” You really want to check on her”. She asked me
I nodded,” I just want to see her?”. I replied
“ it is the psychology class”. She said
“Thanks”. I appreciated and went towards the first floor
“ I never knew Nora and that bitch were in the same class”
“ oh my gawd, it is Damon , what is he doing here?”.i heard some girls say as I stood at the entrance of Nora’s class
I used my eyes to search for her but did not see her
“ I guess she is not in school”
I scoffed when I saw the bitch walking towards me and turned to go
“ Damon”. She called, are you looking for me?”: she asked
I turned to look at her and laughed
“ why will I look for you?”. I asked her
“because you miss me”. She said
“ miss you”.I repeated , that Is the last thing I will ever do
She sighed . “ who are you here to see then?”. She asked
“ it is none of your business”. I replied her
“ I guess you are not proud of her”. She said
“ fine, I am here to see Nora and I am very much proud of her”. I said glaring at her
“ are you two dating?”. She asked
“ I plan on asking her out “. I replied
“ are you crazy Damon ? She is very poor”.she yelled
“I don’t care”. I replied
“ she probably sold her body to get into this school”. She huffed
“ what did you just say?”. I asked her
“ I said she is a whore”. She repeated
I bit my lips trying to control my anger
“ if you dare call her names again , you will have yourself to blame”. I warned her…..
I got to my class and was surprised to see Nora in the midst of my friends
“ what is going on here?”. I asked
“ sir Damon save me from their questions”. Nora pleaded
I looked at three of them and laughed
“ so you brought her here to question her?”. I asked my friends
“ Yes Damon, we need to know what she did to you”. Mikel replied
“ go on with your questions”. I said as I walk towards the bed to lay down
“ which magic charm did you use on Damon”. Donald asked
“ Sir Damon save me”. Nora said looking at me
I stared at her and laughed, she was behaving like a child .
I assessed her , she really looked beautiful on the red gown she was wearing….
“ please Let her go,she has lectures to attend” I pleaded on her behalf
“ fine you can go”. Donald said , we will continue with the questioning later
She nodded and stood up and was about to go when I called her
She turned to look at me
“When will you done with your lectures?”. I asked her
“12pm”. She replied
“ Good, I will come over to your class”.i told her,
“ are we going somewhere?”: she asked
I nodded
“ where ?”: she asked
“ we are going shopping”. I replied…
Nora POV
I walked into the class feeling happy and was surprised to see everyone staring at me
“ why are they all staring”. I wondered
I went over to my seat ignoring all their stares
“ Nora”. Noami called me
“ are you really talking to me?”. I asked her
“ I am sorry for what happened yesterday”. She apologised , I guessed I totally lost it
“ it is alright”. I replied
“ are we friends again?”. She asked
“ sure “. I replied, you are the only friend I have here
She took my hands into hers and squeezed it
The lecturer was in the class lecturing . I glanced at my wrist watch, it was 10 minutes past 12
“ when will this woman leave the class”. I wondered placing my head on the table
The class suddenly became noisy and I was surprised to see Damon standing at the entrance of the class when I raised my head
“ he really came to my class”
“ Good afternoon Damon”. the Lecturer greeted
“You have used up your time”. he queried her ignoring her greetings
“ I am sorry Damon”. She apologised, I just wanted to round up a particular topic
“ you will have to do that in the next class”. He said
“Okay “. The lecturer said without arguing
I watched the woman pack her books and left the class
“ Nora”. Damon called and all eyes turned to me
“ can we go?”. he asked
I nodded, I packed my books inside my bag and gave Noami a small smile before leaving the class…….
Damon PoV
I stared at the lady beside me and smiled
“ it was just too good to be true, I never believed I could be this free with any lady after Bella died..
“Damn”. I cursed
“ what is it?”. She asked
“ I left my credit cards at home”. I replied
“ what are we going to do?”. She asked
“ we will have to go home and get it”. I replied chuckling .
I reversed the car and headed for home

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We soon arrived at my home and i watched her looking around the mansion in awe
“Sir Damon ,your house is very beautiful”. She remarked
“ Thanks”. I said
I met my dad in the sitting room as we walked in
“ Good afternoon dad”. I greeted
“ afternoon son”. He greeted back , and who do we have here?”. He asked referring to Nora
“She is my friend”.i replied
“ Good afternoon sir”. Nora greeted
“ How are you dear?”. My father asked
“ I am very fine sir”.she replied
“ I need to pick something in my room”.I said dragging Nora along with me as I climbed the stairs
“ wow!”. Your room is beautiful”. She remarked as we got inside
“ Thanks”. I replied as I went to my drawer to get my credit cards
“ what of your mom?”. She suddenly asked and I became stiff
“ Sir Damon”. She called again
“I don’t have a mother”. I replied
“ what happened to her?”. She asked
“Nothing, she just died”. I replied
“ I am sorry sir”. She said moving closer to me
I nodded suddenly feeling sad
She came towards me and held my hand and immediately I felt horny
“ Damn, what am I thinking of?”
“ is there anything I can do to make you happy?”: she asked
I looked at her and smirked
“ will you do anything I ask you to do?”. I asked
She nodded
“ anything”. I repeated
She nodded
“ I need sex”. I said
“ what!!”. She exclaimed in shock
Damon πŸ€£πŸ€£

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