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When I Met You

When I Met You Episode 15

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When I Met You Episode 15 , When I met you.Episode 15.Feelings 2.Nora PoV..“ sex”. I mutteredHe nodded“ I am not ready”. I replied“ are you a virgin?” He askedI nodded“ it is

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When I met you
Episode 15
Feelings 2
Nora PoV
“ sex”. I muttered
He nodded
“ I am not ready”. I replied
“ are you a virgin?” He asked
I nodded
“ it is alright”. he sighed, I am sorry
“ can I make use of the bathroom?”. I asked
“ sure”. he said
I went into the bathroom and washed my face
“ did Damon just ask for sex”, I felt my heart racing and I waited a little before stepping out
“ can we go now?”. he asked as soon I returned to the room
I nodded
“ Good”. he said as we walked out of the room
We headed down the stairs and I met a woman in a maid uniform smiling at me
“ Good afternoon ma’am”. I greeted
“ you are beautiful”. She complimented me
“ Thanks”.I blushed
“Petra”. Damon called the woman, I will be back soon
She nodded and watched us till we left the house
He was silent throughout the drive
“ is he angry with him because I refused him sex”. I thought
“ Sir Damon”. I called
“ Damon”. he corrected without looking at me
“ okay, Damon”, I called
“ yes”.he answered
“ are you angry with me ?”. I asked
“ I should be asking you that”.he replied, I am sorry Nora, I never meant it that way
I looked him and smiled
“ it is okay”.i replied
We soon got to the boutique and Damon asked me to pick anything i need
“ I went to the cloth section and selected a beautiful blue gown with golden edges
“ this will cost a fortune”. I thought
I went over to where Damon was seated and showed him the gown
“ I will love to take this sir…… I mean Damon”: i said
He looked at me and the gown
“ is this only what you need?”. he asked
I nodded
“ will you wear the gown with sandals?”. he asked mockingly
I nodded
“ what the fuck! I said pick anything you want , I did not ask you to manage my money for me”. he said
he stood up and went to the cloth section and started selecting clothes, I looked on in surprise as he selected lot of clothes
“ I can’t wear all these clothes”.i complained
“ Then you can give it out”. he said
He went over to the shoe section and did the same thing
“ can I buy some clothes for my little sister?”. I asked
“ sure”. He nodded
I went over to the children section and selected few clothes and shoes for Zara
“ I bet she will be happy”. I planned to give my mom some of mine…
“ Thanks so much”. I said on our way home
“ I will love to meet your family if it is okay by you”. he said
“ sure, they will love to meet you too”.i replied him smiling
We soon got to my home and i saw Zara playing with some kids outside
“ Nora”. She ran to meet me immediately she saw me and stared at Damon who just stepped out
“ Are you really Damon Adams”. She asked him h
“ of course I am “. Damon replied chuckling
“ wow you are more handsome in person”. She remarked
“ Thanks” Damon said, “ what is your name?”. He asked her
“ Zara” . She replied
“ why are you not in school?”. Damon asked
“ I attend lesson , I don’t go to school”. Zara replied
“ why?”Damon asked her
“ Zara can you please go confirm if mother is inside”. I said trying to stop her from saying anything further
She looked at me and gave me a playful glare
“ mom is inside so I don’t need to go confirm”. She replied
“ why”. Damon asked again
“ Not everyone is opportune to get a scholarship”. She replied innocently but mum promised to put me in a good school after she makes profit from the business she invested in
“ I bit my lips to prevent myself from shouting at her
“What scholarship”. Damon asked in confusion
“ The scholarship your school gave my sister”.Zara replied
“Zara it is okay, can we go inside?”. I asked to distract both of them
“ sure”. Zara said . I looked at Damon and met his gaze, he stared at me intently………
We got inside and Mum welcomed Damon happily
“ what can I get you?”. Mum asked
“ I am fine Mrs stark”. Damon replied
“ okay , I will leave you two to discuss”. Mom said as she went outside….
“ Zara can you please excuse us”. I said
“ Where will I go to Nora?”. She asked , should I go to the bathroom or kitchen
“ why did the girl choose to disgrace me”. I thought
“ you can go over to your friends place”.I told her faking a smile
She glared at me and smiled at Damon before leaving
“What scholarship?”. Damon asked immediately ww were alone
“ yes em er my uncle run a scholarship program for brilliant kids”. I lied
“ really?”.he asked
I nodded

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We talked about lot of things but I noticed he was cold throughout
“ Damon”. I called
“ yes, he replied looking at me
“ did I offend you?”. I asked
He stared at me for a while and sighed
“Nora”. He called
I nodded
“ please don’t ever lie to me “. He pleaded
“ I won’t”.I promise
He gave me a small smile
“ can I assist Zara?”. he suddenly asked
“ what do you mean?”. I asked him
“ I want to take care of Zara education”. He replied
“ why?”. He replied
“ because I want you to always be happy”. He replied
I moved closer to him and hug him
“ I love you Damon”. I muttered
“ what did you say?”. he asked
“ I said I love you”. I repeated and he held me tightly………..
Wow Nora has finally confessed her feelings to Damon
This Nora can lie ehen

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Sorry this episode is short.

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